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Jones Natural Chews: The Bones and Chews of Doggie Dreams! #Review

Review Disclosure

Them lazy days of Summer are about gone here and the Fall weather has been nice and cool. Us pups love runnin’ and playin’ outside, especially in the fallin’ leaves! But, when we see the big brown truck pull up, we all make a bee-line to it. We get excited cause it might be bringin’ us pups a package! Well, the other day it pulled up and sure ’nuff, it had a big ole box for us pups! Hot diggity dog! My Lady managed to get it into the house with all of us on her heels. She said it was our Jones Natural Chews. All we knew was there was some good smells coming from that box. Then, she opened it and Lordy have mercy! There were some bones in there bigger than my chihuahua sister and some Halloween goodies too! WOOF!

Jones Natural Chews: The Bones and Chews of Doggie Dreams! #Review

Oh, what a good day to be a taste testin’ pup! We were right proud to lend a hand and let my Lady know if they were yummy or not WOOF! But, we know the drill. First, my Lady has to read the labels and check  em all out to make sure they are good for us. I sure was a prayin’ they passed her inspection, as my mouth was a waterin’ somethin’ fierce! She finally gave the ok on em and I let out my breath in relief! Let me round her up so she can tell ya ’bout em while I go gnaw on my bone a while!

Here’s what my Lady had to say about Jones Natural Chews:

Y’all know I am very particular about the treats and chews I give my dogs. They have to pass my standards or, well, they just don’t get them. After hearing all the rave reviews about Jones Natural Chews, I wanted to find out for myself what all the fuss was about. I LOVED the fact that they are all made in the USA and they are ALL natural, with no artificial ingredients! How much better can you get? Have you heard of Jones Natural Chews? If not, let me introduce you before we go any further.

About Jones Natural Treats

Jones Natural Treats is a family owned business. They found that the best cuts of meat also produced the best bones and word traveled fast that Jones was the place to go for naturally baked dog chews! All Jones natural meat treats and chews for dogs are created using only USA meat products and never any artificial ingredients. They have a large variety of tasty treats and chews which are made from beef, chicken, lamb, pork, rabbit and venison.

When our package from Jones Natural Treats arrived, I brought it inside and immediately had all the dogs interest. They were sniffing and looking in the box at all the delicious goodies. And, let me tell you – there were bones in there that made their eyes get big! The pups were pacing and begging to get their mouths on something in the box. But, they know – Mom and her picture taking – has to come first. We headed outside so they could enjoy their treats under the big shade tree. Are you ready to see all the pawsome goodies? Let’s take a look and check out this fun Halloween bucket!

Jones Natural Chews - Bow Wow Boo Bucket

The Bow Wow Boo Bucket

This fun Bow Wow Boo Bucket is a fun Halloween themed treat basket for dogs! It was filled with an assortment of dog chews. I am going to assume they are yummy for dogs, as my dogs were super anxious to dig into the bucket! They came a running from all over the yard!

Jones Natural Chews - Bow Wow Boo Bucket

The Bow Wow Boo Bucket, from Jones Natural Chews, contains nine full sized items:  2 Lambly Links, 2 Woofers, a Windee, a beef Knee Cap, a beef hoof, a bacon roll, and an “other pig ear”. It’s a great Halloween treat to surprise your dog with! I cheated and let mine have theirs before Halloween, but once they saw them, there was no holding them back!

These are the 9 items included in the Bow Wow Boo Bucket:

Lambly Links are USA lamb with edible casings. They come in 2 sizes. The small links are 3-4″ and the medium links are 7-8″. They both come in 2 pack shrink-wrap or a 6-pack bag. The Lambly Links are easy to break, making them great for training and all size dogs.

The Woofers are 100% USA ground beef patties that are baked into a doggie hamburger!

A Windee is a beef’s windpipe, or trachea tube. Did you know they are good source of chondroitin and glucosamine?

Knee Caps are made from USA beef and is one their thickest and strongest bones. It is surrounded with meat and has a hint of liquid smoke.

The Hooves are a great source of protein and are a great chew for all size dogs.

