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Lugz Drifter LX Boots are a Must-Have for Hiking with Dogs

Around our neck of the woods, we are always goin’ hikin’, which is a howlin’ good time! We love seein’ new sites and sniffin’ new smells – who doesn’t?! Lately, what my Lady calls ‘heat warnin’s’ has kept us grounded or more like laid up in the house under the cold air. You can bet I was a sittin’ on ready just like the rest of the pack – especially them pups, Ozzy and Brandi! Well, the other day while nappin’, I opened one eye to see my Lady puttin’ the backpack, her Lugz Drifter LX boots and our leashes out on the deck. You can bet that made both my eyes come wide open! Those are definitely signs we are goin’ hikin’, especially the boots! WOOF!

I obviously don’t know nothin’ when it comes to humanz feet and boots, and why my Lady needs em when we go hikin’. So lemme round up my Lady to tell ya the particulars. You might even wanna get a pair and venture out on a hike with your pup. I’m here to tell ya, they would be right pleased!

Lugz Drifter LX boots for ladies and backpack

Here’s my Lady to tell you about the Lugz Drifter LX Boots:

Miss Molly is definitely a trip, isn’t she?! But, she is right in saying that the heat has been unbearable here!

We have had triple digits and high humidity, making it hard to even breathe outside must less go hiking!

But, the heat finally let up enough I thought we would give it a try.

The pups were definitely in need of an outing!

The heat has really interrupted their love of exploring the hiking trails and being outside in general!

German Shepherd-Lab mixes waiting on hiking trip

Lugz Drifter LX is the Perfect Boot for Hitting the Hiking Trails!

Miss Molly mentioned my Lugz Drifter boots. When they see me get my boots out, the pups automatically start hoping for a hike!

While I love to wear my Lugz at other times, they are a must-have for hiking with dogs and they have figured this out. 

For hiking, I love a good comfortable boot with lugged soles.

With my big dogs, I need footwear with good traction.

However, I don’t want to sacrifice comfort and good looks for my needs.

With the Lugz Drifter LX, I don’t have to!

Lugz Drifter LX boots for ladies
Lugz Drifter LX Boots for ladies

The Lugz Drifter LX ladies boot is a stylish, feminine version of the classic work boot.

My pair of Lugs Drifter’s are in the colors of rust/cream/bark/gum and go with just about anything.

I love wearing them with jeans, leggings, and even cargo shorts!

They are designed to keep your feet feeling great all day.

And, we all know that keeping the feet comfortable is the secret to feeling good all over.

Lugz Drifter LX boots for ladies collage with descriptions

This women’s boot features a water-resistant upper and a flexastride molded memory foam insole for maximum comfort.

I love the lugged sole, which gives me good traction even in mud or on wet leaves.

With dogs the size of mine, I want to know I have good traction in case they decide to unexpectedly take off after a random squirrel and pull me with them!

The Lugz Drifter LX also has a padded tongue and collar for ultimate comfort on the foot and ankles.

Women’s Lugz Drifter LX features in a nutshell:

  • Thermabuck Upper
  • Water resistant upper
  • Flexastride molded memory foam insole
  • Padded tongue and collar
Lugz Drifter LX boots for ladies
Lugz Drifter LX Boots for ladies

For me, a good boot like the Lugz Drifter LX is essential! Not only are they stylish, but they are also comfortable.

They have great support and cushion my feet.

They also give me great traction in wet areas and while I wouldn’t go wading in water in them, they are water resistant.

German Shepherd-Lab mixes waiting on hiking trip
Ozzy and Brandi say that is enough pictures – let’s go!

Have you been looking for a great hiking boot to hit the trails with?

Or, maybe it is just an all-around great boot that goes with everything?

Check out the Lugz Drifter LX online at Lugz! I’m sure you will be as tickled as I am and Ozzy and Brandi give an all paws up too!

Cheryll Shubert

Friday 29th of July 2016

These look awesome!! I'm always looking for great hiking boots because we are always on the trails! Thanks so much for the cool post!!


Friday 29th of July 2016

The boots would be great in the Winter, but here in Summer-time, I burn up in sandals. I would love these boots though when it's cold.


Friday 29th of July 2016

They look like really durable boots!

Beth Hern

Friday 29th of July 2016

Thanks for the great review. These boots are exactly what I'm looking for to do some hiking. Cute doggies!

Jerry Marquardt

Friday 29th of July 2016

I think that the Lugz Drifter LX Boots are definitely a must-Have for anybody who is hiking with a dog.

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