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Including Pets in Your Will – Have you planned?

Have you thought about what would happen to your pets if something happened to you? Do you have family or friends that would take them in? Also, what about including pets in your will? Did you know that you can set aside monies for their expenses?

Today, and even though it is a hard and dark subject, we are going to talk about different considerations and ways to plan ahead in case something happens to you.

Including Pets in Your Will - Have you planned?

As a pet parent, I love my pets dearly! And, my pets are as attached to me as I am to them.

They would have severe issues if I were gone.

I have always known I needed life insurance or something, but I was thinking in terms of taking care of final expenses, so as not to burden the family.

But, for some reason, the thought struck me the other day – what would happen to my 4-legged babies?

I was always prepared when my children were small and had a plan set up for it.

Nowadays, there are only my 4-legged babies and me.

If something happened to me unexpectedly, what would happen to them?

Of course, if you are married, your spouse would probably take over.

But, then my brain spun on to what if something happened to both at the same time?

It pains me to think of it.

I know I have no one in my family that would take on my pack of rambunctious pups!

I also know I can’t stand to think they might be carried off to the nearest shelter or possibly turned loose to fend for themselves. The thought HORRIFIES me!

My pups mean the world to me and I have loved them, some since the day they were born or adopted.

So, what are the options? And how can we plan for such a disaster?

It makes sense to me to make preparations now!

It is time to start talking to relatives, friends, or whoever we might trust with their care.

NOW is the time to make preparations – just in case!

Little girl hugging her large white dog

Here are some important things to consider:

In case of a car, or other accident

Do you carry a card, or anything, stating you have pets at home that will need to be dealt with?

I have actually taken this step!

I keep mine right along with my important medical information card in my wallet!  

It gives details of contacts for my furbabies back home to be taken care of in case I am in an accident.

Make a list for each pet

  • Pets name
  • Any quirks, likes, or dislikes they may have that a new owner would need to know
  • Diet, special foods, or needs
  • Any medications and dosage they may on
  • Vet information – name and telephone number; along with preventive care information such as heartworm checkup/shot due dates, rabies and yearly shot due dates, checkup dates, etc. This FREE printable Pet Care Tracker is a great way to have all this information in one place.

Finding them a home

If possible, secure them another home in case of such an emergency.

Know who, and where, your pet will go in such an emergency.

You can write this on the list also.

Be sure to discuss this with the person responsible beforehand!

Don’t assume that family and friends will automatically take them!

For various reasons, this may not be an option.

Including pets in your will is an option

Has anyone considered this?

You will actually need a will for this to work.

You can do a handwritten document and place it with your important papers, but handwritten wills are debatable and not accepted in all states 🙁

So, be sure to check what is legal in your state and follow that advice.

I am not an expert on the subject, but I know you can provide certain amounts of your money to be set aside for your pet’s care and upkeep, along with any special instructions.

I, personally, have actually had a friend that has cared for a pet like this!

Her mother-in-law passed away and provided in her will for my friend, and her husband, to care for her furbaby.

Her mother-in-law provided monies for the furbaby’s vet expenses, grooming expenses and money to be allocated for her special diet (the furbaby had diabetes).

I have to say I love this woman and her forethought!

It has been some years ago now, but she was a woman beyond her times!

I respect that she thought enough of her pet to think ahead!

Small sad puppy

So, to make a long story short, I ask you to give a little thought to your furbabies today.

Whether you have one, or multiple, what would happen if something suddenly took you away from them?

Have you made arrangements for your furbabies’ care?

Would you ever consider including pets in your will?

I am really interested in what plans others are making for theirs.

Maybe I am as nuts as Miss Molly, but I can’t seem to rest until I have some kind of plan in action for this pack of critters!

I would love to hear your thoughts about including pets in your will.

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