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November PetBox was Loaded with Woofalicious Dog Treats and Fun Toys!

I’m a bit late tellin’ y’all ’bout our November Petbox. Seems my Lady caught that flu bug and she was awfully sick for a while. I’ll never understand humanz! Why do ya go and catch something gonna make ya sick like that? I’d be turnin’ it loose real quick like! Anyways, she’s on the mend now. On the other paw, it don’t take much understandin’ to know why I’m so excited when that big brown truck rolls up and I see that blue PetBox come out of it – it is ON!!!! WOOF! We all go to barkin’ and jumpin’ cause we know it’s goodies for us! It sure is fun to have a surprise box come each month! My Lady always let’s us nose through it and see what’s in it. Then, the fun begins! We have taste testin’ and lots of playin’ with new toys. Yep! Those are my kind a days!


I hadn’t even made it over to the PetBox yet and Seager had his head all up in the box checkin’ things out! I think he was a tryin’ to claim them sausage treats as his own until my Lady stopped him! I’m glad ’cause I wanted some of those too!


Then, ‘fore he took off, he tried to grab that funny lookin’ blue ball. Yep, he was all over our Petbox and actin’ a might fiesty!


Brandi didn’t seem to notice the toys at first. She was busy diggin’ and smellin’ out treats!

Here’s what my Lady had to say about our November PetBox

Them pups are something else! But, Molly is right on one thing! This month’s PetBox was overflowing in goodies! I’m not sure if the pups were more excited over the treats or the toys and I was excited to see a couple of items that will make nice additions to the pet emergency kit! What a fun filled box! Are you ready to see all the goodies it held? Come on! Let’s take a look!


Who doesn’t love graham crackers?! Apparently these Exclusively Dog Mini Grahams Dog Treats were a hit with the dogs too! These delicious treats are made with natural Kosher ingredients and made in the USA. They are great as a reward, a snack or a ‘just because’ treat! I don’t think there is any denying these wholesome mini grahams were a hit! Ozzy couldn’t wait and sneaked a few! These are regularly priced at $12.43 on Amazon.


The pups were exited over the Jolly Pets Jolly Bone! This durable bone bounces and is punture proof! It even floats in water! Even though this one says it is for small to medium dogs, it has stood the test of time with the large and heavy chewers of our pack! Regularly priced at $12.92 on Amazon.


Brandi had her eye on it and wasn’t leaving until she got it! Her and Ozzy played a bit of tug-o-war with it, twisting and pulling it. The Jolly Bone has a soft rubbery feel to it and I had my doubts about it standing up to their rough play, but I have to admit it has held up well! It actually still looks like new and that is truly a novelty with my pack!


You can imagine the reaction to these Happy Howie’s Turkey Sausage dog treats! It’s a good thing they are easily breakable because I believe the pups would have inhaled them whole! One whiff of them and they were all drooling and all attention was on me and the treats! After seeing their reaction, the Happy Howie’s Turkey Sausage would make wonderful training treats. I believe they would do just about anything for more! Regularly priced at $6.49.


The little blue spiky ball that Seager was so interested in is a Gnawsome Squeaker Ball. It appears that it has also caught Maggie’s attention. We actually had to take turns fetching among all the dogs. While the dog plays and fetches, the soft spines on the Gnawsome Squeaker Ball are working to promote healthy teeth and gums. One thing I love is the squeaker and ball are all one piece, which helps eliminating choking hazards! Regularly priced at $7.98 on Amazon for the 2.5 inch size.

The Gnawsome Squeaker Ball is soft, safe and durable. While it would be perfect for inside play, my pups play fetch outside with it. When you have 7 giant dogs, fetch is a little much for inside play!


The Tomlyn Opticlear Eyewash will make a nice addition to our pet emergency medical kit! It’s amazing what pets can get into sometimes and we’ve had a few circumstances where I wish we had an eyewash on hand. The Tomlyn Opticlear Eyewash has the same ph as normal tear fluid, so it doesn’t sting or hurt. It’s easy to use by just dropping into the eye to wash debris out. Regularly priced at $8.53 on Amazon.


I think Brandi is telling me she may need a drop or two after playing in the leaves and dust today!


I was excited to see the Tomlyn Relax & Calm Chews! I have a few dogs that can get quite worked up during thunderstorms or living in a rural area, we hear gunshots a lot. Needless to say, they do not like the sound. All of my pups also get anxious if they know I am leaving the house. The simple act of picking up car keys or putting on shoes can put them in a pacing tizzy! Having a natural solution to calm them down is wonderful! The chews are chicken flavored, which the dogs love and readily eat. The chews calm them down quickly and naturally, without causing excitation or sedation. The active ingredients in the chews are L-Tryptophan, Chamomile and Ginger Root. Keeping the Tomlyn Relax 7 Calm Chews on hand is a great idea if you have pets that suffer from separation anxiety, storms, loud frightening noise, travel, etc. Regularly priced at $11.15 on Amazon


We saved a yummy one for last! These J. Nicolay Bakery All Natural Dog Treats were a huge hit! These tasty little treats are healthy human grade quality and baked fresh! The treats use fresh fruit and vegetables and are wheat free, corn free, soy free and contain no fillers! The pups received the pumpkin and cinnamon flavor. They pronounced them WOOFALICIOUS! Regularly priced at $8.95.

Wow! What an amazing box of goodies from PetBox this month! It was loaded in treats, toys and health products. I, and the dogs, are loving our monthly subscription! After all, I would be buying them treats, toys and other items anyway and this way we get to try new products we may not have heard of. The treats in the PetBox are always healthy, natural and made in the USA. And, did you notice if you add up all the prices it is a whopping $68 worth of items! WOWZA! All this for a monthly subscription price of $29.95. That is more than double the value and my pets are tickled to death and feeling spoiled each month! Be sure and check out our other PetBox Reviews for fun pictures and info on new items!


How does PetBox Subscription Service work?

1) Tell them about your pet: Answer a few questions about your dog or cat and they will create a personalized list of products.

2) Pick your plan: Members get $50 of value in each PetBox for as low as $29/month (if you choose the annual plan). And shipping is always free within the United States.

3) Pack your PetBox: Each month, choose the items you want in your PetBox, or ask us for a surprise selection of our favorites.

Purchase your pet a subscription!

If you think your pet would love a PetBox, go HERE to get started. But wait! We have a special discount code for Miss Molly Says readers! You can save 10% by using discount code MISSMOLLY. You can also subscribe to several months of PetBox and each month they will automatically arrive.

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Sandy Klocinski

Monday 9th of December 2019

Wonderful subscription box! Thanks for sharing


Tuesday 12th of April 2016

Looks like a lovely box, that pets love! Thanks for sharing :)

Blessings, Edye


Thursday 26th of November 2015

What an awesome subscription box. My daughter's dog would love this.

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