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Reasons Dog Grooming is Important

Did you know that us dogs love a good groomin’? As a dog, there are several reasons I like to be groomed. Ya might be a new dog owner or maybe ya don’t understand how clean dogs like to be. Sure, we love playin’ in the mud and rompin’ ’round in the dirt, but there’s a standard of cleanliness that we love to uphold! But, we need your help. Without grooming you’d need liners like vehicle cargo liner protection like Ruff Rugs so I’ll let my Lady tell ya a few reasons dog grooming is important!

Reasons Dog Grooming is Important

Grooming Makes Dogs Feel Better

Believe it or not, dogs have feelings too.

They love to be groomed cause it helps them feel better.

If their fur is matted and unclean, they just don’t feel like themselves.

A good haircut (for our long-haired friends) and fur washing really helps them feel their best.

Have you ever noticed how they run and dart around after a good bath? It’s like a shot of feel good – kick up your heels kind of feel-good!

White dog getting a bath

Grooming Helps Dogs Stay Healthier

Dogs need their toenails clipped, fur washed, and hair brushed (more often than not) for several reasons.

The major reason is that it helps them to stay healthier.

They can’t walk around with long toe nails, it’s a health hazard!

It hurts their feet and can make their legs hurt! Plus, in the winter there is even more concerns with their paws. Check out our post on Winter Paw Care.

If they are not getting bathed and washed on a regular basis, then they could have a germ or bacteria issue that could cause skin issues and other things and not to mention they will be smelly!

A little bit of grooming helps them stay healthier in the long run.

Not to mention, when you or the groomer are regularly looking at their eyes, mouth, nose, and skin, it can help catch unknown issues.


Grooming Helps Their Mouth Stay Healthy

Brushing your pup’s teeth is a smart move in more ways than one.

A dog needs a healthy mouth just like we humans do.

Also, just like us, dental health can have an impact on overall health.

It’s important to help our pets get the proper dental care for their mouths.

They don’t need anything fancy, just for someone to care for their teeth like they do their own.

There’s a few things you can do to help their dental health such as brushing, water additives, and dental chews.

They also have chew toys that will help with plaque buildup.

Cute Yorkie with a bow in his hair

Dogs Like Seeing Their Friends

If your pooch is one that gets to go to the grooming salon, perhaps they like socializing with their doggie pals!

Dog pals can help cheer them up and they have a howling good time at their spa day – kind of like us ladies do on spa day!

I bet you didn’t know that dogs love to socialize just as much as us humans?

And, have you ever seen a dog in curlers? It will make you smile!

Some dogs get paw-pedis, while others get baths, brushings, and perfumed up.

It’s like a beauty parlor for pups with all the latest woof gossip 🙂

Whether you take your pup somewhere to have them groomed or you do it yourself, dogs love the extra attention!



Saturday 16th of February 2019

Great article about grooming your dog. Thanks for the advice.

Karen Propes

Wednesday 14th of March 2018

Thanks for your post, I have always thought since I felt good after grooming, they would too. But your points are so valid and very important.

Esperanza Gailliard

Thursday 25th of January 2018

I used to love to brush my dog's hair. He had long hair and it would get tangled but I made sure he was always cute and clean.

rochelle haynes

Friday 17th of February 2017

Thanks for the info will do


Monday 13th of February 2017

I think grooming is essential to all dogs well being and happiness.

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