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PrideBites Personalized Pet Products as Featured on Shark Tank! #PrideBites

PrideBites disclosure

We’ve been goin’ through a long rainy spell here where we live. Rain is not a lot of fun for us cause we can’t go outside and play. We mostly lay up in the house nappin’ and playin’ with our toys. Lately my Lady has been doin’ a lot of fussin’ ’bout all the toys bein’ strung out around the house. She tries to keep em out of the way by puttin’ em in the corner out of the way, but one by one they sneak out into the room again. Don’t ask me how it happens WOOF! Well, the other day she discovered a fun place called PrideBites™ that has personalized pet products. She found a super cute custom toy basket for storin’ our toys in to help keep em organized! But then the word came down! She said we have to learn to pick up our toys and put em in that basket! Say what??? On top of hearin’ that bit of news, I was a bit put out and jealous cause she put Maggie’s picture on the toy basket instead of mine WOOF! But as things usually do, it all righted itself. Check out what fun personalized thing I’m a gettin’ and the fun news about PrideBites!

PrideBites Personalized Pet Products as Featured on Shark Tank! #PrideBites

Right after Maggie got her custom toy basket, we were excited to see PrideBites on Shark Tank! Now even for this country girl that’s just purdy darn cool ain’t it?! Anyway, I forgive my Lady for pickin’ Maggie for the toy basket cause after we watched Shark Tank, she promised me a cool custom frisbee with my name and picture on it! So if ya see me come a flyin’ by then ya know I got it WOOF!

Let me get my Lady to tell ya about PrideBites Personalized Pet Products and their fun segment on Shark Tank!

Who doesn’t love spoiling their pets? They give us so much love and, as for me, there is nothing I love more than spoiling and pampering them. I am also partial to personalized items for myself and what pampered pooch wouldn’t like his name and picture on their things?! Well, PrideBites is the next big thing in everything dog, and I’m loving it! PrideBites lets me spoil and pamper away, while getting them useful things at the same time! This company is all about everything dog, from toys to apparel, and it’s all fully customizable. Now that’s what I’m talking about, as Miss Molly would say!

Here’s the thing that I think is so cool about this company. It’s more than just toys and clothing, and what not. Dog owners can get that stuff anywhere, honestly. I can go down the road to my local big box store and pick up a leash. What I can’t do is pick up a leash with my dog’s name on it! I can’t get a dog coat or bed that is personalized with their name and picture. I am telling you – PrideBites has taken dog swag to the next level!

Featured on Shark Tank!

PrideBites Personalized Pet Products as Featured on Shark Tank! #PrideBites

Photo Credit: Shark Tank

And, I’m not the only one who has taken notice! If you watch Shark Tank, the name PrideBites probably rings a bell. That’s because they secured a financing deal on the show. It was so exciting because as pet people we know we love personalized pet products and we were anxious to see the sharks bite! Well, they did! Everyone knows us pet parents spoil our pups and PrideBites secured a deal because the savvy business people saw the potential in what the company was doing! Now the rest of us can reap the rewards! WOOT! WOOT!

We’ve had a chance to get up close and personal with PrideBites!

Before I go any further, let me tell you the story behind PrideBites. Then, I will show you our fun personalized toy basket for Maggie!

About PrideBites™:

When PrideBites started, they were just a group of dog loving college friends. They were unhappy with the look, feel, and versatility of dog toys on the market, so they decided to create one themselves. In their first year, they found out that dogs everywhere loved Custom PrideBites as much as their own, so they began to work on bringing customization to all the other essential pet products. Now they can help you, and I, design all of them fast and easy! The top priority while building out the PrideBites custom catalog was to create it with us in mind!

They put a lot of work into selecting a variety of soft, durable, safe and easy to clean materials for our dog’s everyday use. They’ll continue to use more options with the best products and experience around! At PrideBites, their motto is “Your Pet, Your Choice™” and they wouldn’t have it any other way.


Controlling the Dog Toy War with a Personalized Toy Basket from PrideBites!

