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I’m Squealing in Delight with my ‘Firu’ Dean Russo Framed Dog Art #Review #ChristmasMM15

I guess it’s no secret my Lady loves dogs. I mean after all she lives with 7 of us! In addition, she helps my friends in the shelters. She even has pictures of dogs on the walls. Yep, my Lady really is a crazy dog lady! Not long ago she got a picture of some dogs for her office that she was right proud of. But, she still had an empty space on one of the walls and she said she was lookin’ for just the right picture to put there. She had heard of a place called and decided to see if they had the Dean Russo framed dog art she had been hankerin’ for.

I'm Squealing in Delight with my 'Firu' Dean Russo Framed Dog Art #Review #ChristmasMM15

My Lady had been wantin’ one of them Dean Russo paintin’s for so long! I thought she was a hurtin’ the way she was carryin’ on when she found it at! Personally, I don’t know why she wants pictures of dogs when she’s got all us furry ones in real life WOOF! Maybe, it’s a human thing? I know she’s right proud of her paintin’, if all the oohs and aahs mean anything. Sometimes I just don’t understand them humanz and who the heck is Dean Russo anyway? I guess I better let her tell ya why she’s so excited.

This is what my Lady had to say about the Dean Russo Framed Dog Art

As Molly said, it isn’t a secret that I love dogs with a passion! Back when I redone my office, I had decided that I wanted the art work and pictures to reflect my love and passion of dogs. I had been holding a space on one of the walls until I could find THE perfect framed dog art. I had longed for a Dean Russo painting forever! I believe if anyone matches my love of dogs it’s Dean Russo and he is known for his bright contemporary dog art! I finally found exactly what I was looking for at!

When visiting their website, I was over the moon! Not only did they have Dean Russo, they had a large selection! It didn’t take me long to find THE perfect one! Being as close as I am to the pet rescue world, the ‘Firu’ by Dean Russo speaks volumes to me! I see first hand the treatment of dogs from humans – some good and some bad. I truly believe you can tell a lot about a person from their treatment of these helpless souls.

Once I found my painting, I was excited to find that I could customize it exactly like I wanted!

Framed Dog Art customization

Frame selection: I started with the frame. Since the other pictures in my office were in black frames, I chose to go with the simple 1 1/4″ black frame. This would match the rest of my pictures perfectly!

Mat selection: They had a ton of options, but again I wanted to keep the picture in line with the other paintings I already had. So, I chose to go with 2 mats. I chose the top mat in white to correspond with my other pictures and then chose a smaller black mat to go around the actual picture.

Glass selection: Finally, I also had a choice in the glass selection. They offered a selection of glass – clear, non-glare, and museum quality. They also offered plexiglass in clear or non-glare. I chose the clear plexiglass. To me, plexiglass is lighter weight, yet stronger. I can’t tell the difference in the looks of glass or plexiglass, but the plexiglass is not breakable like glass. In my accident prone household, it is the better choice. I also chose the clear instead of the non-glare. This is just a personal choice, but I like the looks of the clear much better.

I loved how I could see exactly what my print was going to look like as I chose my options! Once I was satisfied that it was exactly as I wanted, I ordered.

Framed Dog Art wall hardware and wall stops

It didn’t take long for my Dean Russo ‘Firu’ print to come in and it was perfect! It came with the hardware attached to hang it on the wall. It had one piece attached to the painting and the other was taped on the back so that you could attach it to the wall. It also had rubber wall stops on the bottom of the print to keep it from scarring up the wall. Perfection!

This crazy dog lady is squealing in delight with my ‘Firu’ Dean Russo framed dog art! It was exactly what I was looking for and it fits perfectly on my waiting office wall! If you are a dog lover like me and looking for the perfect framed dog art print, check out to find your perfect print!

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Two French Bulldogs

Thursday 17th of December 2015

Really cute. We love the way you can customize the art Lily & Edward

Crystal Gomez

Thursday 17th of December 2015

That is such a beautiful fun print! I keep seeing these all over the place online, I would love to have one for myself!


Thursday 17th of December 2015

This is so cute! Never heard of this artist before, will have to take the time to check out their work.

Sarah L

Thursday 17th of December 2015

It's nice that you can size the pictures to just the way you want them. Very fun picture you got.

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