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Naturally Boosting Your Dog’s Immune System

Every dog owner knows that our furry little friends aren’t fully capable of taking care of themselves. At home, they are almost fully isolated – the rooms are regularly vacuumed and dusted and there is little that can happen that could harm your dog. Once Fido starts running around the house, barking, whimpering and scratching at the door, taking your favorite mutt for a walk is in order.

Outside, they will run about, stick their wet little noses into every pile of filth they can find, roll in dirt and mud and try and pick a fight with everything from a squirrel to a hedgehog.

Seeing as how you cannot keep your dog in a sterile environment at all times (and neither should you), boosting its immune system is the way to go.

Naturally Boosting Your Dog's Immune System

Naturally Boosting Your Dog’s Immune System

Medicinal mushrooms

Even back when human beings were still having trouble comprehending the concept of the ‘spinning wheel’, shamans and witch doctors were using fungi as natural remedies. Mushrooms, however, don’t have a single unique property – some heal, some kill, while others put a mind of the consumer into a state of psychedelic trance.

Nevertheless, combinations of compounds that can be found in Cordyceps, Maitake and Reishi mushrooms strengthen the immune system, aid metabolism, and neuron transmission and boost nutrient and oxygen transport. This combo is an excellent way to prevent a multitude of potential issues with your dog.

Naturally Boosting Your Dog's Immune System

Astragalus membranaceous

We have a lot to learn from traditional Chinese medicine. For example, the Astragalus is a foundational herb in the Far East for boosting pets’ immune systems. More importantly, it is useful for dealing with cancer and increases your dog’s general stamina, plus it increases the interferon response to viral infections and phagocytic activity, boosting the number of antibodies.

Naturally Boosting Your Dog's Immune System

Aloe Vera

Widely-renowned in the human world, this plant is actually an excellent addition to your dog’s list of supplements. Using a polysaccharide compound called Acemannan, the Aloe Vera plant enhances antiviral activity, by increasing the lymphocyte response to antigens and the macrophage levels, without compromising the T-cell activity.

Naturally Boosting Your Dog's Immune System

Pau D’arco

The inner bark (no pun intended) of this tree is rife with a natural antibacterial gel, which has detoxification and pain reduction properties and is a fantastic immune booster. Pau D’arco is used for many health problems: from allergies, infections and gastritis, to hemorrhages, liver disease, gonorrhea, lupus, and sclerosis. Containing naphthoquinones, lapachol and beta-lapachone, this plant can boost your dog’s immune system tremendously.

Naturally Boosting Your Dog's Immune System

Various other boosters

Here’s a list of more common, yet essential supplies for immune system boosting:

  • Vitamin C – this is a well-known vitamin that offers a multitude of benefits
  • Zinc – promotes healing, while increasing the production of white cells
  • Neem oil – boosts production of T-cells
  • Omega fatty acids – fantastic for hair, skin, eyes and internal organs, these immune boosters are a perfect remedy for your dog’s digestion. Additionally, omega fatty acids increase energy levels in dogs (and humans).

Make sure you always buy your dog supplies for reputable stores.

Naturally Boosting Your Dog's Immune System

Massage and exercise

No matter how many medicinal immune boosters you give to your dog, there is one thing that is perhaps even more important – maintaining physical contact with your mutt! This is actually based on scientific facts – massage increases lymphocyte function, in addition to giving your dog emotional health boost and relaxation.
On the other hand, exercise is an important factor in improving your dog’s immune system – much like the case is with humans, the more you work out, the healthier you are!

Naturally Boosting Your Dog's Immune System

Your dog doesn’t have to be ill for you to try giving it the mentioned remedies. In fact, most of these work by preventing your furry pet from getting sick in the first place. It is important (both physically and psychologically) that your dog spends quality time outside on a daily basis, but first, make sure that it’s ready to meet all the microbes head-on!


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