The Bacon Roll is a crunchy treat that comes in sizes 5″, 8″, and 10″. They are made of USA rolled pork skin and naturally baked. These are great for all size dogs!

The “Other Pig Ear” is actual a pig chin. It is similar to a pig ear, but is less expensive. Shoosh! The pups will never know!

Jones Natural Chews - Chickley Links

Chickly Links

We tried the Jones Natural Chews Chickly Links, which are made of USA chicken with edible casings. They come in 2 sizes. The small links are 3-4″ and the medium links are 7-8″. Both come in 2 pack shrink-wrap or a 6-pack bag.

All the pups loved these! Even Little Bit, the little chihuahua, could join in on this treat. These are easy to break into pieces and are also great for training. They must have tasted good because they didn’t last long and they were back for more!

Jones Natural Chews - Big Paw Jerky

Big Paw Jerky Pieces

Ah, the smell of jerky! It’s enough to make any dog drool! Big Paw Jerky Pieces from Jones Natural Chews are made of all-natural beef and made in the USA. They are oven backed and contain NO artificial ingredients. These yummy treats are great for all size dogs!

The Jerky is another treat that all the dogs, big and small, can enjoy. It is soft and chewy and can be easily broken. Of course my dogs have never met a piece of jerky they didn’t love, but they sure made short work of the Big Paw Jerky Pieces.

Jones Natural Chews - Shank Bones

Shank Bones

Finally, the shank bone is a meaty beef bone from Jones Natural Chews. These are the bones that had them bug-eyed and hyperventilating! The shank bones are very tough and durable, and of course it is from the USA! Shank bones are great for aggressive chewers and will provide hours of chewing pleasure! The shank bones are 6-9″ long and are best for medium to large size dogs. They are sold in 1 pack shrink-wrap and also in bulk.

These big shank bones were one of my dogs very favorites! Their eyes got huge when they saw the big bone and there was a scurry of activity with everyone wanting to get one first! Little Bit had to stick with the Bacon Roll, as these bones were bigger than she is! I didn’t capture the look on her face when she eyed the bones, but it was priceless! It was as if to say, I don’t know whether to attempt to tackle it or run from it! The big dogs had no problem knowing what to do with them!

Jones Natural Chews: The Bones and Chews of Doggie Dreams! #Review

Finally, when everyone had a shank bone, they found a place to lay and enjoy them. Miss Molly went all the way behind the shop building! Sorry, no pic of Molly. I guess she didn’t want anyone bothering her or trying to take her new bone! They chewed and chewed. After quite a long while, it was time to come in. I gathered all the bones up and saved them for later. Whether inside or out, I can bring them out and they can enjoy chew time all over again with the same bones! I think these are the first bones they have not been able to totally chew up on the first go-around that they have had!

There has been no splintering and no cracking. They just enjoy the chew action. The outside flavoring on the bones was gone after the first go around, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting to chew on the shank bone itself!

The pups LOVE all the Jones Natural Chews! As a dog Mom, I love them because they are all natural, made in the USA, and a safe treat that my dogs can thoroughly enjoy! These bones and chews last so long that the pups are STILL chewing on them and enjoying every minute of it!

Why not treat your dogs to Jones Natural Chews? You may get lots of extra doggie kisses in return! NO! Take that back – I KNOW you will get extra doggie kisses 🙂 You can find Jones Natural Chews online or in stores.


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Tamara Ackley

Wednesday 21st of October 2015

Wow! Great products! I have two dogs who would be delighted to chew on those! Great Giveaway contest!

Sarah L

Monday 19th of October 2015

Those are some serious looking bones! Bet my dog would have liked them.

Tanya devenney

Friday 16th of October 2015

My dog is considered a very aggressive chewer, i would like to try the all natural shank bone, he would no doubt love it.

Two French Bulldogs

Thursday 15th of October 2015

These are the only bones we are allowed to have Lily & Edward


Thursday 15th of October 2015

I like that they are all natural and made in the USA. I would give these to my Sorcha and thank you for your review.

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