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Wholesome Dog Treats: The Perfect Way to #NudgeThemBack

Nudges Dog Treats disclosure

My Lady was up to somethin’ the other day cause she sure was bein’ secretive. I kept a studin’ her, but all I could figure out was she was makin’ a list of things to get at the store. I heard her say somethin’ ’bout gettin’ us some Nudges® Wholesome Dog Treats though! My ears perked up big time! Boy howdy!!! Now that’s what I’m a talkin’ ’bout! Made my mouth water just hearin’ it! However, I still couldn’t put my paw on whatever else she was up too. I had to cool my heels and wait. But, low and behold, when she made it home from the store she not only had us some Nudges® Jerky Cuts, she also announced she had HUGE surprise WOOF! I knew it! I knew it! My Lady WAS up to somethin’! Want to know what happened? First, check out that BIG smile on Seager’s face. That’s one happy boy right there! Then, read on to see what our happy day was about!!! Plus, I wanna let my Lady tell ya ’bout these yummy dog treats we love so much! Your pups have definitely got to try em WOOF!

Nudges® Wholesome Dog Treats #NudgeThemBack

Here’s what my Lady had to say about the Nudges® Wholesome Dog Treats

When it comes to my dogs, there is absolutely no doubt that I truly love them and enjoy spoiling them. They show me unconditional love each and every day and I love to show them in return. For me, one of the ways I can show them my love is with good wholesome dog treats. From homemade dog treats to purchased ones (and you know how extremely picky I am about those), they have let it be known they LOVE jerky! Honestly, who doesn’t love jerky?

With that being said, and with 7 dogs in my home, I have to also be budget conscious. When I can find wholesome dog treats at a value price – well, let’s just call it the best of both worlds! One of my pups favorites is Nudges® Dog Treats! All their dog treats are made from REAL USA-sourced meats with chicken, beef, salmon or duck as the #1 ingredient. I love the high quality wholesome ingredients and the budget friendly price tag! I also love the fact that I can find them at my local Walmart store!

When I finally told the dogs what we were up to, you should have seen the excitement! So what was the big surprise you ask? We were getting ready to have a special outing to celebrate the fence around our property finally (and I stress finally) getting finished. Seager, especially, was bubbling with excitement! To make a long story short, he has had to be on a leash for his outside time for a long time now because he is dog reactive. He will bolt and chase other dogs that may happen by. Then, there was the matter of saving money to have the fence built. Anyway, more on that a different day. For now, our day was here and it was going to be a BIG occasion! It called for their very favorite dog treat – Nudges® Jerky Cuts to help us celebrate! This, in turn, called for a shopping trip to Walmart!

Nudges® Wholesome Dog Treats #NudgeThemBack

Walmart carries our favorite Nudges® Dog Treats!

While I imagined the fun the pups were going to have, I headed down the dog treat aisle to find their favorite yummy party goodies. Our Walmart carries a large selection of the Nudges® dog treats, which happens to be one of my pups favorites.

Nudges® Wholesome Dog Treats #NudgeThemBack

Since I knew their very favorite was Nudges® Jerky Cuts I focused on those. However, those Nudges® Grillers were calling my name too. And, like any fur mom that loves to spoil her pups, I just couldn’t help myself – in the cart they went too! My excitement was building just thinking about how much fun all the pups were going to have running, playing, and snacking on their favorite treats!

Nudges® Jerky Cuts and Grillers #NudgeThemBack

Even though Nudges® Dog Treats are available in 12 varieties, I chose a bag of the yummy Nudges® Jerky Cuts ‘Health & Wellness’ made with real chicken. And, I couldn’t resist the Nudges® Grillers made with real steak either. I smiled to myself just imagining the smiles on the pups faces when they saw what I had in my shopping bags! The best part? I can feel good about giving them wholesome dog treats that make their faces light up!

If you haven’t heard of Nudges® Dog Treats, they are made right here in the USA with USA-sourced chicken, beef, salmon or duck and they don’t contain any artificial flavors or fillers. They are tender, wholesome dog treats that are great for training because you can tear them into small bites. Of course they are great for a ‘just because’ treat too! And, because they can be torn into small bites, they are also perfect for small dogs like my little chihuahua Little Bit! I can tear them and give her an appropriate size.

I am also impressed with the fact that Nudges® Dog Treats have never been taken off the market nor associated with any recalls! A very positive plus in my book! I also love that they come in a resealable package. This keeps the dog treats soft, fresh, and delicious – that is if they last that long!

Nudges® Jerky Cuts #NudgeThemBack

Nom Nom Nom Nudges® Jerky Cuts!

Leave it to Ozzy to try and steal some free Nudges® Jerky Cuts before the party even gets started! Even though, I do have to admit the jerky cuts smell pretty darn good!

Nudges® Grillers #NudgeThemBack

Can I try one of these too Mom?

Oh yes! Same with the Nudges® Grillers! Ozzy already had one in his mouth, while giving me a look that pleaded – ‘you are not seeing this Mom’! I will take it as his stamp of approval for the day’s treat menu!

Nudges logo

Nudges® Dog Treats in a nutshell:

  • Inspired by the foods you love, Nudges® Dog Treats are made from real USA-sourced meats with chicken, beef, salmon or duck as the #1 ingredient.
  • Nudges® Dog Treats don’t contain any artificial flavors or fillers.
  • Nudges® Dog Treats are tender, wholesome dog treats that are great for small dogs or training because you can tear them into small bites.
  • Nudges® Dog Treats have never been taken off the market nor associated with any recalls.
  • Available in 12 varieties.
  • Budget friendly!
Nudges® Dog Treats #NudgeThemBack

If I’m dreaming, please don’t wake me up!!!!

I think the picture says it all! Seager had a full day of running, chasing, wrestling, and munching on yummy treats. He laid over in a patch of clover in a happiness induced coma! Like the big smile in the first picture says, he is definitely one happy boy! He will sleep very well tonight!

Where to Purchase

If you think your dog would love to try a few flavors of the WOOFALICIOUS Nudges® dog treats, use their handy store locator to find a location near you! To save even more on these already budget friendly dog treats, be sure and print this Nudges® coupon before you go! And, if you don’t have time to visit the store, that’s ok too! You can purchase them online and have them delivered straight to your doorstep. Just don’t let Fido know they are coming!!!

The friendly folks at Nudges® are a social bunch! Be sure and check the Nudges® Dog Treats Facebook community. It is a fun dedicated community that celebrates the joy dogs bring to our lives. You will find adorable user-submitted photos, money-saving coupons for Nudges® Dog Treats and you can read all the inspiring stories of their four-legged friends!

tiffany dayton

Sunday 8th of January 2017

I have never tried these but I need too. My dogs would love these.


Friday 6th of January 2017

Oh wow, those look so good! I love that they are made from REAL USA-sourced meats with chicken, beef, salmon or duck as the #1 ingredient! I have to pick some of these up for our dogs. The love their treats! Thanks for the coupon!!!


Thursday 18th of August 2016

My boys love these


Monday 8th of August 2016

I love the fact Nudges Dog Treats are made from real USA-sourced meats with chicken, beef, salmon or duck as the #1 ingredient. Good review.


Wednesday 25th of May 2016

Great information

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