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How to Help Your Outdoor Cat Stay Warm During Winter

The cold winter season can be hard on pets. The freezing temperatures, the cold snow and the chilly climate are often too much for pets to handle. If you have an outdoor cat, then you should use the following tips to keep them warm during the icy winter months.

How to Help Your Outdoor Cat Stay Warm During Winter

Cat Shelters: A Good Idea for Keep your Feline Warm

Most cats don’t stay in houses like dogs. However, you can create a cat shelter that will allow your feline to stay warm when it’s frosty outside. You can purchase a premade cat shelter or build one of your own. Once you set the structure up, pad the bottom with waterproof material on the bottom. You should use cushioning on top. Place the structure close to your house. This will help to keep your cat warm. Make sure the shelter is big enough to add padding and to keep food and water inside. This can also prevent your cat from wandering too far from your home to find shelter during extra cold nights If you do notice this happening, make sure to use a lost pet finder to ensure your cat’s safety.

Heater and Warming Pads can Help your Cat to Stay Comfortable

Cat owners that have an enclosed area inside of their backyard should set it up with warming pads and heaters. Cats who spend a lot of time outdoors should have a way inside of this enclosed area. This will act as a heating station. You can place food and water in the enclosed area to entice them inside. Cats that have this type of heating option usually stay warmer when it’s cold outside.

Don’t Cut your Cat’s Hair to Close During the Winter

Cats have fur. Their fur helps to keep them warm. While most people don’t cut their cat’s fur, no cat owner should do this during the winter. Your cat needs the extra heat that fur provides.

Don’t Keep Your Cat Locked up in a Vehicle

Most people don’t travel with their outdoor cat. However, some people do. If you have to travel during the winter months with your outdoor cat don’t leave them in the vehicle. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says that a person’s car acts like a refrigerator when it’s cold outside. No cat wants to be trapped in an iron icebox. Cat owners should make sure to take their cat out of the car when the weather is chilly outside.

Wash your Cat’s Paws and Keep them Clean as Possible

Outside cats are hard to keep clean. Still, you should wipe off your cat’s paws. A cat’s paws are very vulnerable to the snow and ice. Try to clean their paws at least once a week since it will help to protect them better against the elements.

Mary Gardner

Tuesday 26th of November 2019

Warming pads are a great idea. Thanks for the information.

Sarah L

Tuesday 26th of November 2019

I've never had an outdoor cat. These are good tips.

Debbie P

Monday 25th of November 2019

I had a cat but she was an indoor cat. So this article was very interesting to me.

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