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Keep Your Dog Healthy with FRESH NomNomNow Dog Food

If there is one thing my Lady is a stickler about, it is our dog food. She says the secret to keeping us healthy and happy starts in our belly and with the food we eat. She must be on to something with her theory as we are all getting on up there in years, all healthy, and all happy! My sister Sallie is staring her 15th birthday in the face and for a big dog that’s a big deal WOOF! Today, I want to tell you about the healthy, tasty-looking NomNomNow dog food Sallie and Seager have been trying.

Keep Your Dog Healthy with Fresh NomNomNow Dog Food

I sure wish she had picked me to be a tester of the new NomNomNow dog food.

Just the smell of it makes my mouth water WOOF!

She had her reasons for lettin’ them try it first and bein’ a dog I don’t know the why or how’s of it.

So, lemme fetch my Lady to tell you more……

Here’s my Lady to tell you about NomNomNow

If you have been with us long, you know I am a stickler about my pup’s nutrition. From dog food to treats, it is something I research very well before they are allowed to enjoy it.

Miss Molly would say I spend way too much time reading the package before giving my thumbs up 🙂

The thing is, I know good nutrition is the bottom line for good health. Just like with humans, fresh food with vitamins and nutrients is a necessity not an afterthought!

And, if you want to keep your pup happy and healthy, you have to begin with good nutritious food as the base to build on.

With all that said, I was very excited to try NomNomNow dog food. I chose to try it for my two eldest seniors, Sallie and Seager. I knew from doing my research it was high quality, fresh dog food but I was unprepared for the benefits it would bring.

If you are a regular reader, you’ve probably met Sallie and Seager and watched their antics over the years. But, for any newcomers, let me introduce you.

Then, we will check out this tasty fare!

Senior Rottweiler Mix staring into space

Sallie’s story

Sallie is my senior girl. She has been my little “sweet pea” since she was only a couple of weeks old. She came to me as an abandoned infant needing bottle-feeding.

Now, at the ripe old age of 14 (almost 15), she is at the end of her life’s journey.

These days, she has more than her share of expected old-age health problems, but she still joins in the daily walks, loves her belly rubs, and is always front and center for a tasty treat.

However, in the past few months, she hasn’t been eating her meals as well and has lost quite a bit of weight.

Since I firmly believe good nutrition is what got us this far and allowed her to live a full life, I want to continue providing the very BEST nutrition and care that I can.

My goal for Sallie and the NomNomNow dog food was to get her interested in food again and to maintain her weight. 

Australian Shepherd with quizzical look
Did she just say I was chunky? Well! I just gots more to love on that’s all – WOOF!

Seager’s story

Seager is a big boy and by that, I mean a really big boy! He is an Australian Shepherd/Lab mix that is about 30 pounds overweight – EEK!

We rescued Seager when he was 2-years-old. Unfortunately, he came to us with heartworms. Heartworm treatment was extremely rough on him.

Not only were the injections extremely painful, but there were also the steroids and NO exercise allowed.

The pounds started piling on! In addition to the extra weight, he also suffers from hip arthritis.

Because of arthritis, he has trouble exercising to help him lose the extra pounds. It is a double whammy because the extra weight causes strain on his arthritic joints.

At age 8, he has still not shed those extra pounds and he is miserable.

We have tried everything from cutting back his food to veterinary-prescribed diet food.

Of course, without the exercise, it just has not worked.

My goal for Seager and the NomNomNow dog food was to help him lose a little weight without cutting back portions so that he was still full and satisfied.

In other words, I would be swapping calorie-laden kibble with fresh NomNomNow food.

NomNomNow Dog Food

NomNomNow Natural Fresh Dog Food

NomNomNow is made-to-order FRESH pet food that has pre-portioned meals made specifically for your pet.

The dog food exceeds AAFCO standards and uses real, whole food ingredients. It’s actually good enough for YOU to eat!

Ordering is easy by simply telling them a little about your pet. It is as simple as creating a pet profile.

You will receive fresh, individually proportioned meals delivered straight to your doorstep.

There is no need to be at home when it arrives as it comes packed in dry ice.

Just unload and store in the fridge/freezer until ready to serve.

You will immediately notice the excitement at mealtime.

You will also begin to notice smaller stools and more energy.

