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Piddle Place: Portable Indoor Puppy & Dog Potty

Us dogs are steppin’ on up in the world with a Piddle Place! My cat friends have always been lucky havin’ their own indoor potty place. They purty much can go when the urge hits. With us pups, it’s rough right from the start! When we’re puppies, we have to deal with those yucky, soggy, drippy puppy pads. Then once we’re trained, we have to hold it until we can ask our humanz to let us out. Well, what if the urge hits and your humanz ain’t home? We’re left pacin’ and crossin’ our legs, eyes buggin’ out and wonderin’ how much longer we gotta wait!

Beyond havin’ to wait on our humanz, there’s times it’s sub zero temperatures and snow up to your behind outside. That’s really hard on my little sister, the chihuahua! That snow can get taller than her! For me, I’m a redneck girl and don’t mind goin’ outside in a little weather. But, I hate when it’s pourin’ down rain! It’s not much fun to use the potty durin’ a gulley washer. It’s downright hard to concentrate on doin’ your business when ya gettin’ pelted in the face with pourin’ down water!


My Lady heard about an indoor puppy and dog potty called the Piddle Place. We all put our WOOF vote in to try it out! I couldn’t wait to brag to my cat friends! An indoor potty for dogs. We gettin’ to be uptown dogs for sure! I must feel like one of the first humanz with indoor plumbin’ WOOF!

Now all I know about it is, ya potty on it. So, I’m gonna let my Lady tell ya all about it. I bet a lot of my friends are gonna love the Piddle Place!

Here’s what my Lady had to say about the Piddle Place

Molly is something else, isn’t she?!  In all honesty, I was excited to give the Piddle Place a try too. We have 7 dogs of our own here now, and while they are all potty trained to go outside, there are times I worry about them. Most days I am home with them all day and can readily let them in and out. Actually, we seem to have a revolving door here! But, if we leave home and run late getting back, I worry about them needing to go. Being trained, they seldom have an accident , but the thought is bad enough for me. I know what I feel like when I am about to die for need of going to the toilet. It’s hard to imagine them doing their best to not have an accident.

We also seem to be the catch all of stray puppies here. In the last year or so, we have actually dealt with 16 baby puppies total. Oh, what I wouldn’t have given to have known about the Piddle Place portable indoor puppy potty when I had them all using puppy pads. Those puppies kept the puppy pads saturated, chewed and shredded! Then of course, we adopted Ozzy and Brandi and the training continued.

Molly was also right in saying the little chihuahua, Little Bit, has her own issues. When it is really cold, hot or raining, it’s hard on her. At only 5 pounds, it would be so much better to let her use an inside potty rather than risk her getting sick in the bad weather.

The Piddle Place would be perfect for people that live in high rise apartments or places where it is hard to let your dogs in and out at any time. Of course, they would still need regular walks, but the Piddle Place would be super nice to have! Going even further, what if you take your dog out on the boat with you or on vacation. It would be nice to know they wouldn’t have an accident! The Piddle Place isn’t just for puppies, it’s also great for older pets, handicapped pets and even cats. So, exactly what is the Piddle Place and how does it work?


The Piddle Place has a patented groove and drainage system that allows the porous grass-like turf mat to sit high above the reservoir. What this means is that your pet’s paws remain above the piddle. The piddle flows neatly into the drain and into the storage reservoir. This is definitely a step above puppy pads, which allows the dog to stand in the piddle and trail it all over the house and you! The grass-like turf is soft and spongy, making it comfortable on their paws. It’s also machine washable in warm water!

By using the Bio-enzyme treatment on the turf and the Bio-plus concentrate in the reservoir it keeps the Piddle Place sanitary and fresh smelling! The enzyme treatment is safe for both the user, the pet, and the environment!


The Piddle Place can be used alone, without the Splash Guard (if you don’t have males).


Or, add the super cute Splash Guard for protection against splashes caused from male dogs. Don’t worry! Dogs aren’t messed up about having an audience!


When you are ready to empty it, or take it somewhere, just clamp the top on it.


If you have ever had to clean up puppy pads, you will certainly appreciate the quick-drain spout on the Piddle Place! Gone are the days of picking up soppy, soggy puppy pads and needing to mop! The Piddle Place holds a gallon of pet waste, but they recommend draining the unit once a week for most dogs. When you are ready to drain the Piddle Place, simply use the easy to open spout and drain into the toilet or outside.

The valve on the spout has a super-water tight seal when closed. It also ensures that you’ll easily be able to get it open when needed, and it will remain locked tight when it’s closed.

