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Playtime is Important to Keep Your Dog Healthy & Happy! #MakeFetchHappen with Chuckit! Dog Toys

This post is sponsored by Chuckit! but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Around our house playtime is a super fun time! With 8 dogs ’round here, there is always someone to play with WOOF! We love all kinds of play from fetch, chase, tug-o-war, and wrestlin’. And, while we love playin’ with each other, we also love our “special time” with my Lady! Yessirree! My Lady takes special pains to give each one of us some one-on-one time each day. When our “special time” rolls around, we know it means lots of lovin’ just for us and a fun game of fetch with Chuckit! dog toys – with no one else tryin’ to take over WOOF!

Playtime is Important to Keep Your Dog Healthy & Happy! #MakeFetchHappen with Chuckit! Dog Toys

She calls our playtime our exercise time, but we call it our fun time!  In a big family it is always fun to have all the attention on you for a while, isn’t it? WOOF! We all love playin’ fetch and even though my Lady’s arm probably gets sore, she never complains. As a matter of fact, she even went and amped up our fetch game with new Chuckit! Dog Toys! Lemme fetch her to tell ya ’bout em!

Here’s what my Lady says about playtime and why it is important to keep your dog healthy and happy.

With a pack of 8 dogs, life is pretty hectic at our house. There is lots of love and lots of 4-legged snuggles but as Mom of the pack, it falls on me to keep them fed, healthy, AND happy. To make it work with 8 dogs in my home we stick to an everyday routine because, well, dogs are creatures of habit and that’s what works. We have set times for feedings, naps, grooming (they each get brushed every afternoon), bedtime and, of course, playtime is extra important!

Playtime is important for many reasons.

It helps them get their daily exercise requirement and run off their pent-up energy. In addition, it helps stimulate their minds and keep them mentally alert. While they have plenty of playtime with each other, I also give each dog their “special” time. As you can imagine with 8 dogs, it is hard (but necessary) to make time for EACH individual dog. By giving each dog their own alone time with Mom, they are getting their very own individual time where they are not competing with the pack. It is our own unique bonding time. This, in turn, keeps down quarrels of jealousy within the pack.

Dogs are like people, they have their own personality. Some are goofballs, some are serious, while others are just laid-back and easy going. They also have their own likes and dislikes. Some like to run, romp, and fetch, while others may like to go for long leisurely walks to sniff the various new smells. I have a little of both within the pack and for our special time, I always defer to what they want to do. More often than not, they are always up for a game of fetch! However, they all have different opinions on which is their favorite fetch toy!

Fetch is the Pups Favorite Playtime Game!

When playtime rolls around, you can bet the Fetch games are high on the list! The dogs love playing fetch and as a dog mom, I love for them to play fetch for the exercise it provides them and you can’t miss those happy smiling faces!

We’ve been playing with some new Chuckit! Toys! And, as I said above, each dog has their own favorite. So, when it is their turn in the sun, it’s fun all the way around!

Several of the pups enjoy the Ringchaser! Brandi’s favorite was the Fetch Flight while Ozzy and Seager have the most fun with the Rugged Fetch Wheel.

Want to see a glimpse of their playtime fetch fun?

Chuckit! Ringchaser


Sallie is my senior girl and can’t play for long. However, she can’t resist chasing the Ringchaser! It has a Topsin infused action which means it has an erratic lifelike bounce. I love this one because it is slobber-free pick up for me!

Chuckit! Ringchaser

Once starting the fetch games she just doesn’t want to stop! I really believe her middle name should be “fetch”!

Chuckit! Ringchaser

Ozzy wasn’t sure what to think about the Ringchaser. He has that look that says “that is not my ball”!

Chuckit! Ringchaser

However, he couldn’t resist the chase once it was flying through the air! Sorry for the blurry pic – he and those extra long legs FLY when he runs!

Chuckit! Ringchaser

Brandi couldn’t avoid the Ringchaser’s bouncing “come after me” call either!

Chuckit! Ringchaser

And, of course, Seager wanted to give the Ringchaser a whirl too. Overall, I think the Ringchaser is a favorite among the pack for their fetching action!

Chuckit! Fetch Flight

Fetch Flight

Brandi’s eyes lit up when she saw the Fetch Flight dog toy! It is a softer, rubbery toy that is gentle on your dog’s gums for extended playtime. It also has an EZ grip design that makes it easier for you and your dog!

Chuckit! Fetch Flight

Brandi loves spending her playtime fetching the Fetch Flight dog toy. When given a choice between the three new Chuckit! dog toys, she picks out the Fetch Flight every time.

Chuckit! Rugged Fetch Wheel

Rugged Fetch Wheel

The Rugged Fetch Wheel adds variety to your fetch game! It has textured ridges to make it easier for dogs to pick up and grip. Both Seager and Ozzy were attracted to this fun dog toy!

Chuckit! Rugged Fetch Wheel

MOM! Is this how the new Rugged Fetch Wheel is s’pose to work? I can’t seeeeee! WOOF!

Ozzy is the biggest pup in the pack and also the fun goofball of the pack! He LOVES to fetch but makes any game fun with his silly antics.

Chuckit! Rugged Fetch Wheel

It didn’t take him long to figure out the new wheel and he was hooked! The Rugged Fetch Wheel is his favorite of the 3 dog toys.

Chuckit! Rugged Fetch Wheel

He wasn’t alone in his choice of the Rugged Fetch Wheel. Seager loves it too. Maybe the ‘ruggedness’ of the wheel is especially attractive to the boys? But, whatever the reason, both of them thoroughly enjoy it!

Chuckit! Ringchaser, Fetch Flight, Rugged Fetch Wheel

As you can see, playing fetch with your dog is a ton of fun! Fetch is also a great way to bond with your dog and give them exercise to keep them healthy and happy! So, get outside and Make Fetch Happen with fun Chuckit! dog toys!

I see your dog waving his paw back there! He is ready to play! You can learn more at Chuckit! and get ready for a PAWSOME time playing fetch with your pup!

You can buy the fun Chuckit! fetch toys now online or purchase in-store at select retailers!

Playtime is Important to Keep Your Dog Healthy & Happy! #MakeFetchHappen with Chuckit! Dog Toys

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Which Chuckit! toy do you think your dog would like the best?

Let us know in the comments below!


Sheila Ressel

Sunday 26th of August 2018

These look like great toys and the babies seem to be having loads of fun with them. I really like that there don't seem to be any rough edges or small pieces that could be easily ingested.

Dorothy Justine Reynolds

Saturday 25th of August 2018

I think Betty would like the Rugged Fetch toy best! <3

Janet W.

Friday 24th of August 2018

These toys look durable and so fun!

Adik Miftakhur

Tuesday 21st of August 2018

This s wonderful post

marisela zuniga

Tuesday 21st of August 2018

great photos. looks like they enjoyed the toys very much

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