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Keep Your Pets Safe with a GPS Tracker Collar! #NuzzleSmartCollar

Nuzzle disclosure

I’m sure y’all remember the story of how I was lost and had been wandering through the woods and fields when I happened to find my Lady. It was scary and I was a starvin’ for somethin’ to eat and so thirsty I could’ve drank a river! It was my lucky day when I found my Lady and she took me in. Since then, she has fattened me up right nice WOOF! She tells us pups all the time to stay in the property lines or we might get lost. Well, I gots to tell ya, there ain’t no chance of me gettin’ lost cause I had enough of them woods and fields to last a lifetime! I know how scary it is out there! WOOF!  But, when it comes to my brother Seager, let’s just say – sometimes that big boy has a mind of his own!

Seager walking in the woods

One time, he took it in his head to chase after another dog. He chased and chased and ‘fore long, he was lost! My Lady took it right hard! She was a walkin’, pacin’, callin’ and a frettin’! She was a mighty worked up and lookin’ all over the place! All day went by and my Lady was a missin’ him somethin’ terrible when finally she got word he had been found. She went and got him and brought him home. She was a huggin’ him and fussin’ at him, all at the same time, but her tears dried up and she was happy again WOOF!

My Lady has been in a tizzy ever since she heard of a new fangled device called a Nuzzle™ GPS Tracker collar. She says a GPS Tracker Collar will help pet parents know exactly where their pets are at and what they are doin’. That’s just plumb dumbfoundin’ ta this redneck pup! So, I better round up my Lady to tell ya ’bout it!

Here’s what my Lady to tell ya about the Nuzzle GPS Tracker Collar

I am so excited over the new Nuzzle GPS Tracker Collar! My furbabies mean the world to me and just like a mother hen with chicks, I get beside myself if one goes astray. Miss Molly told the truth about Seager getting lost. It was the most horrible 24 hours I ever lived through! Wondering, worrying, searching, and crying! It was gut wrenching to think I had lost my Seager boy. It was also horrible to think that all I could do was knock on doors, drive up and down the roads, and post flyers. With woods and fields and very few neighbors, it was looking hopeless as the darkness was setting in. Thankfully, right at dark, he was located by a neighbor across the field from our house and they were holding him for me. I cannot tell you the relief I felt!

We have also had lost dogs show up at door. Some were just that – lost dogs with no home and well, you know the rest – our home became their home. But, twice now, there has been dogs show up and right behind them frantic owners knocking on our door wanting to know if we have seem them. The relief on their faces when seeing their pups safe and sound was enough to tell me they were going through the same emotional roller coaster I had experienced when Seager disappeared.

That brings me to the Nuzzle Collar! To me, this has got to be one of the greatest inventions of all time for pets!

Nuzzle GPS Tracker Collar

The Nuzzle GPS Tracker Collar is simply AMAZING! Imagine being able to know WHERE your pet is and WHAT they are doing – walking, resting, etc. Just like a GPS for a vehicle, the GPS Tracker collar will enable us to track our pets!

Seager is a smiling and happy dog!

Seager is a smiling happy boy and I want to keep him that way. When he, or any of my pups, are outside playing I would love the added assurance of a GPS Dog Collar in case one of them strays off chasing another dog, cat, or squirrel. With a pet collar GPS, we would be able to track them down quickly and bring them home safely!

Along with the Nuzzle Collar, there is also easy to understand pet insurance. There are price quotes on the mobile dog GPS tracker app itself. Take it from me! With 7 dogs, pet insurance is considered a necessity! Someone is always getting sick or hurt, much like having children. Vet prices these days are exorbitant! One small accident, or illness, can add up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars quickly. Pet insurance is the best way to make sure you and your pet are always prepared for the unexpected!

Let’s check out the Nuzzle Smart GPS Collar for Dogs and Cats!

Keep Your Pets Safe with a GPS Tracker Collar! #NuzzleSmartCollar

The Nuzzle Collar Setup – Tracking in 3 easy steps!

  • 1. Put the Nuzzle Collar on your pet.
  • 2. Download the Nuzzle app.
  • 3. Register by completing your pet’s profile.

That’s all there is to it! You’re now ready to start tracking!

The Nuzzle app is easy to use with 2 main screens!

Keep Your Pets Safe with a GPS Tracker Collar! #NuzzleSmartCollar

1. Your pet’s profile: This is where you can give all the necessary information about your pet. You can create multiple pet profiles.

Keep Your Pets Safe with a GPS Tracker Collar! #NuzzleSmartCollar

This is a fun part! You can actually check in on your pet, from wherever you are, and see what they are doing! Your pet profile will show their activity throughout the day, such as 4 hours of resting, 2 hours walking, etc.

NKeep Your Pets Safe with a GPS Tracker Collar! #NuzzleSmartCollar
2. Pet Map: You can go into your pet’s profile and click on the “map view” to see where your pet is and set your geo-fence.

How is Nuzzle different?

1. Nuzzle is the ONLY smart pet GPS product on the market that DOES NOT require a monthly fee. Nuzzle is taking on the costs of the data plan on its own, so you don’t have to make extra fees.

2. Nuzzle is providing the easiest charging experience. The Nuzzle battery is removable from the collar (the black portion pops right out) so you can charge it and leave your collar on your pet. On tops of that, Nuzzle is providing an additional battery with each Nuzzle collar purchase. So your collar is never left un-charged.

Nuzzle logo

Other awesome features of the Nuzzle Collar:

Geo-fencing – create a virtual fence on the Nuzzle app – when your pet leaves
this fence, you’ll be alerted automatically!
Impact detection – we’ll notify you if the collar has been hit hard. Either your
puppy is playing rough, or may have gotten into an accident.
Waterproof – the collar can survive a rainy day and some puddle play. Don’t
submerge it for hours of course 😉
Temperature monitoring – the collar will detect temperature – if you dog is
outside too long in the cold, you’ll know!
Detachable tracker portion – the Nuzzle tracker can be detached and reattached
to your personal collars and harnesses.

Keep Your Pets Safe with a GPS Tracker Collar! #NuzzleSmartCollar

Nuzzle - Order Now

Keep your pets safe with a Nuzzle Collar! Visit Indiegogo to learn more and order your Nuzzle GPS Tracker Collar today!


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Debbie P

Thursday 28th of October 2021

This is a great idea!

Jessica Davis

Tuesday 13th of March 2018

Such a neat & handy device to have! We live in the country & my furbabies love to explore as well! Seems as hard u try they still find something to for their little noses to follow! Definitely will be looking into this!

laura b

Monday 2nd of November 2015

This is perfect for families with sneaky dogs!!

Jessica Cox

Monday 2nd of November 2015

Our Dog has figured out a way to open our screen door and has escaped several time He always comes back after a while but this would definitely give me peace of mind to know where he has escaped too.

Michelle L

Monday 2nd of November 2015

Perfect for pets.

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