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How a Cartilage, Hip and Joint Supplement helped Sallie get her Groove back #WellyTails

My sister Sallie, or ‘Sweet pea’ as my Lady calls her, has been up and movin’ about a bit more here lately. To me she’s an old girl and she gets mighty cranky. Most days I stay out of her way. She can get downright mean about it! My lady says at 10 years old, she’s considered one of them senior citizen furbabies and for whatever reason, age is not takin’ kindly to her. All I know is her snout’s a gettin’ gray and her bones are a creakin’. She gets all stiff and can’t hardly haul herself up off the floor sometimes. It’s even worse in the cold rainy weather. It’s like what happens to humanz as they get older, stiff and a hurtin’. You know what I mean – that snap, crackle, pop as my Lady calls it. My Lady also s’plained  to me there’s somethin’ we could do to help her and it comes from a place called Welly Tails!


All I could think of was them joints needed a good greasin’! Only thing is, how on earth ya go ’bout greasin’ joints? My Lady said that’s what WellyTails Cartilage, Hip and Joint supplement mix does. I’m a guessin’ it somehow greases them cracklin’ joints? My Lady says WellTails has all kinds of natural and good for ya stuff. With an name like WellyTails – yep, they gonna make her butt well WOOF! My Lady takes care of all the feedin’ and doctorin’ round here, so I better let her tell ya what’s got Sallie movin’ and groovin’ these days.

Here’s what my Lady says about WellyTails, especially the WellyTails Cartilage, Hip and Joint Supplement Mix

I’m sure if you have ever been the proud pet parent of a senior dog, or for that matter the large breeds like I have, you have came across the problems of stiff aching joints in the hips and knees. It seems a lot of the larger breed dogs like German Shepherds, Labs, Rottweilers, etc. are prone to similar problems. Sallie is not only a very adored and much loved senior girl, but also has troubles from an old knee injury that tries to stiffen up in the damp weather. She also has trouble with her hips. It’s, exactly as Molly said – dogs have stiff achy joints just like us humans do as we age! I refuse to go down without a fight and I also refuse to let my beloved Sallie either! That’s why we are so excited about WellyTails!!

WellyTails is a company that offers all natural pet health products. I love that they are made primarily with human grade ingredients! WellyTails offers products such as food base mixes, Fish Oil Solution, Digestion and Immunity supplement, and Cartilage, Hip and Joint supplement mix. While I love all the products, I zoned in on the Welly Tails Cartilage, Hip and Joint supplement mix to see if it would give Sallie some relief from her limping and joint pain!

With that being said, when it comes to my pets I am extremely picky when it comes to supplements, foods, treats, etc. I mentally tick off a list of requirements in my head before they are allowed to have anything. Molly has said before how things have to pass my inspection and they truly do! I love all natural and the holistic way of treating ailments. So, of course, I loved the idea of an all natural holistic supplement! WellyTails passed all my expectations and requirements and so we were set to try it! Let’s move on and see how Sallie did with the WellyTails Cartilage, Hip and Joint Supplements!


At this point, Sallie has been taking the WellyTails Cartilage, Hip and Joint supplement mix for a few weeks now. She has became much more mobile and loves to walk out in the edge of the woods behind our house. Something that just didn’t happened weeks ago! She would go so far and just stop and sit. Anyway, I gathered up Sallie and her new ‘best friend’ – the jug of WellyTails Cartilage, Hip and Joint supplement mix for a picture outside. Sallie doesn’t smile to often for the camera. First, she is camera shy and secondly, in the past it took so much effort just to get outside and walk around, perhaps she just wasn’t in a smiling mood.

We stopped outside, before our little trek for the pic, I asked her to sit beside her supplement mix so I could get a picture. I asked for a big ‘cheese’ smile and was amazed when she actually turned those liquid brown eyes right at me and gave me a big smile!


I grabbed a couple of pics, but she was up and on the move again. She was being downright demanding with her look and bark. The look, and the bark, was saying “come on Mom, let’s stop fooling around and go for the walk”! Who was I to complain? That pretty gray muzzle and beckoning look in her eyes sucks me in every darn time!

The WellyTails Cartilage, Hip and Joint Supplement Mix is a savory gravy supplement mix (can also be used dry – sprinkled over food) with:

  • Glucosamine HCL
  • Chondroitin Sulphate
  • MSM
  • Green Lipped Mussel
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • All 3 Omega-3s
  • Tart Red Cherry Powder

How to make the easy savory gravy:


While you can use the mix as a powder sprinkled on the food, Sallie really liked the savory gravy! To make the gravy, just add 2 tablespoons of cold water for each scoop used (scoops are according to the weight of your dog). Sallie takes a scoop and a half with each bowl. Stir it up and pour over the food. I stir Sallie’s food up with a spoon so it gets mixed right in there.

That green color of the mix was a little unappetizing to me, but this stuff smells delicious. Actually, it smells just like a spice cabinet or maybe a bouillon cube. I shouldn’t have worried! She was ready to dig in – period! As a matter of fact, the smell caught the attention of the rest of the pack, which caused me to cheat and give them some too. I’m a big sucker! After all, it wasn’t going to hurt them and seeing as to how they may be prone to the same thing – why not? They all licked their bowls clean!


Sallie loves it! She is a bit blurry in the picture, because she is busy chowing down. I don’t believe she is willing to stop eating just to pose for another picture right now though! Maybe someday she will learn how to ham it up for the camera!


It has been several weeks now and Sallie is doing great! She still has a few bad days, which is to be expected. For the most part, she is liking her walks again and I am glad to see her enjoying them! Her immobility had already started causing other issues with weight gain. Thanks to WellyTails she can get some much needed exercise! She, and I, are really loving the WellyTails Cartilage, Hip and Joint. It’s easy to add to her food and she loves the flavor, so there is no fuss about taking it. Sallie is a hard one to give anything pill or chew form to, so this is working perfectly!

I want my little ‘Sweet Pea’ to be pain free and mobile for as long as possible. I also want to know that what I am giving her, is most importantly, a safe all natural product! I believe we have found what we were looking for in the WellyTails Cartilage, Hip and Joint Supplement Mix! Sallie has her groove back!!!

Do you have a dog that is showing signs of stiffness? Are they having trouble, or taking longer to get up? Since we are on this journey too, we would love to know your thoughts. We love it and have found it to be easy to give, very cost efficient and are happy with the results!


Cheryll Shubert

Saturday 1st of November 2014

Our little guy is still pretty mobile but I noticed when it's colder, he doesn't move as quickly.

Anita L

Saturday 1st of November 2014

I used something similar to this on a dog I used to have. It seemed to really help him. I now have another older dog who will be needing help soon. Hate seeing them age :(

candy kratzer wenzel

Friday 31st of October 2014

Yes, our 14yr old Herman which passed away had problems hopping ontop furniture. Never tried a supplements.

judy maharrey

Friday 31st of October 2014

My dog is 2yrs old. Nocstiffness yet!

Deb E

Friday 31st of October 2014

Yes and I bought a warming, therapy pet bed for my dog.

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