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Keeping Your Pets Safe with a Pool Cover

Whether you are introducing a new pet to a yard with a swimming pool, or putting in a pool where existing pets already roam, give them every chance to stay safe by installing or using a swimming pool cover.

Keeping Your Pets Safe with a Pool Cover

Why Pool Covers are Important

The truth is, not all dogs are natural swimmers, and even those that are may be unable to exit a pool once they have either jumped in willingly or slipped in accidentally. (Keep in mind that it probably will not occur to a dog that there are steps at one end for exiting.) For that reason, before you cover up a pool with a pool cover, train your dog how to exit the pool using the steps, in order to prevent not just accidental drowning, but injury to paws and claws that happen when a dog may try to pull himself up and out of a pool. There are plenty of online resources concerning pets and pools, including the following websites:

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Teach Your Dog to Swim

Types of Covers

There are several types of pool covers, some considered “barrier” or “safety” covers and some that simply keep heat trapped underneath the cover and in the water (and leaves or other debris, out). If you are considering what is called a floating or solar pool cover, which simply lays on the surface and is intended to keep heat in, remember one thing: Floating pool covers are not intended to keep pets out. In fact, a floating pool cover may even increase the chance of pets drowning due to the possibility of falling in and getting trapped underneath.

Safety Pool Covers

To ensure the very safest environment for your pets, a barrier-type safety pool cover is the way to go. These pool covers come in a variety of materials, and are anchored to the pool deck, extending at least a foot past the actual edge of the pool to eliminate any chance of little critter feet slipping through.

Among the barrier pool covers, there are even more choices, depending on your pool’s nearby environment. Mesh barrier covers will allow sunlight to penetrate, but keep leaves and other types of debris from reaching the water. Mesh covers are typically lighter weight, yet highly durable and strong, depending on the exact material used. Other barrier pool covers are opaque and tightly woven, or made from a plastic material, which will prevent not only dust, dirt and leaves, but sunlight from penetrating, thereby eliminating the growth of algae during the winter months when the pool is not in use. Many people prefer the latter, as it lessens the amount of spring clean up required to get the pool into swim-ready shape. If a little early season pre-treatment isn’t a concern, mesh pool covers are slightly less expensive and will protect your pool from unintended critters just fine.

How Pool Covers Work

Most barrier-type pool covers are attached directly to the pool deck using small “anchors” that recede into the deck in the summer, but stay raised in the winter when the pool is not in use. The cover attaches every couple of feet with tension rods or springs. Make sure the metal materials that are in contact with your pool deck are stainless steel, to prevent staining of the deck material.

Automatic pool covers will be more expensive, but may be a perfect solution for pool owners who need the fastest option available. In under a minute, pool covers are on or off and secure, with just the push of a button or turn of a key.

Eliminate worry and keep your pet safe year round with a secure pool cover!

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Wednesday 19th of September 2018

Good to have safety features in place. I know a guy who built a pool canopy for one of his houses he was in charge of looking after

Crystal Young

Thursday 23rd of October 2014

Thanks for the great article.To let pet owners how to keep your pets safe.

Deb E

Thursday 23rd of October 2014

I bet a lot of people here in LA don't think of this although I rarely hear of accidents happening.

Denise Smith

Wednesday 22nd of October 2014

this was really helpful to me thank you i know how much my dogs love the water

Maria Iemma

Tuesday 14th of October 2014

I am glad you mention pet safety..sometimes my pooch would jump in the pool chasing a ball that blew in the water. Keep those pool covers up.

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