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How to Ensure Your Pets Stay Safe During Your Vacation

Going on vacation is fun, but it requires planning. One thing you’ll have to consider is what to do with any pets you have. While Fido or Fluffy may be able to cope on their own for a day or two, you need to make provisions for them if you’ll be gone for a longer time.

How to Ensure Your Pets Stay Safe During Your Vacation

How to Ensure Your Pets Stay Safe During Your Vacation

Take the Pet with You

If you want to take Fluffy or Fido with you, you will first need to determine if there are any hotels or other accommodations that accept pets.

Fortunately, websites like can help you track down pet-friendly accommodations.

Some sites also have information about which attractions or restaurants allow people to bring their furry friends.

Taking a pet with you is easiest if you are driving to your destination.

Airplanes restrict the number of animals they allow in the cabin—and flying in the cargo section can be dangerous for an animal, especially if the weather is extremely hot or cold.

Many trains and cruise ships don’t allow pets at all.

Board Your Pet

Leaving your pet at a kennel is another option, especially if you’re going on a long trip.

Many kennels provide veterinary care along with accommodations.

Some, like Sylvan Corners Pet Hospital, are actually veterinarians who board animals.

Kennels’ amenities can range from barebones to luxurious.

The higher-end kennels are sometimes called “pet resorts,” and they provide amenities like music, grooming sessions, and one-on-one time with the staff.

Get a Pet Sitter

Some pets don’t travel well, so taking them on a trip would simply stress them out.

Similarly, some pets don’t do well in kennels, no matter how nice they are.

Many hotels and kennels won’t accept exotic pets like snakes or ferrets.

In such cases, you need to get a pet sitter.

You can ask a trusted friend or relative to look after your pet, or you can hire a professional pet sitter.

Pet sitters will give your pet fresh water and food, exercise it, and clean up after it. They will also administer any needed medications.

Professional pet sitters are certified as such, and they have to pass an exam to earn their certification.

Both the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) and Pet Sitters International (PSI) maintain websites that will help you find pet sitters in your area even if you have an exotic pet.

Making arrangements for the family pet should not be a last-minute decision, especially if you’re traveling during the holidays or some other time when demand for accommodations and services are high.

You should probably make the necessary arrangements at the same time you book your hotel and travel to ensure that you get what you want.

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