Around week 4, you should begin to notice a shinier coat and improved allergy symptoms.

NomNomNow Dog Food comes in 4 Delicious Recipes

NomNomNow Chicken Chow-Wow

Chicken Chow-Wow

Chicken Chow-Wow is Sallie’s favorite! With this recipe, the ingredients are as diverse in nutrients as they are in color. The ingredients include:

Diced chicken: Protein, vitamins, and Minerals
Sweet potatoes: Vitamins A, B6 & C along with fiber, potassium and manganese make these tasty morsels a superfood
Yellow squash: Fiber, vitamins B6, C & K, magnesium and potassium
Spinach: Full of dietary fiber, vitamins, folate & manganese
NomNomNutrient Mix: Expertly formulated nutrition blend
Fish oil: Omega Fatty Acids for a healthy coat

NomNomNow Dog Food
Nom nom nom….this new food is bowl lickin’ good!

Sallie gobbles every last tasty morsel of the NomNomNow food!

There is no coaxing her to finish as she licks the bowl clean!

NomNomNow Chicken Heartland Beef Mash

Heartland Beef Mash

Seager’s favorite is the Heartland Beef Mash from NomNomNow!

This particular recipe features all-natural and gluten-free ingredients.

It is a hit with dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Ground beef: Protein, vitamins & minerals for strong bones
Potatoes: Energy producing & potassium-packed
Carrots: Vitamin A – and more – for keeping eyes healthy
Peas: Fiber, Vitamin A, C, K & B6, and minerals galore
Egg: Exactly the protein, calcium, iron & zinc dogs need
NomNomNutrient Mix: Expertly formulated nutrition blend
Fish oil: Omega Fatty Acids for a healthy coat

NomNomNow Dog Food
This doesn’t look like no diet I ever saw WOOF!

Seager makes no bones about it when served this delicious meal. He chows down until the last tasty morsel is gone and his bowl is licked clean!

We haven’t had a chance to try the Tasty Turkey Fare or Porkalicious Potluck yet but hope to before long. Take a look below and see how delicious they sound!

Tasty Turkey Fare

The Tasty Turkey Fare is gluten-free restaurant-quality ingredients!

Ground turkey: Excellent source of protein
Brown rice: Carb & mineral morsels to keep up energy
Carrots: Vitamin A – and more – for keeping eyes healthy
Spinach: Full of dietary fiber, vitamins, folate & manganese
Egg: Exactly the protein, calcium, iron & zinc dogs need
NomNomNutrient Mix: Expertly formulated nutrition blend
Fish oil: Omega Fatty Acids for a healthy coat

Porkalicious Potluck

The name says it all! Porkalicious Potluck is packed with enough tasty, all-natural ingredients to host its own potluck.

Pork: Protein, Vitamin B6 & minerals
Potatoes: Energy producing & potassium-packed
Kale: A superfood for your dog’s diet
Green beans: Fiber, Vitamins A, C, K & minerals galore
Mushrooms: Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc, Copper & Manganese
NomNomNutrient Mix: Expertly formulated nutrition blend
Fish oil: Omega Fatty Acids for a healthy coat

NomNomNow Flavor Flakes

Flavor Flakes

We also received NomNomNow’s Flavor Flakes along with our order of NomNomNow dog food.

To be quite honest, I am not sure why a dog would need any further enticement for the tasty food but that is what the flavor flakes are for.

It is like extra seasonings for added flavor. They must be some extra woofalicious flavors going on in that little package as our counter-surfing Brandi sneakily snatched the packaged and devoured it  – yes, plastic and all – EEK!

No need to worry.!

It did not bother her at all and the plastic packaging ….hmm…. worked its way through 🙂

NomNomNow Dog Food freezer meals

Emergency Meals

You can also get extra what they call “emergency meals” to keep in the freezer for emergencies.

I love this idea! They’re perfect as backup meals in the event that there is a late delivery or if you happen to be traveling and need to take some extra meals with you!

NomNomNow also Offers Other Gut Health Products

NomNomNow Probiotic Support

Full Spectrum Probiotics from NomNomNow

The pups have also been trying the Full Spectrum Probiotics. Just like us humans use probiotics and prebiotics for our gut health, dogs (and cats) can benefit too!

With NomNomNow’s Full Spectrum Probiotics you can boost your dog’s digestive health.

