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6 Tips for Taking Pets on Family Vacations

Many people think of their pets as members of the family. I know my Lady sure does! They wouldn’t dream of leavin’ their cat or dog at home while they travel. Havin’ a pet along for the ride is not impossible, but it does mean additional preparation for the trip will be necessary. Below, are a few tips that will help make taking pets on family vacations a smoother process!

6 Tips for Taking Pets on Family Vacations

6 Tips for Taking Pets on Family Vacations

Book pet-friendly accommodations

Many hotels don’t allow pets, so be sure to read the fine print before making your reservation. In some places, you may need to opt for something other than a hotel like vacation rental homes or cabins. If you travel often, an RV may be an option to make travel with your pets easier.

Opt for driving to your destination

Airlines have a lot of requirements when it comes to flying with animals. They will be placed inside their crate and stored in an area away from you. This may not be an good option for anxious pets – or for owners who don’t like the idea of their furry friends being stashed elsewhere on the plane.

Look into kennels in the area you are traveling to

One may be needed if your cat or dog isn’t liking the lodging. Before you run the risk of them damaging furniture or carpet, letting them stay elsewhere could be your best option. Kennels allow for them to play and be cared for each day, which may not be possible if your family has lots of things planned while on vacation.

Consider your animal’s behaviors

Some dogs are perfect angels, ride well, and would never dream of peeing or chewing on a sofa leg. Others, however, don’t do well in new surroundings. If you think there may be a problem, it’s best to reconsider traveling with your family pet.

Pack your pet’s essentials for the trip

You don’t want to get where you’re going only to find out you can’t find your pets brand of food. Food, snacks, a water bowl, and a couple of toys should be sufficient for the trip.

Learn the restrictions of the attractions

Outdoor venues may allow your furry friends to come with you, but most probably won’t. Also, educate yourself about leash laws – or better yet, pack one and use it regardless! It’s better to be safe than sorry – especially when it involves your pet and unfamiliar surroundings.

Have your ever traveled with a pet? What tips do you have when taking a pets on family vacations?


Monday 3rd of February 2020

Only done this once before with a cat, good tips.

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