Check out the video below to see exactly how the Piddle Place is put together and how it works:

Training a puppy to use the Piddle Place is relatively simple using the same steps as you would to use a pad. For older dogs that are already house trained, it will take longer. I’ll be honest and say I had a bit of trouble out of my German Shepherds. They looked at it and then at me like, what the heck is it?


For starters, they are just too big for it. They all weigh in way over the 100 lb limit and are longer than the device itself. The recommended weight limit on the Piddle Place is up to 100 lbs. The Piddle Place measures 19″ x 30″  and is 1.5 inches in height.


When shown to Little Bit, she had to meet each new friend. It was like she was checking each one out!


She went around saying hello to each of them and then got down to business.

She has really taken to it! For her, there wasn’t any trouble getting her to know what to do with it. I believe she is appreciative she no longer has to go outside when the weather is bad or hold it at other times!


Little Bit has claimed it as her own private bathroom. I believe she is saying, it is mine – all mine!!! She is our little bit of fluff amongst all these giant dogs, so she finally has something she can lay claim too!

Molly and Sallie, while not little dogs by no means as far as weight at 65-70 pounds, they are more compact in size. They are warming up to it also. Maybe it is the fact they hate to get their paws wet in the rain. They have each used it a time or two, even though they still prefer to go outside. With me being here all day, there’s seldom a time when they have to use it but it’s nice to know they have the option and are using it.

For training your pet to use the Piddle Place, they offer some good suggestions in the video below:

I think the Piddle Place is awesome! It’s wonderful for small and medium sized dogs. I have several friends that live in high rise apartments that have pets and I am definitely recommending the Piddle Place to them! I have been with them when their dog needed to go outside. It is a monstrous feat to get the dog ready to go, get out the door, down the elevator and then down the sidewalk. All the while, the poor pup was still needing to go!

The Piddle Place is also great for times, you are running late getting home and the pet is waiting and needing to go. The Piddle Place is clean, sanitary and fresh smelling! If you’ve ever used puppy pads, then you know the mess you face when you come home! With the Piddle Place, there’s no need to worry! You come home to a clean home that still smells fresh! I also love that it is easily carried for travel with it’s convenient cover.

When using turf as an indoor bathroom solution for pets, maintaining cleanliness is crucial for both hygiene and odor control. Be sure to check out these turf cleaning tips to keep your home clean and smelling good! Consistent cleaning practices will ensure a comfortable and sanitary space for your furry friends using the turf as their designated bathroom area.

While I live in a rural area and am home most days, I like knowing that it is here for those times I’m not. I will also be ready for my next round of fostering puppies. The Piddle Box will be a little piece of Heaven compared to all those puppy pads! I, and the pups, give it an ALL PAWS UP!!!

Genevieve Hall

Saturday 26th of March 2016

I have 2 small dogs that have been house trained with a doggy door their entire lives (6yrs & 8 yrs). We are now in an apartment. I am having the hardest time getting them to use the piddle place. They know the command 'go potty' but they don't seem to want to use it. We placed leaves around the edges and shortly after one of them used it. Without prompting the same dog used it the next day. Since then however neither of them have used it. We keep it on screened in patio that they can access through a doggy door. Please help!


Saturday 26th of March 2016

That is a hard one :( At their ages, and being used to going outside, it is going to be difficult for them to relearn. Here are my suggestions: Is there anyway to maybe wipe up some of the urine and then rub onto the surface? Or, maybe place a bit of poo on the turf? Dogs usually will keep returning to where they have gone before. If your pup does go or get onto the piddle place - make a really big happening of it. Lots of praise, maybe a treat, etc. If they go somewhere else and you can catch them in the act - immediately take them to the piddle place and sit them on it.

You are going to have to retrain as if they were puppies again. Go back to step one of puppy training (even though they are older). You trained them well, but now have to start again. The only other suggestion I would have is contact the company for extra help. They have a toll free number here: 888-890-6655. They may have other suggestions to try.

Kathy Jay

Tuesday 23rd of February 2016

I bought this product for my two dogs. They won't go near it. The green material that looks like grass is actually a weird plastic mesh. Unless you are a professional dog trainer and can make your dogs "go" exactly where you want them to, don't waste your money on this product.

Plus, the manufacturer will not refund your money. I wasted my money on this useless product.


Tuesday 23rd of February 2016

so sorry you had a bad experience with it. I actually liked it for a couple of mine and it is very handy for puppies. It does take training them to use it, but for me it didn't seem that difficult.

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