The Full Spectrum Probiotics promotes healthy gut bacteria which translates into a healthy dog!

NomNomNow Full Spectrum Probiotics benefits:

  • Helps maintain normal digestive and immune functions for a healthy dog
  • Contains 20 billion CFUs & 7 full spectrum probiotic strains per serving
  • With prebiotic fiber for added beneficial bacteria development
  • Made with human grade ingredients at FDA registered facilities under GMP guidelines, each batch independently tested for product integrity
  • Expertly formulated by our veterinary nutrition and microbiology team

How to use Full Spectrum Probiotics

The Full Spectrum Probiotics is easy to use. Just mix one level scoop into their food daily. It’s great for all dogs even puppies older than 8 weeks to maintain their gut health.
Insights Microbiome Testing Kit

Insights Microbiome Kit

I’ve never seen one of these kits, but they really are amazing! The Insights Microbiome kit is the best and most accurate way to understand your pet from the inside out.

You can learn about any imbalances and see how your pet’s microbiome compares to a healthy gut.

This, in turn, helps you as a pet parent know exactly what they need!

What is it and how does it work?

The kit is simple to use and comes with everything needed. You collect a sample and mail it back to them in the provided prepaid envelope.

Then, register your sample and take their health assessments.

Within 2-5 weeks you will get a detailed analysis of the results which will provide valuable insights to your pet’s gut health. Easy peasy!

If your pet happens to suffer from digestive, skin, immune system, or weight issues it could be related to imbalances or poor gut health.

In this case, the test will help you know what you need to do or provide to help your pet be healthy and happy!


What did Sallie and Seager think of NomNomNow?


Sallie absolutely loved the NomNomNow dog food! As I was filling her bowl, her head shot up and you could literally see her nose working overtime sniffing the tasty aroma!

Once I placed her bowl down for her, she ate with a puppy gusto she has not had in a very long time!

Now, she eats with an enthusiasm and is excited about mealtime AND she is certainly not shy about cleaning her bowl!

Sallie hasn’t gained any weight but neither has she lost anymore – we’ll take it as a win! I do know she is enjoying AND eating her meals now!


Just like Sallie, he was all in for the new food! He prances, woofs, and his tail wags 90 to nothing as I prepare his bowl!

He certainly doesn’t need any coaxing, as he dives right in!

The NomNomNow portions are amazing! It is enough to fill his tummy and keep him satisfied.

And, even though he finishes his AMPLE-sized portions, I am happy to give a weight report!!!

We had stopped by the vet for a weight check before and again after a month on the food. WOO HOO!

Our big boy has lost 5 pounds! And, while that may not seem like much, it is great for a month of slow steady loss.

He is happy, full, satisfied, AND losing weight!

NomNomNow Dog Food

As you can see, Sallie and Seager are more than happy with their new grub!

I am happy they love it so much but most importantly, I love the quality and the health benefits we are seeing.

And, I won’t fib, one of my favorite things is I love the home delivery 🙂

The prepackaged meals arriving on your doorstep makes life so much easier! No shopping, no measuring, no cooking – just ready to serve goodness and happy woofs!

If you have been thinking of trying homecooked food for your pets (dogs or cats) but worry about getting the nutritional elements right, NomNomNow is for you.

It is formulated by a leader in veterinary nutrition and the serving size is worked out for you.

Visit NomNomNow to learn more and let your pet try it today.

Unsure of which flavor to try first? Order the NomNomNow variety pack so your pet can try out each one before you commit! They really have thought of everything!

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Sandy Klocinski

Sunday 22nd of September 2019

I tried having a different brand of fresh dog food delivered and my boy wouldn't eat it. He is very picky and even when I cook his food for him he inspects it thoroughly and sometimes doesn't eat it. I found that the key is to not give him any treats or people food until he has eaten his dinner. He still sometimes does not eat until 8 or 9 in the evening but when he does he cleans his bowl

Christina Gould

Thursday 12th of September 2019

I think our dogs would greatly enjoy this food. Cute name too. Thanks for sharing!

Cassandra D

Friday 30th of August 2019

This would be wonderful for my dog.

Kelly Hanley

Tuesday 23rd of July 2019

These sound super good! Have to grab some for my pup!

Marisela Zuniga

Wednesday 3rd of July 2019

Thank you for sharing

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