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Our Special BarkBox Garden Party Afternoon! #BarkBoxDay

BarkBox disclosure

We love when that big brown truck pulls up! We all know somethin’ is comin’. True enough that most of the time it’s for my Lady, but ever once in a while we get lucky! Today was our lucky day! There was a box from BarkBox® just for us and it said somethin’ ’bout a garden party! Yea boy! I love me a good party! But wait! What’s a garden party? Last time I went in the garden and stole that cucumber I gots in trouble. WOOF!


My Lady finally s’plained it and said we were gonna spend the afternoon partyin’, playin’ with toys and havin’ fun games. She said all the toys had a garden theme to em! Then, we was gonna snack on yummy garden themed treats. Well now! That sounded like a mighty fine time to me! She said the BarkBox had everything we needed to have fun and spend the whole afternoon partyin’ I was gettin’ giddy just thinkin’ ’bout it! WOOF! I gots to go get myself spruced up for the party, so I’m gonna let my Lady finish tellin’ ya ’bout it…

Our Special BarkBox Garden Party Afternoon! #BarkBoxDay

Here’s my Lady to tell ya ’bout our BarkBox and our fun party!

My pups really are some good furbabies and I love to spoil them. I love giving them treats and toys, but most days it is a quick treat time and they more or less entertain themselves when we go out for our usual playtime. Then, inside they lay about or under my feet. When they received a BarkBox subscription box full of wonderful goodies, it was the perfect time to spend some quality time with my dogs! It’s a great way to add enrichment to their lives and bond with them.

The BarkBox was garden themed, with garden themed toys and treats. So, I told the pups we would have a garden party! This really confused Molly and caused that head tilt she gives me when she thinks I’ve lost my mind. She thought we were actually going to play in the “garden” and was probably hoping to steal more veggies. Anyway, our BarkBox included totally cute garden themed toys to play with like the Jax and Bones Rope Flower, a BumbleBee Silly Bums that crinkled and squeaked, and a bee-hive shaped Nina Ottosson Dog Pyramid. This was going to be so much fun!

Our Special BarkBox Garden Party Afternoon! #BarkBoxDay - Ozzy and the Jax and Bones Flower Rope

Molly must still be getting spiffied up because she is late to the party! I went ahead and opened the box for them and the pups were first in line to check out the goodies. Ozzy made short work of knowing what he wanted out of the goodies. He snatched the Jax and Bones Rope Flower and off he went.

Our Special BarkBox Garden Party Afternoon! #BarkBoxDay - Brandi and crinkling bee

Meanwhile, Brandi grabbed the crinkly BumbleBee Silly Bum. She loves squeaky toys! It held her attention for a while.

Our Special BarkBox Garden Party Afternoon! #BarkBoxDay - Brandi running for another toy

But then, she spotted the bright red bee-hived shaped Dog Pyrmaid. She didn’t care that I hadn’t had time to put any treats inside, she wanted it just to throw around chase!

Our Special BarkBox Garden Party Afternoon! #BarkBoxDay - Ozzy and Brandi resting

As you can tell, the pups (and I have still call them that even at 2 years old) are the ones that love to play. They ran, tugged, wanted me to throw the toys some more just so they could fetch, and then ran and tugged some more. The older dogs joined in from time to time and it was a race to see who could fetch it the fastest. Finally, they settled in the grass for a break and it was time for me to get their garden themed treat menu ready.

Our Special BarkBox Garden Party Afternoon! #BarkBoxDay - Treat Collage

The older dogs knew there were more goodies in the BarkBox and they had been hanging close to it. They were happy when the pups decided to take a break and I broke out the party menu! For our garden party menu, BarkBox had sent Hare of the Dog Rabbit Biscuits, rabbit, red apple and dandelions! Wow! Did you know dandelions could be used this way? Actually, the word rabbit perked all their ears up! There was also some Pure Power Superfood Protein Dog Treats, an Etta Says Turkey Chew and a Turbopup Complete K9 Meal Bar. That was some menu lineup! No wonder the older wiser ones had stayed close to the party table!

We spent a little more time playing fetch and then it was time to take these tired, but happy dogs in for a good long nap. While we LOVED all the items of the BarkBox, if your pup doesn’t like one of the products, no problem! They will replace the damaged/disliked with no fuss, just email their Happy team ( and they’ll fetch a better item for your pup!

We had a great time for our party afternoon! Just getting the box was like Christmas, with all the new toys and treats. We turned it into a fun afternoon of trying everything out, playing, eating, spending time together and having good old fashion fun!

I love that BarkBox ships a box each month full of pawsome toys and treats that you’re not likely to find in any old pet store. It’s delivered right to your doorstep! With all the fun we had, I bet the pups will take it off the delivery truck when the next BarkBox comes, never mind waiting at the door!

Why not make a monthly ritual for you and your pets? I enjoyed my day as much as my dogs did, just watching them have so much fun with their new toys and treats and loving all the extra attention! It’s a great way to bond with your pups. After all, life is short! Make a playdate each month with your pet and BarkBox is the perfect way to go for all the fixin’s!


Thursday 4th of August 2016

Wow, wow, a thousand times WOW! Judging by the adorable blurriness of the photos of the photos alone, it's obvious to me that this was a big hit. And it sounds like BarkBox has great customer service (e.g., in their returns policy), and really understands what dogs and their humans need and love!


Wednesday 30th of March 2016

I always love reading about the subscription boxes for our fur babies :-D

Sue E

Tuesday 30th of June 2015

Barkbox looks like they have covered all the bases for dogs. Do they have a MeowBox for cats??

Daniel Scott

Tuesday 30th of June 2015

I'm amazed at how interested the dogs are in the box. They somehow know all the stuff is for them.

Tamra Phelps

Tuesday 30th of June 2015

lol, it looks like doggy fun! I like the idea of a box for dogs (or other pets!)

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