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Isle of Dogs Grooming Products and Nutrient-Rich Treats for Beauty & Wellness Inside-Out! #Petpalooza2

When it comes to bath time, some of us love them and some of us don’t. To be honest with you, I can’t say I like them very much. I don’t like getting my feet wet and, well, my Lady says you can’t get a bath without getting wet – go figure. But, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do to stay purdy, right? My brother and sister with dry flaky skin say it calms the itchiness and helps their ugly dandruff. But, one thing all of us pups can agree on is woofalicious treats! Well, have ya heard of Isle of Dog? We’ve been using Isle of Dogs grooming products and enjoying their nutrient-rich treats.

Isle of Dogs Grooming Products and Nutrient-Rich Treats for Beauty & Wellness Inside-Out! #Petpalooza2

There’s something special in that shampoo that helps with dry, flaky skin.

I just love that it makes me all soft and shiny!

And, the treats are heart-shaped.

My Lady must love us a lot to hunt down tasty heart-shaped treats for us WOOF!

Although I’m a little upset she doesn’t like my doggie “dead frog” perfume! She got some mom-approved spray that made it disappear!

Dog-gone it! Lemme round her up to tell you about these nifty products!

Here’s what my Lady says about Isle of Dogs Grooming Products and Nutrient Rich Treats

With 7 dogs in my home, we have a variety of skin issues. A couple of my pups are truly troubled with dry, flaky skin.

Sallie with her life-long history of severe skin allergies and Seager with his bad dandruff are the worst.

Molly seems to have trouble in the Winter when she is in the house with the heat, kind of like us humans.

The others have relatively healthy skin but can have occasional dry skin and itchiness.

The trick to combating their dry skin and soothing the itch is good quality grooming products like those from Isle of Dogs.

In addition, we all know that beauty is more than skin deep. True beauty shines when our dogs are at their healthiest.

For wellness on the inside, good nutritious high-quality dog food and healthy nutrient-rich dog treats go a long way.

Isle of Dogs grooming products and their nutrient-rich treats are favorites of ours.

You may remember us talking about their Cocoa Clean Shampoo & Spray and their Daily Essentials dog treats last year!

In case you haven’t met Isle of Dogs, let me introduce you and then we will check out our latest goodies from them!

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About Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs combines natural grooming products with nutritionally superior food, treats and supplements to promote wellness and beauty from within. Their proprietary line of canine health and beauty products, sourced and made in the USA, supports a beautifully balanced and joyful life. With a rich heritage in competitive dog shows, we know what makes dogs shine.

Let’s take a look at the pawsome Isle of Dogs Grooming Products and Nutrient Rich Treats the pups have been enjoying!

Isle of Dogs - No 12 with Triple Strength Evening Primrose Oil

No. 12 Triple Strength Evening Primrose Oil Shampoo

For my dog’s itchy, flaky skin, I decided to give the nourishing Isle of Dog’s No. 12 Triple Strength Evening Primrose shampoo a try.

This amazing formula is designed to nourish your dog’s itchy, flaky, or dry skin while restoring healthy, natural beauty to the hair.

Dubbed a “Rehab for Coats” it is their richest, most concentrated treatment.

Isle of Dogs - No 12 with Triple Strength Evening Primrose Oil with German Shepherd Dog in tub with bathcap

No. 12 Triple Treatment Strength Evening Primrose shampoo infuses the coat with cold-pressed Evening Primrose Oil.

Evening primrose is a rich source of fatty acid and gamma linolenic acid and is great for dogs with atopic and allergic conditions.

And, did I mention it smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G?

It leaves their coats soft and shiny, while soothing and treating their itchy skin.

Isle of Dogs - Power Soft & Chewy Dog Treats

Power Soft & Chewy Dog Treats – Featuring Peanut Butter & Sweet Potatoes

True beauty starts on the inside and I love Isle of Dogs’ nutrient-rich treats.

The dogs especially love their “soft, chewy” line of goodies!

One of their favorites is the Power Soft & Chewy Dog Treats.

These tasty treats feature a scrumptious blend of peanut butter, flaxseed, sweet potatoes, and peas.

The treats are power-packed with easily digestible proteins.

Isle of Dogs - Power Soft & Chewy Dog Treats

The Power Soft & Chewy dog treats are perfect to give them after a day of running and romping (or digging holes, by the looks of his nose) to help them re-energize!

We call them their post-workout treats 🙂

On the other hand, these protein-rich treats would be great to give before a long walk, hiking trip, or strenuous training session to give them a quick boost of energy.

They are also perfect to boost strength when recovering from an illness.

Repláscents Odor-Neutralizing Sprays and German Shepherd

Repláscents Odor-Neutralizing Sprays

After playing outside all day, sometimes our dogs come back smelling musky.

Mine also have a penchant for using their own favorite deodorant, namely “dead frog”.

I hate to tell them, but it’s not appealing!

With Isle of Dogs Repláscents, odor-neutralizing sprays, we can quickly freshen them up.

A quick spritz and brush on the way inside neutralizes bad odors and keeps them smelling fresh.

Repláscents are not only safe for use on your dog but can be used in your home and car!

They neutralize bad odors on your dog, pet beds, furniture, etc. by replacing them with a subtle fragrance.

You never want to spray your pet beds and furniture with sprays that may be irritating or dangerous for your dogs.

Repláscents come in a variety of light scents and offer an alternative to perfume and home sprays, which are not safe for application directly on your dog’s coat.

Isle of Dogs

Where to Purchase Isle of Dogs Grooming Products and Treats

If your dog has problems with itchy, flaky skin, give No. 12 Triple Treatment Strength Evening Primrose shampoo a try!

And, I am positive they will love the Power Soft & Chewy Dog Treats with power-packed proteins! 

Finally, if you would love an odor-neutralizing spray for your dog and home that is safe, check out their Repláscents Odor-Neutralizing Sprays.

They come in a variety of amazing scents!

You can find all these pawsome products on the Isle of Dogs website. Try them today to keep your best friend healthy and beautiful from the inside and out!

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Dorothy Boucher

Thursday 25th of November 2021

I know one of my daughters dogs have sensitive skin and she has to use a special shampoo on her, I'll have to have to check this one out here you have, sounds like a great shampoo. @tisonlyme143


Monday 13th of November 2017

This is the first time I've heard of Isle of Dogs products. Your dogs look superb, these products must help! It would make a nice gift basket for a dog owner!!!


Thursday 30th of March 2017

The shampoo is something we could really use, and I like the odor neutralizing spray. The products all sound wonderful.

Daniel Scott

Thursday 30th of March 2017

I like that you can use the sprays on your pet's beds and crate pads. I also like that the treats are made in the USA. I won't give my dog anything that is not made here.

Margot C

Thursday 30th of March 2017

My little4 girl dog Samantha, always wants the soft chewy treats.

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