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PeachSkinSheets are Pet Hair Friendly, Luxuriously Soft, and Breathable for Sweet Dreams! #Petpalooza2

I love playin’ outside! We have a big ole yard and there is always somethin’ to do out there. One of my jobs is keepin’ them darn squirrels run off! By the end of outside time, I am plumb tuckered out from all that chasin’ and ready for my most favorite thing of all – a nap! Yea, buddy! I love takin’ a nap WOOF! Well, the other day my Lady got some new super soft PeachSkinSheets that are also pet hair friendly! Have ya ever heard of such?

PeachSkinSheets are Pet Hair Friendly, Luxuriously Soft, and Breathable for Sweet Dreams! #Petpalooza2

Sleepin’ on the new PeachSkinSheets is like sleepin’ on a big ole billowy cloud! All us pups love em! Right now, I am more than ready for a good long nap in them soft sheets but it looks like I have more chasin’ to do. That Little Bit done stole my spot and I gots to chase her outta there, or at least make her move over WOOF! So, while I get down to my nappin’ business, lemme get my Lady to tell ya ’bout em! She says they are more than just sheets. I don’t know what that’s about. All I know is they are down right comfy!

Here’s what my Lady says about PeachSkinSheets

Miss Molly is a mess isn’t she?! But, she is right about PeachSkinSheets being super soft! With everyone giving PeachSkinSheets high marks on their superior softness, moisture-wicking ability, anti-pilling, and especially their ability to resist dog hair and withstand pulls and tears from dog nails – I had to have a set! You can only imagine the wear a set of sheets go through in a 7-dog household!


I chose the beautiful rich hot chocolate color to go with my bedding colors. Even the color name “hot chocolate” sounds soothing to me! When my sheets arrived, I was excited to get them on the bed. I threw mine in the dryer for a few minutes to quickly release any wrinkles from being folded. Then, I proceeded to make up my bed.

PeachSkinSheets has Ample Material for Perfect Fit!

The first thing I noticed was that they had ample fabric! I have a deep mattress and their fitted sheets have an 18″ deep pocket that fits perfectly. There was no pulling, tugging, standing on my head, or going through a complete aerobic workout to get it on the bed! The fitted sheet has elastic all the way around that makes keeping it in place on the mattress a breeze. Likewise, the top sheet fits perfectly too. It has enough fabric to cover the mattress and overhang on sides and end to conveniently tuck under.

Envelope Closure on Pillow Cases

PeachSkinsheets pillow cases have an added touch of an Envelope Closure on their pillow cases. I love it! You spend time making your bed and getting the pillows, shams, and throw pillows just right. Then, the ugly end of the pillow sticks out – not good! With PeachSkinSheets’ nifty Envelope Closure, it encloses the end of the pillow so that you have a nice beautifully made bed – without the ends of the pillow sticking out!

PeachSkinSheets are Pet Hair Friendly, Luxuriously Soft, and Breathable for Sweet Dreams!

PeackSkinSheets are Moisture Wicking Breathable Sheets

PeachSkinSheets are ultra-soft, breathable sheets. Anyone with night sweats can tell you that the words breathable and moisture-wicking are music to their ears! Whether you have night sweats, or are just a hot sleeper, sheets that help keep you cool are a dream come true! PeachSkinSheets have thermal control and moisture-wicking properties to help keep you comfortable while you rest.


Have you ever owned a set of sheets only to have those ugly fuzz balls start forming on them? Not only are they unsightly, they are rough and uncomfortable! With PeachSkinSheet, you don’t have to worry about those irritating little fuzz balls! Wash after wash, PeachSkinSheets come out soft and luxurious, without fading, shrinking, or those pesky pill balls.

Pit-Heeler mix sleeping on PeachSkinSheets

Pet Hair Friendly for Households with Pets

PeachSkinSheets doesn’t trap dust or pollen, which makes them a great choice for those with allergies. In addition, PeachSkinSheets have tightly woven threads, which helps prevent pet hair from weaving into the fabric. Their sheets also hold up to their rough paw pads and nails to help with unsightly pulls in the thread. With 7 dogs in my household, these are features I can totally appreciate!

PeachSkinSheets color choices

PeachSkinSheets comes in several colors.

I love all the beautiful colors that PeachSkinSheets come in. You can choose: Classic White, Beach Blue, Cotton Candy Pink, Brushed Silver, Graphite gray, Mint Julep, Mariner Blue, Eggplant, Chocolate, Harvest Gold, Sage Green, Light Mocha, Midnight Black, Almond Ivory, and Deep Crimson Red.

Not sure which color? Try their Free Swatch Program!

PeachSkinSheets knows that colors online can be confusing. And, let’s face it, sometimes we just aren’t sure which will look better with our bedding. So, if you are debating between colors to match your bedding, give their free swatch program a try! I love being able to choose a couple of swatches to compare before purchasing. You can feel the velvety softness and quality of the fabric, while being assured of your color choice. Go ahead and order your free swatches today!

Colors of the Month Special!

Do you love a good deal? I think most of us do, right? Well, each month, PeachSkinSheets has a special on 2 of their colors. You can get any size set in the colors of the month special for only $55 a set! You can always check to see what two colors are featured for the month by checking the Colors of the Month section on the PeachSkinSheets website.

Chihuahua sleeping on PeachSkinSheets

I’m so sweepy….. These soft PeachSkinSheets are callin’ my name for a nap!

Little Bit wishes I would go away with the camera and let her snooze. She loves cuddling down in the billowy softness of the PeachSkinSheets. If at any time she isn’t on my heels, she can be found snoozing in her favorite place.

Miss Molly is true to her word. She loves napping and has it down to a pat! She jumps in, snuggles down, and loves to be tucked in with the top sheet. Don’t tell her I told you, but she can snore with the best of them too 🙂

PeachSkinSheets features in a nutshell:

  • Wrinkle Free
  • Breathable
  • No Shrinkage
  • 1500 Thread Count Feel
  • Anti-Microbial
  • 18″ Deep Pockets
  • Ultra Soft
  • Wicks Away Moisture
  • Anti-Pilling

At my age, I have had countless numbers of sheet sets. I can attest to the quality of PeachSkinSheets and their amazing ability to hold up wash after wash. When laundering my sheets (which with 7 furbabies, I have to do VERY often) I remove the sheets, wash, dry, and place directly back on the bed. This means my sheets get quite a work out from laundering. Mine have not faded in the least and still look as gorgeous as the day they arrived. There has been no pilling, no thinning, no left over dogs hairs that have buried in, or snags from the their nails. I have fallen in love with the luxurious softness, and the moisture-wicking properties are to die for!

Want to try a set? I know you do, but be warned! Once you become spoiled to PeachSkinSheets, you will never sleep on anything else 🙂 That’s alright! We all need a little spoiling and we deserve a restful night’s sleet, right? Head over to PeackSkinSheets, check out the beautiful colors, and get your set today!

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Amy Malone

Monday 1st of May 2017

ok, you have me sold on the sheets.....I will be looking into getting some. Thanks hun for the info.

Shannon K Waters-Mitchell

Sunday 19th of March 2017

I like that they are breathable and have deep pockets. I would like to see how soft they are on my bed.


Sunday 19th of March 2017

They look like they are comfortable and having sweet dreams on these dreamy sheets!

Lauryn R

Sunday 19th of March 2017

These sheets sound amazing! I love the colors that they have available, they are all so warm and comforting! :) It looks like they are puppy approved as well, which is always important!

Brenda Ferguson

Sunday 19th of March 2017

I would love to try these.

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