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How to Handle Dander Sensitivity When You Own a Dog

Pet dander is the tiny flecks of material such as skin that are shed off of your dog. This can get into the air, on the furniture, rugs, and even your clothes. While some people have an allergic reaction to pet dander, there are others who have varying degrees of sensitivity to it. Here are 4 ways that you can reduce pet dander in your home.

How to Handle Dander Sensitivity When You Own a Dog

Frequent and Thorough Cleaning

Maintaining the levels of dander in your home through regular cleaning is an important step. You can bathe your dog and keep your distance from them all you want, but if the home is not cleaned properly on a regular basis, you may still suffer a negative reaction from dander sensitivity. Start from the top with dusting and work your way down to the floor with vacuuming. Frequent washing of your bedding and your dog’s bedding is also an important step to remember.

Proper Air Circulation and Filtration

Pet dander is so small that it can even be microscopic. There could very well be dander from your dog floating through the air in your home, especially after they give themselves a good body shake. Therefore, keeping the air clean through proper air circulation and filtration can go a long way to improving the quality of the air you breathe. Using HEPA filters and air purifiers are good first steps. To further ensure that you are getting proper air circulation in your home, you may consider having a ducted air conditioning system installed.

Keep Your Pet Well Groomed

Send that dander down the drain instead of in your home. Give your dog a bath about once a week with a good moisturizing shampoo that is healthy for their coat. You will also want to be sure to brush them regularly. If possible, do as much of their grooming outside to ensure that the dander is brushed off outside of your home. If you have a rather patient and compliant dog, you can use a pet vacuum to remove even more of the dander.

Be Mindful of Dander Traps

Dander traps are areas where your dog spends most of their time playing and sleeping. This can include their dog bed, toy area, furniture, your bed, or their favorite spot on the floor where they bathe in the window shaped sun rays. Even if your dog is not allowed on the furniture or your bed, they may have a tendency to be sneaky when you are not around. You will want to pay special attention to these areas. You may even want to consider getting washable covers for the dog bed and furniture.

Taking these simple steps of cleaning regularly, grooming your dog, installing proper air ventilation, and paying special attention to the dander traps around your home will ensure that you and your dog can happily share a home together without those sniffles and itchy eyes.


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