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Neater Feeder | No Mess Pet Feeding System

My Lady got us some new food bowls the other day called a Neater Feeder pet feeding system. She’s always a complainin’ ’bout us droppin’ food crumbs and drippin’ the water around the bowls. I try, I really do! But that brother of mine is a total slob when it comes to table manners! I have to agree with my Lady, it gets quite messy ’round them eatin’ bowls!

Neater Feeder, Neater Feeder Pet Feeding System


Now I don’t know how these new bowls help all that, so I’m gonna let my Lady do the explainin’. All I know is this new Neater Feeder dog bowl looks mighty fancy! Maybe it’s like fine China for furbabies? Woof!

Here’s what my Lady says about the Neater Feeder Pet Feeding System:

With four big dogs and two new puppies in the house, the food and water bowls get a workout. With that said, so do I. I may love my pets to death, but they sure are messy eaters and drinkers! There is always a huge mess of crumbs, not to mention the water dropped all over the floor that I have to clean up. This, I am not very fond of! Not to mention that the bowls are kept in the kitchen and always getting kicked or bumped.

Neater Feeder, Neater Feeder Pet Feeding System


Our four big dogs all share common food and water bowls. The puppies, even though they eat the adult food are still mostly on puppy food fed separately for now. Sallie and Maggie are fairly clean eaters and drinkers and don’t leave much of a mess. But, then comes Seager and Molly. The drinking is the worst! They get a drink and before finished, water still rolling out of their mouth, take off and go. I’m sure some of you pet owners know what I am talking about! Needless to say, we end up with puddles all around the water bowl! Seager really needs to improve his table manners! When he finishes eating, there are crumbs all around the bowls. I hate walking into my kitchen in sock feet, or bare feet, and stepping in water and dog food crumbs! It’s a huge pet peeve of mine!

I heard of the Neater Feeder pet feeding system from a friend and thought why not give it a shot. If it would save me cleaning up all those messes, I was all for it!

Saving me cleaning time is not the only benefit! It has benefits for the pets also! Since the Neater Feeder is elevated, it keeps them from straining downward to eat and drink. Normally, this wouldn’t seem like much of a problem. But, like with Sallie, she is getting on up there in years and dealing with arthritis in her joints. The Neater Feeder makes eating and drinking so much more comfortable for her by reducing the neck and joint strain. It also helps in their digestion of the food.

Neater Feeder, Neater Feeder Pet Feeding System


The Neater Feeder pet feeding system comes in large, medium, small and one for cats. It also comes in a color choice of bronze or cranberry. Each Neater Feeder comes with a stainless steel food bowl and a larger stainless steel water bowl. Each Neater Feeder also comes with a set of non-skid rubber pads.

Neater Feeder, Neater Feeder Pet Feeding System


I have all large breed dogs, so I opted for the large Neater Feeder that comes with leg extensions. This allows me to amp up the height at a position that is comfortable for them to eat without having to strain downwards.

Neater Feeder


Changing my pack’s food bowls did not slow them down eating any! They dove right in! Sallie missed the photo opp because of being ill, but she took to the bowl right off also. Even though all of mine dove right in, be aware yours may need a warm up period.

Neater Feeder


I wanted to mention that even though I ordered the large, and added the leg extenders, my two 12-week old puppies can reach the food and water comfortably also. But, keep in mind these are large breed dogs being a German Shepherd/Lab mix. I mention this only because when ordering I needed assistance in knowing which I needed to accommodate all my dogs. I was worried the large would be to tall for Molly, who is not as big and tall as the rest of the pack. But, as you can see even with the leg extenders it is perfect!

Neater Feeder, Neater Feeder Pet Feeding System


So how does the Neater Feeder pet feeding system work? The Neater Feeder holds the spilled food and crumbs in the upper reservoir. Any spilled water drains into the lower reservoir, which can hold more than a whole bowl of water! This keeps the mess off your floors and saves you time in having to clean the floor!

Neater Feeder

Since our pet bowls are located in the kitchen, it is super busy. It seems the water bowl is always getting kicked or hit. If you can imagine a small kitchen with two adults, four big dogs and two pups running through! Total chaos! The Neater Feeder has solved the problem of water dribbles, splashes and spills. It has also helped in containing the crumbs and kibble that was always on the floor around the bowls. All the mess around the bowls (in the pic above) use to be on my kitchen floor! However, in all honesty, Seager is still being Seager and drooling all the way across the room.

I have truly been enjoying the Neater Feeder and the time saved from constantly cleaning the floor. I also appreciate the fact that it makes it more comfortable for my furbabies to eat, especially Sallie who has the arthritis. My pups and I would highly recommend the Neater Feeder for any pet owner to save you time cleaning and give your pet a more comfortable dinner table!

To Purchase the Neater Feeder Pet Feeding System:

You can purchase the Neater Feeder pet feeding system in large, medium, small or for cats at Neater Feeder

Betty Given

Wednesday 20th of January 2021

I would love to adopt a non allergic dog such as a yorkie , Maltese, havenese poodle mix, or shitzuh. I live in Sacramento California. I’m interested in 12 month old and 8-15 pounds.


Wednesday 17th of April 2013

We have a 4 yr old Jack Russell Terrier named Missy. She is a rescue.

patricia webb

Wednesday 17th of April 2013

I have a tabby and a calico cat.

Jan B.

Wednesday 17th of April 2013

I have the cutest black cocker spaniel..

Steph Skaggs-Kunefke

Wednesday 17th of April 2013

Standard Manchester Terrier and a mixed chiwawa

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