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Great Activities You Can Do with Your Dog

Nice weather is here and you can spend a lot more time outdoors. This is certainly going to make your dog happy. If you’ve been wondering what new activities you can do with your dog, we have a few suggestions.

Great Activities You Can Do with Your Dog

Get new toys

Dogs are like kids, they like playing with toys a lot, but the type of toys they enjoy depends on their age.

Make sure to get them some new toys as they grow up.

Renew their collection and broaden your playtime options. Everyone appreciates new toys, your dog included.

Take them to playdates

Dogs like socializing with others of their kind. If you know other dog owners in your area, you can set up doggie playdates.

You should still keep their collars and leashes on when introducing them to other dogs, in case they don’t get along right away.

Many cities have dog parks with fully enclosed areas where you can take off their leashes and where they can play with other dogs.

Sometimes, just going for a walk with another canine friend will get them in a good mood.

Great Activities You Can Do with Your Dog

Play fetch and Frisbee

This is an oldie but a goodie since dogs generally enjoy playing fetch once they’ve learned how to do it.

You can use sticks, balls, and even a Frisbee.

Whatever you throw, they’ll love bringing it back, over and over again.

You might be surprised to learn that dogs are better at catching Frisbee than some people.

Chase and tug-of-war

This is one of the favorite games for many dogs. When you take their favorite toy and keep it just out of reach, they will chase you and try to get it back.

They will play tug-of-war and they won’t quit until they win.

You might see some temper showing through, so be prepared to lose.

Great Activities You Can Do with Your Dog

Let them run

Dogs need to run quite often. You can let them run free when it is appropriate and safe, at the beach early in the morning when there’s no one around, for example.

You can also cycle, jog or run and have them run along.

If you’re feeling too lazy for that, you can skate or get an awesome self-balancing scooter that can move at different speeds.

This is very convenient if you want your dog to follow you around.

Groom them

Most dogs enjoy being groomed, plus it’s useful as it gets rid of extra hair and it’s beneficial for your furniture.

Dogs enjoy the massage they get when they’re being groomed and treat it as an expression of affection.

They like to be pampered and taken care of just like we do.

Go on an adventure

You can make it anything from a day trip to a full vacation with your dog.

A lot of dogs enjoy car rides and planning a road trip with your dog can be a lot of fun.

There are many pet-friendly hotels and other accommodation options.

You shouldn’t have any trouble even taking your dog overseas.

There aren’t many restrictions regarding the mode of transport, since they are allowed to board planes with little trouble.

If you’re taking them abroad, however, you will need to get them a passport.

Remember that your dog loves spending time with you.

You are their favorite person in the world.

So anything you do, as long as it’s done with love and care, will bring you both joy; even if it’s just snuggling on the couch.

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