With the growing number of dog toys in our home, it gets a little crazy and a whole lot messy! I am not joking at all! We have no babies or kids, other than our 7 furkids, but our living room looks like romper room gone wild! Dog toys are scattered everywhere! Our main issue is that we have no where to store them. They end up piled in a corner and, well let’s face it – laying where they land. Navigating the toy obstacle course in the middle of the night takes skill! We may not step on legos in the dark, but stepping on a squeaker toy is just as bad! One awkward accidental step and there is the dreaded squeak! This, in turn, unleashes a riot of barking, running and jumping from pups that think it is again playtime! It upsets the whole household.

We have known we needed a solution for the growing dog toy population, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for until I found the fun customized toy basket from PrideBites! Oh my gosh they are so cute! And, they can be personalized exactly how you want them! We get to choose colors, piping, add their name, and even their photo! For our toy box, we chose Maggie to be the recipient. She is the leader of our pack, so she got the honor! Maggie is a sweet girl that shares all the toys, but she gets to call dibs on the personalized toy basket being hers! There is no denying it, since her name and picture is right there for the others to see!

Personalizing our CustomToy Basket from PrideBites

PrideBites has a large variety of fun colors and options available for toy baskets. We chose to go with a custom toy basket.

We had several customizing options available so that we could get the exact personalized toy basket we wanted for Maggie! These were the super easy steps:

1. Choose the size. We chose regular for our large dogs and toys.

2. Choose a Main color. We chose a bright fun red.

3. Choose a Piping color. We chose black as a nice contrasting color.

4. Add their name and choose a banner for it to appear in. Of the choices of oval, vintage, hardware, or bone – we chose the oval shape.

•You also get to choose the font, and the color of the font, that the name will be done in. We chose the “Big Dog” font in black, so that it would match the piping.

5. Upload your pet’s photo. This was super easy and simple to do.

That’s it. Add it to the cart and follow the checkout procedure.

Maggie - PrideBites

This is the photo of Maggie that we uploaded for them to use. PrideBites takes the picture and then hand draws the image to customize it to go on the product.

After a few weeks, our toy basket arrived and I was beyond blown away with the way it turned out! The picture of Maggie on the personalized toy basket is the spitting image of her! They even captured the look, and expression, on her face! I am in love!

PrideBites Custom Toy Basket

I loved how it turned out and I also love the size! It is larger in real life than I expected it to be. I am not to swift in reading measurements and picturing it my head.

The PrideBites Personalized Toy Basket will fold flat for storage if need be. It comes with a bottom reinforcement that makes the bottom sturdier and keeps the side panels open. As you can see, there is quite a bit of room in there. The final step, was filling it with the toys from my cluttered floor! And, Maggie quickly claimed it as her own!

Now, there is that small thing about training them to pick up their toys and put them all back in their personalized toy basket! We are still working on that one 🙂

PrideBites Personalized Pet Products as Featured on Shark Tank! #PrideBites

I have my eye on the personalized blankets, beds, collars and leashes. And they even have clothes that my little chihuahua will go gaga over! Oh my gosh – it is all so cute! I can see now I am going to be doing a lot of spoiling! I simply cannot resist a chance to spoil any of my pups, so I can definitely see a big shopping spree coming on. Would you love to gift your 4-legged friend a custom toy basket? Or, maybe you would like to check out their other products. Visit them for yourself on the PrideBites website and prepare to fall in love! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Jerry Marquardt

Wednesday 4th of May 2016

The toy line looks of quality and upscale quality. I would recommend these to all my friends.

Holly Schilling

Wednesday 4th of May 2016

That's really cool!

Shelley P

Wednesday 4th of May 2016

So adorable! I love that you can personalize the toy box with a name and PIC! My pups would love one for all their toys :) Plus a blanket and bed that's personalized too :)

Donna B

Wednesday 4th of May 2016

That is an awesome toy box. They have a great web site, I've bookmarked to check it out better later.

Rajee Pandi

Wednesday 4th of May 2016

good to know more

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