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Long Live Pets! Instinct Dog Food & Best Friends Animal Society Have Joined Forces in the No-Kill Movement

Y’all know my Lady loves helpin’ pets, especially my friends in the shelters! All of of us here have a story to tell, but my Lady says we are all special! We are excited to be a part of a Instinct dog food and Best Friends Animal Society campaign called Long Live Pets that are helping my friends out and promoting the no-kill movement. Now, I don’t know ’bout you, but that word no-kill sounds mighty good to me. Since we know first hand how special shelter pets are, we are addin’ our WOOFS to the promotion! You can too, just by uploading a pic like my brother Seager did! I don’t know all the specifics, but my Lady does so I’m gonna let her tell ya about it and my brother Seager’s story!

Long Live Pets! Instinct Dog Food & Best Friends Animal Society Have Joined Forces in the No-Kill Movement - Seager has joined the movement!

Here’s my Lady to tell ya ’bout Seager and the Long Live Pet details…

I’m so excited to tell you about an initiative from Instinct dog food and Best Friends Animal Society called Long Live Pets. This national campaign aims to increase awareness of the plight of our country’s shelter dogs, how they can be great pets, and the promotion of the no-kill movement. This campaign is near and dear to my heart, and I hope it will be to yours, too.

Meet Seager

I volunteer at my local shelter once a week. It’s a bittersweet experience. I love giving my time and energy to help those wonderful, sweet doggy souls. They need the attention, and I’m happy to give it. It’s easy for me to give them all the love I can while I’m there. It’s not so easy for me to walk away knowing they’re stuck in cages and runs. I’ve adopted what amounts to a pack from our shelter, and I love them all. Seager is the adopted boy that stands out the most to me, though. I didn’t get him from the shelter, I rescued him from torture.

When I first saw him, Seager was a beautiful 2 year old Australian Shepherd/Lab mix who’d been living in a small pen that was barely big enough for him to turn around in. The floor was nothing but mud. He was 20 pounds underweight, and covered head to paw in fleas and ticks. He was barely fed or given any water to drink, and when it was given to him, it was just an afterthought. His owners never gave him proper medical treatment and preventative, so he was also heartworm postive.

I’ve never felt more sorry for an animal than I did for Seager. I couldn’t imagine living like that with no happiness or love in my life. Just living a lonely existence in the mud, matted and itching.

Long Live Pets! Instinct Dog Food & Best Friends Animal Society Have Joined Forces in the No-Kill Movement

Seager enjoying a walk in the snow

Two years later, Seager is healthy and full of life. He’s been treated for his heartworms, and gained his weight back. He’s even learned that there will always be food and water for him. For the longest time, he ate and drank like he’d never see food or water again. He is the sweetest, most loving dog I could ask for. Sometimes, when I look into his eyes, I can literally feel the love from him.

Long Live Pets! Instinct Dog Food & Best Friends Animal Society Have Joined Forces in the No-Kill Movement - Seager has joined the movement!

Mom, when can we open the treats? They’re my favorites!

All of my adopted babies have a gentle sweetness that lets me know they appreciate what has been done for them. Getting adopted from the shelter must be like winning the lottery for them. No more frantic barking. No more hard concrete floor. Just a warm, cozy home full of love. With all the love my adopted rescues have to give me, I’m not sure who won the lottery – them or me!

Why I Love What Instinct Dog Food and Best Friends Animal Society are Doing

There are so many pets out there waiting for you to tell them they’ve won the lottery. That’s why I’m so thankful for what Instinct pet food and Best Friends Animal Society are doing to bring awareness to such an important cause. Last year, Best Friends and their partners were able to save over 184,000 animals and helped bring about 52,000 adoptions. To raise more awareness and make more adoptions possible, Instinct dog food and Best Friends are releasing a film called Long Live Pets. This film aims to show people just how important it is to adopt and what kind of love and joy they can bring to a dog and that a dog can bring to them!

Long Live Pets

Join us by submitting your photo!

They have also invited pet lovers to join them in the creation on an inspiring, short film celebrating the feeling of the first day in the life of a rescued dog. Owners of adopted or rescued dogs are invited to submit photos of their rescue at Long Live Pets to be included in the film. The film will be used to raise awareness and encourage others to adopt, volunteer or donate. Long Live Pets!

I contributed to Long Live Pets - Seager's banner

Come on and join us! Help Instinct and BestFriends make a film about a rescue dog’s second chance at life and inspire more people to adopt! To be involved, they need photos of your rescue dog! So, all you have to do is upload your rescue’s photos at!

Here’s a short clip you might enjoy!

The full film will be released in April, and I encourage you to watch it. If you’re considering getting a new dog or cat, I also encourage you to adopt. There are so many loving animals out there waiting for a forever home, and you can find them in your local shelter or on rescue websites. You’ll save a life, and make the best friend you’ve ever had!


Monday 14th of September 2015

this dog real cute

sheila ressel

Monday 25th of May 2015

I get so sad when I hear about animal abuse but am so glad that Seager has a wonderful loving home now. He's a very beautiful boy!


Monday 25th of May 2015

Thank you so much. Seager is a happy healthy boy these days.

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