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A Man and His Dog: 5 Things Every Good Hunting Dog Needs

Hunting trips can be incredibly rewarding with a canine companion, but what does it take to ensure everything goes as planned? With the proper training and equipment, your dog will be a winner. These quick tips show off the top five things every good hunting dog needs for your next hunting trip.

A Man and His Dog 5 Things Every Good Hunting Dog Needs


Letting your dog off leash is easier said than done, especially in a distracting environment.

No matter how smart your dog is, recall is vital to a successful hunting trip.

Your dog simply must always come when called.

Whether you train with daily recall games or a professional trainer, this will guarantee a safe and enjoyable hunting experience for both you and your dog.


No matter what you’re hunting, a dog with self-control is vital.

Bite inhibition and obedience will ensure that your dog performs what you ask of him without going overboard, damaging the game, or even consuming a fresh snack.

When it comes to your hunting dog, self-control is a required skill that may take daily training.


One of the most important aspects any hunting dog should have is enthusiasm.

From professional show dogs to well-behaved companions, training works best when your dog has fun.

If you’re having trouble teaching your dog to retrieve objects or walk by your side, it’s vital you boost your dog’s enthusiasm to the max.

Every time your dog does something right, offer a high-value treat or an enthusiastic game of tug.


No matter the terrain, your hunting dog requires agility skills.

This term often refers to obstacle courses in dog shows, but it isn’t limited to the formal world of competitions and awards.

Instead, agility refers to your dog’s ability to balance on a log, navigate difficult paths, and run through the natural obstacle course comprised of nature itself.


Last but not least, your hunting dog requires the right tools for the job.

Field collars, harnesses, and long leads can turn a decent hunting trip into a great one.

As important as proper training is for a smooth hunting trip, extra equipment will improve your dog’s behavior and help you stay prepared for anything.

Companies like Over Under Clothing and other businesses cater specifically to outdoorsy individuals who need extra equipment for the next trip.

With these tips in mind, there’s no telling what you’ll catch on your next trip.

These top five necessities make it easier than ever to enjoy hunting.

From agility skills to self-control, your dog will have it all.

Shannon Holmes

Friday 28th of February 2020

Thanks for this post, very informative.

rich morris

Wednesday 6th of December 2017

Oh how i miss having a dog. These would definitely be wonderful traits to have

Sue E

Wednesday 9th of August 2017

WOW! I never even thought that a hunting dog would need to be trained to go hunting. I thought that it came naturally to them. Maybe they would just show or point the way to the prey. Thanks! This was a very interesting article !!

Terri S

Monday 7th of August 2017

These are great tips. Our biggest issue is self-control. But we're working on it.

Richard Hicks

Friday 4th of August 2017

Good post. Hunting dogs are the most loyal dogs ever!

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