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How to Have a Safe Beach Vacation with a Dog

Going to the beach with a dog can be a lot of fun! There’s nothing like seeing a dog race around in the sand or splash in the water! But with all that fun comes some possible dangers. To make sure your vacation isn’t ruined by any sort of incident, check out these tips on How to Have a Safe Beach Vacation with a Dog!

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How to Have a Safe Beach Vacation with a Dog

1. Off-leash Safety

If you’re planning to have a safe beach vacation with a dog, you’ll want to make sure you practice some basic off-leash safety. First of all, make sure your dog always wears their collar and pet identification tags (being microchipped wouldn’t hurt, either). And always carry your dog’s leash with you, in case you need to leash them really quickly. On top of that, make sure your dog is good at basic commands, especially “come!”

2. Be Careful in the Sun

With the beach comes a lot of sun, and the need to practice some sun safety as well! Just because your dog has fur doesn’t mean they can’t get a sunburn (or skin cancer!), so buy some doggy sunblock and put it on them before heading out. While on the beach, also watch that your dog is okay with the temperature of the sand. If the sand is too hot, try to keep your dog on a beach towel or closer to the water where the tide keeps the sand cooler. And of course, watch out that all that fun in the sun doesn’t overtire your dog or lead to heatstroke!

3. Be Wary of Water

The water can be the most fun and most dangerous part of the beach. If your dog doesn’t have any experience with water, it would be a good idea to teach them how to swim at home first. Even if your dog knows how to swim, keep a flotation vest on them and don’t leave them in the water alone. Also make sure they don’t drink a lot of seawater, and instead bring fresh water to keep them hydrated! And after your dog is done having fun at the beach, rinse them off to get all the salt, sand, and microscopic beach organisms out of their fur!

4. Watch for Critters

In the ocean and on the beach, make sure to keep an eye out for aquatic animals. In the water you’ll want to watch out for the usual- sharks, jellyfish, anything that looks spiky or has sharp teeth. And on the beach watch out for beached animals and crabs.

5. Comb the Sand

To ensure you can have a safe beach vacation with a dog, make sure to comb the sand around where you’ll be hanging out on the beach. There could be sharp shells or broken glass that could cut your dog’s feet, or random garbage that they could eat, possibly causing them to choke or to get an intestinal obstruction!

6. Be Respectful

Perhaps the best way to have a safe beach vacation with your dog is to be respectful and follow rules. If dogs aren’t allowed on a beach, don’t bring yours. If they’re allowed, but not off-leash, keep their leash on. Also, don’t allow your dog to play with other people’s dogs or kids unless they say it’s okay. And pick up after your dog if they decide to use the beach as a bathroom! If you’re a respectful, considerate pet parent, you, your dog, and everyone else will have fun time at the beach!

Have you ever taken your dog to the beach?


Wednesday 9th of January 2019

We've taken our dogs to the beach before. We always make sure to keep them leashed. We also make sure they have access to drinking water the whole time.


Tuesday 16th of October 2018

Ha! I see lots of dogs at the beach, no cats though

Linda Manns Linneman

Monday 4th of September 2017

This was a great and informative article. I did not know they had sunblock for our pets. We love our pets and want to keep them safe. Thank you for sharing. God Bless

Rachel Beltz

Tuesday 16th of August 2016

We have taken our dogs to the beach! We are too afraid though to try off leash.. it's better to be safe than sorry!

Alejandra Carreno

Thursday 4th of August 2016

These are all great tips, thank you...great to know since we're looking to adopt for the first time.

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