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Orapup from TruDog Helps Get Rid of Stinky Dog Breath! #Review #SweetValentine16

We’ve been doing a lot of nappin’ ’round here cause it has been to cold and rainy to play outside much. All us pups pile up ’round my Lady on the couch or at her feet. It does get a might close and personal with all the breathin’ goin’ on though. With all of us up in her face, she was a complainin’ ’bout the stinky dog breath. Surely she wasn’t talkin’ ’bout me WOOF! She was a sayin’ there had to be somethin’ could help our breath in addition to our brushin’ and chews. Well, my Lady sure is resourceful! She found us a nifty thing to help our breath and our oral health out! She found us something called Orapup and Lickies from TruDog. It’s a way of helpin’ us get rid of bad breath by brushin’ our tongues. Say what?! My Lady s’plained that it would help our breath by gettin’ rid of the bacteria on our tongues. I never thought much ’bout my tongue, but if it’ll get me more smooches I want it!

Orapup from TruDog Helps Get Rid of Stinky Dog Breath! #Review #SweetValentine16

This is what my Lady had to say about Orapup from Trudog

It’s safe to say that with 7 dogs here there is no shortage of stinky dog breath! Just like with humans, they can have perfectly fine teeth, which I care for regularly, but still have stinky dog breath. I brush their teeth, give dental chips, add additive in the water, etc. and still – they definitely could use a breath mint! As a human, when you brush your teeth, do you also brush your tongue? That’s right! A lot of us do because we know that bacteria and bad breath can come from the tongue itself. So, does it not make sense that it is the same for our furry friends? That’s where Orapup ‘Lickies’ comes in! What a brilliant idea! Let’s check it out!

What is Orapup?

The Orapup brush looks a bit like a large scrub brush. But, don’t worry! You are not going to scrub them in the sense you are thinking! You use the Orapup ‘Lickies’ applied to the brush. The Lickies is fortified with all-natural enzymes and anti-plaque benefits to help build your dog’s natural oral health and defend against bad breath. We have the Beef and Bacon flavored (also comes in chicken flavor), which most dogs love and of course the pack is no different. Miss Molly and the pack thinks it is a fun new treat. What they don’t know is, while they are licking the Orapup brush, they are actually ridding their tongue of bacteria and smell! Brilliant!

How to use Orapup

To use Orapup Lickies, apply approximately 1/2 tsp. of Lickies onto the surface of the Orapup cleaning brush. Allow your dog to lick for one minute or more. They don’t have to lick it all out. A minute or two is sufficient to brush and scrape the tongue. When they are finished, rinse the Orapup cleaning brush with water and store out of reach of dog. They recommend using daily for the best results. They also recommend replacing the Orapup (brush) every 90 days to prevent bacteria build-up. Like we replace our toothbrush, theirs needs replaced too.

With Orapup and Lickies, cleaning your dog’s tongue is a treat, not a chore because your dog does all the work. Lickies is a treat they will LOVE!

Miss Molly and the Pack LOVES their Orapup Lickies!

TruDog OraPup Lickies - Molly

Look at Miss Molly go! She LOVES the beef and bacon flavor and will lick and lick. All the time she is licking, she is brushing her tongue and ridding it of bacteria and stinky dog breath!

TruDog OraPup Lickies - Seager

Seager went in for the chomp! One sniff of beef and and bacon and he wanted to eat it up!

TruDog OraPup Lickies - Seager

It took a few minutes, but he soon figured out that licking was the best way to go. He THOROUGHLY cleaned the brush of all the Orapup Lickies.

TruDog OraPup Lickies - Brandi

Brandi wanted her turn, of course! She thought it was to eat at first too, but soon settled in to lick. She loved it!

TruDog OraPup Lickies - Ozzy and Brandi

Then, of course whatever Brandi has – Ozzy wants it too. Jealous pups! So, here he came to get his share. This bonded pair share just about everything and the Orapup wasn’t an exception. I just let them both go ahead.

TruDog OraPup Lickies - Maggie and Ozzy

Maggie loved it too! There is big Ozzy again. He likes it so much that he tries to take everyone’s share!

Orapup from TruDog Helps Get Rid of Stinky Dog Breath! #Review #SweetValentine16

All I can say is – Orapup is simply BRILLIANT!!!! Seriously! It only makes sense! We brush our tongues to rid ourselves of bad breath so why not our pups to get rid of bad dog breath? While we spend time taking care of their teeth, their total oral health is a concern too. With Orapup it is so simple to brush their tongue and believe you me – sweeter breath is more than welcome. When you have these big lugs breathing in your face, you definitely don’t want them having stinky dog breath!

The Orapup is easy and simple to use and the pups totally LOVE it. It has now became a night time routine for them and I am enjoying much sweeter doggie smooches these days! If you would love to enjoy sweeter breath and cuddles with your pup, check out Orapup at TruDog!

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Sarah L

Tuesday 3rd of January 2017

I need one of these for MY tongue. Clever idea for dogs. Wonder if cats would like it?

Julie Kenyon

Sunday 28th of August 2016

We need this.

Hannah C

Tuesday 12th of April 2016

This is an awesome product. I want it for my dog as she has really stinky breath.


Sunday 21st of February 2016

I brush my tongue so why not brush a dog's tongue...brilliant! I love the flavors and my pup would love this! We'd love the better breathe!

margaret maggie porter

Sunday 21st of February 2016

my three pups all have bad breath. I might be able to get them to do this. Would love to try.

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