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Pet Parents® Offer the Best Dog Diapers and Belly Bands

Most days, us pups see my Lady doin’ lots of cleaning. With so many of us pups in the house, I suppose that’s a given WOOF! From the daily vacuuming and dusting to cleaning up all the messes we pups make, it really is a full-time job. But, lately, a couple of my sisters have gotten worse with their “leaky” issues causing more necessary cleanup. That is until my Lady got them some washable dog diapers.

My sister Sallie is gettin’ on up there in years and I guess it to be expected. But then there is my other sister and her constant dribble going on. What’s up with that? WOOF!

As if that weren’t enough, my Lady rescued a little guy off the highway the other night that is bedridden. You can only imagine what comes with that!

Anyway, to make a long story short, my Lady has taken control with Pet Parents® Dog Diapers and Belly Bands! WOOF!®

Pet Parents® Offer the Best Dog Diapers and Belly Bands

At first, I thought it might be a bit shameful for my sisters to be wearing a diaper.

However, the girls are sportin’ them like they are the latest fashion trend! And, that new little fellow is lookin’ right nice in his belly band. I have to admit I’m gettin’ a wee bit jealous.

Someday maybe I’ll spring a leak and get to wear them too WOOF!

Lemme fetch my Lady to tell ya more about the doggie diapers and belly bands.

Here’s what my Lady says about Pet Parents® dog diapers and belly bands

You may be thinking “dog diapers and belly bands” – I don’t want to go there with my pup. However, there are very real reasons you may need to turn to them.

Personally, I had never given it much thought until two of my girls started having incontinence issues.

Then, our new rescue pup “Rocky” was left temporarily immobile after surgery on his back legs. All I can say is Pet Parents® offer the best dog diapers and belly bands! They are worth their weight in gold!

Read on to hear their stories and how Pet Parents® Dog Diapers and Belly Bands have helped with our “leaky” issues!

Incontinence Issues

Pet Parents Dog Diapers are great for senior incontinence!

Senior Incontinence

Sallie is my sweet senior girl at the ripe old age of 14. Nevermind that she has been potty trained since she was 6-8 weeks old, age has crept up on her and she is having the typical “old age” problem of senior incontinence.

Sometimes, she sleeps so soundly that she wakes up in a totally soaked bed. At other times, she loses control of her bladder while walking or laying around the house.

She is on medication to help, but accidents still happen.

Pet Parents Dog Diapers are great for spay incontinence!

Spay Incontinence

Brandi is only 6 years old. However, she has had incontinence issues ALL her life.

After many tests, no one can pinpoint the exact issue. The best diagnosis has been early spay incontinence.

At any rate, she is also on medication to try and help. Unfortunately, it helps but does not control it completely.

While her accidents are not fully losing control, she is just leaky. She can be fine one minute and the next she is leaking. Once the leaking starts, she is like a leaky water faucet with a drip, drip, drip across the house and anything she chooses to lay on.

For both Sallie’s senior incontinence and Brandi’s incontinence, Pet Parents® dog diapers have enabled them to go about napping, playing, and being part of the family – without a trail of wet messes.

How Pet Parents® Dog Diapers Can Help!

Pet Parents Dog Diapers

Pet Parents® dog diapers are washable diapers designed to prevent accidents from turning into messes.

They feature a Fur-Safe adjustable hook & loop system and have a sewn-in multi-layer super-absorbent pad.

They are leakproof with a waterproof exterior shell and tight-fitting leakproof elastic edges that provide a snug leak-proof fit.

This means all the liquids stay in the pads where they belong and NOT on your couch or carpet.

Best of all, they are machine washable and dryable.

Pet Parents Dog Diapers

The Dog Diapers Work for both Male and Female Dogs

Pet Parents® dog diapers work for both male and female dogs.

They are quick and easy to put on and come in 3-packs of different color combinations.

You can choose colors that will blend with your dog’s fur or fun colors for a stylish look. My girls are rocking the fun princess colors – pink, purple, and black!

Pet Parents Dog Diapers are great for senior incontinence!
Cutest little bum ever!

The dog diapers are made of 100% polyester and have a thick absorbent pad made into the diaper that WICKS THE MOISTURE AWAY FROM THE BODY.

However, if your dog pees a lot (as in overnight), you can also add a hygienic pad inside also. This works well for Sallie as she is a larger dog that can fill the diaper to saturation at night.

And, I know the next question – does it work for poop?

It will. However, unless your dog has bowel/fecal incontinence, it will more than likely not go in the diaper. If they do, the diaper is equipped to contain it with a snug leak-proof fit.

Pet Parents® Dog Diapers are beneficial for:

Post Injury and/or Surgery

Pet Parents Belly Bands

Post Operation & Injury

As if we don’t have enough dogs (we have 8), the hubs witnessed a little beagle getting hit by a vehicle on the highway in front of him. He stopped to see what he could do.

The sweet little thing was alive but seriously injured and could not move. Both his back legs were in bad shape. One was obviously crushed and broken while the other was lifeless.

