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Life has Gone to the Dogs Around Here!

life has gone to the dogsMaggie helpin’ the puppy get her picture made!

Life has gone to the dogs around here, not that I mind! I mean really, I am a dog Woof Woof! But, it has caused all kinds of chaos and craziness ‘fore sure! What else can you do when ya got little cryin’ furballs in the house? They are 7 weeks old now and cute as a button! But, they sure are noisy little critters! They finally got weaned off that milk she was a givin’ em and wakin’ up every 2 or 3 hours. Then, they had to eat mush food for a while, or at least that’s what it looked like to me. Now, they are finally eatin’ hard puppy food and drinkin’ water outta bowls. But, not only are there little critter’s in here, there’s still four of us big dogs in the house, PLUS the three big strays outside! Woof!

My Lady’s day starts out with the baby pups a cryin’ for food and all of ’em a jumpin’ at the baby gate, not to mention all the unmentionables they done in the floor! Then, while she’s a feedin’ and tryin’ to clean up that mess, we are a barkin’ and wantin’ to go outside for our mornin’ business. Well, that’s a problem to! That Seager has decided he just flat don’t like that German Shepherd stray and tries to fight him. He’s already got one dog bite from him that caused him a lot of pain and a vet visit!

So, my Lady has to make sure the strays ain’t out there nowhere. If they are, she has to go out and put ’em in my man’s mancave ‘fore lettin’ us out. If she don’t see ’em no where, she has to use a leash on Seager, just in case they come up. Yep, it’s a big ole mess! My Lady’s still lookin’ for a solution, but out here in the country, there just doesn’t seem to be one 🙁

By the time we all get back inside, them pups have eatin’, poo’d, pee’d, and shredded newspaper everywhere! So, here she goes again a cleanin’ it up. Not sure which is worse – poo smell or all that Pinesol and bleach 🙂 My way a thinkin’, they are gettin’ big enough to start doin’ that business outside!!

As for playin’, we still aren’t allowed to play with ’em much, only when my Lady is right there with us. She’s scared we might hurt ’em. So, that means we can’t all go outside together. She has started takin’ the babes out a couple times a day, in addition to our goin’ out. She says they need fresh air and puppy exercise. I know what she’s doin’ though! When they come back in – they konk out and sleep forever! He he, I’m onto her on that one!

Anyways, my Lady got some pictures of the baby pups playin’ outside for us to look at! I thought ya might like to see ’em! But first, here’s a couple that were takin’ in the house:

life has gone to the dogs

This one is the little girl. She sure likes to be held!

life has gone to the dogs

Yep! My man’s a holdin’ both of ’em! It think this one is gettin’ sleepy! Look at that yawn!

Now, onto the outside playtime pictures…..

life has gone to the dogs

Here’s one of ’em all together. The little girl is the lightest colored one and the other two are boys. The black one is the biggest of ’em. Ya can’t really tell it here, but he is a lot bigger than the other two! They all got some big ole feet meaning they are gonna be some big dogs when they grow up! They’re gonna be huge like their big German Shepherd daddy!

life has gone to the dogs

Look at that little girl diving through the air to tackle the big boy! Air dive!!!! Gotcha!

life has gone to the dogs

They must be a diggin’ at somethin’ by the tree cause they all got their little booties stuck straight up in the air!

life has gone to the dogs

The other little boy is just sittin’ by the tree, watchin’ somethin’ the other two are a doin’.

life has gone to the dogs

Pettin’ time!
They don’t go far from the human folk right now. They run back for a quick pettin’ , then off runnin’ again.

life has gone to the dogs

The little boy decided to take off runnin’ in this one. Look at those big feet! He’s gonna be one big dog!

life has gone to the dogs

The little black one seems mighty interested in somethin’ on the ground. Come to think of it, they are interested in everything right now!

life has gone to the dogsHere’s the little girl and the boy watchin’ the their brother run.

life has gone to the dogs

We call these two the twins. One is a girl and one is a boy. Except for a little bit of color difference, they look almost the same. Both have a really laid back personality too.

life has gone to the dogs

The black pup might be bigger, but that don’t stop the twins from tacklin’ him none! But, he’s a tough little booger! He can take both of ’em on at the same time!

Well, that’s all the pictures I have to share for the day. I’m sure there will be more a comin’. We still have the pups for right now, but my Lady’s lookin’ for homes for ’em – I think!! She keeps goin’ back and forth on keeping one, or two…or three…. Yikes!!!! First, she wanted the little girl, now the boy, and the little black one is a sweetie pie, and…………

As for givin’ ’em away, my Lady is bein’ very picky on who gets to have ’em! She wants a good furever home, where they can be part of the family. She’s hopin’ for someone that will allow them to live in the house, with the family, and take real good care of ’em like she does all of us.

Yeppers! Life has gone to the dogs around here! All I know, is every little hug and sugar they give her – well y’all get the picture of where that is goin’! Somethin’ better happen real quick like!

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