He scooped him up and brought him home. We stabilized him and gave him pain medication per the emergency vet and waited on the morning appointment.

As it turned out, both of his back legs were broken.

One is in a cast and the other, even though broken in 2 places, cannot be placed in a cast because of where the break is – above and below the hip joint.

The hip will be managed later, but to make a long story short, he cannot support himself at all on his backend. He is on strict crate rest and well, you know what that means!

There is little he can do except pee and poop right where he lays. Talk about washing loads of blankies and towels!

And, to be honest, the poop is not so bad as it is fairly easy to scoop up and clean. But, the pee! It causes loads of laundry to keep him dry and comfortable! Belly bands from Pet Parents® to the rescue!

How Belly Bands Can Help Male Dogs

Pet Parents Belly Bands

Pet Parents® Belly Bands are the Perfect Solution for Bed-Ridden Male Dogs

Pet Parents® also offers belly bands. These dog wraps are made especially for male dogs and have been a Godsend for our wounded little warrior!

They are super quick and easy to put on. With Rocky not able to stand or get out of the crate, these little jewels have saved me a ton of laundry from wet blankets!

I would much rather wash little belly bands than huge loads of soaked blankets and towels!

Pet Parents Belly Bands are great for injured pets

Rocky is sporting the “Gentleman” colors of blue, green, and black. If you have to wear them, you might as well be stylish, right?

Pet Parents Belly Bands
Pet Parents Belly Bands

Pet Parents® belly bands are made of 100% polyester and come in a 3-pack with different color options.  And, of course, they are machine washable.

Pet Parents® Belly Bands are beneficial for:

  • Incontinence issues
  • Post operation
  • For spot marking
  • Excitement urination
  • Travel

Sizing, Acceptance, and Washing Instructions

Pet Parents Dog Diapers


Sizes are determined by the size of your dog’s waist. 

It is VERY important to measure your dog to get the proper fit! Simply measure your dog’s waist in front of its hind legs and refer to the sizing chart to get the appropriate size.

Sizes are available from XS up to XL.

Dog Acceptance

Most dogs readily accepted them. I have to admit that I was a bit worried about my girls accepting the diapers.

I need not have worried as they readily accepted wearing them. They pay absolutely no attention to them as if they had nothing on at all!

With that said, some dogs may need to be introduced slowly.

Washing Instructions

The dog diapers and belly bands are machine-washable.

To launder, strap the velcro and turn it inside out so that the white fabric is exposed. Add to your machine along with detergent and wash in warm water.

Do not use bleach as this will bleach out the color!

Then, simply tumble dry on delicate (low heat) or allow to air dry. Do not use fabric softener as it will reduce absorbency.

I love that they are washable! Not only do you get more value for your money by reusing them, but you also are not filling up the landfill with loads of disposable diapers!

Pet Parents Offer the Best Dog Diapers
Phooey on bein’ ashamed! These are my new “hot pink” pants and I’m gonna strut my stuff in em WOOF!

Are Dog Diapers and Belly Bands Worth It?

If you had asked me years ago about dog diapers or belly bands, I am not sure how I would have answered. However, since dealing with incontinence issues and a wounded rescued pup, I can vouch for the benefits not only for me but for the dogs too!

I no longer have to follow them around cleaning up urine, and stains (did I say STAINS?!), and doing loads of wet blankies and towels.

Meanwhile, the pups are happier and have a better quality of life as they are now able to join the family on the couch, in the bed, car, etc. without fear of leaking!

Pet Parents® dog diapers and belly bands have truly been a blessing!

The high-quality, super-absorbent diapers and belly bands have made life easier and more enjoyable for both the pups and me!

The dog diapers are now a part of life for the girls, but hopefully, Rocky will be healed in a few months and won’t require his belly bands. Until then, he will be sporting his “Gentleman” belly bands to keep him dry and comfy in his bed.

NOTE: For either the dog diapers or belly bands, be sure and check your furbaby often and change the diaper/belly band when it is wet! Just as with babies, a wet diaper can irritate their skin.

Pet Parents Dog Diapers and Belly Bands

If your best friend is experiencing incontinence issues, excitement urination, spot marking, or you have a pet that has been injured, I highly recommend giving Pet Parent® dog diapers and belly bands a try!

Dog diapers and belly bands can improve your pet’s quality of life and give you a reprieve in the process! Visit Pet Parents® today for more information, sizes, and color availability.

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Marsha C

Thursday 2nd of July 2020

Love your advice! I just purchased Paw Partners for Cooper ( 9-yr old rescue who has marking issues). These have been so wonderful for life with Cooper! I only ordered a small supply, but will order more (so I don't have to wash as frequently). Thank you for the tip of turning them inside out for washing... I will try that also.

Have a blessed day!

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kate usher

Monday 18th of February 2019

yes all the time needed

crystle tellerday

Friday 15th of February 2019

we use belly bands with our pug

Lily Kwan

Saturday 2nd of February 2019

These dog diapers and belly bands look very nice. Thanks for sharing!

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