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Rejeneril Cellular Supplement for Pets: Because Old Dogs Have a Lot of Living Left to Do!

My Lady got my sister Sallie some Rejeneril Celluar Supplement a few weeks ago. I’ve gots to say I am gettin’ a bit jealous of her takin’ up my Lady’s time! Sallie use to just stay in the house and sleep all the time, but now she has my Lady out there throwin’ things for her to fetch. Sallie use to be quite cranky with the rest of us too. She’s still bossy and cranky, but now instead of layin’ there snarlin’, she gets to her feet and woofs at ya. I don’t know what’s in that little ole bottle, but it’s got my sister fired up! WOOF! I will let my Lady tell ya what’s makin’ the old girl act like a youngin’ again!

Rejeneril Cellular Supplement for Pets: Because Old Dogs Have a Lot of Living Left to Do!

Here’s my Lady to tell ya about the Rejeneril Cellular Supplement

As a Mom to 7 furbabies I’ve learned that being a pet owner to so many different breeds has in it’s own set of learning curves. I’ve learned that some breeds shed a little and that some shed like Yeti’s. Any German Shepherd owner can tell you dog hair is something you live with. Some breeds are more prone to hip and joint problems than others – again, the German Shepherds are very well known for their hip problems and Rotties are right there with them. Then, there are different nutritional requirements for each. Puppies, and seniors, especially need a specially formulated diet that takes into account their needs. The same goes for supplements. My senior girl, Sallie, has the cards stacked against her! She not only is a senior at the ripe age of 11, but has had hip and joint problems for quite a while now. I knew that, on top of her senior diet, she needed special supplements to help revitalize her weary body and that would also help with her arthritis and aching joints. The opportunity to work with My Ultimate Pet to review their Rejeneril Cellular Supplement came at a time when we needed it most!

My Ultimate Pet was founded by extreme pet lovers who are as passionate about pets as we are and they strive to provide them with the highest quality nutritional support possible. The pet lovers behind My Ultimate Pet know that there are countless pet supplements on the market but they also know that keeping your pets healthy is only one part of having a good supplement. They strive to keep your pet healthy, as well as improve their quality of life, something that other supplements don’t always take into consideration when releasing their own products.

Rejeneril Cellular Supplement for Pets: Because Old Dogs Have a Lot of Living Left to Do!

Sallie was sent their Rejeneril Cellular Supplement to try. When I received the Rejeneril, the first thing I did was smell of it. It smelled like vitamins. Then, maybe it is strange but I put a drop on my finger and tasted it myself. It wasn’t exactly delicious, but it also wasn’t bad. I have tried other supplements that Sallie has turned her nose up at – hence the smell and taste test. The easiest way for me to give it to Sallie is to put the Rejeneril drops into her food bowl, right along with her food..

Rejeneril Cellular Supplement for Pets - Sallie

Sallie ate her food as usual, with no complaints! She knew something was in there because she did give it a whiff, but then dug in and finished her meal. I had been worried the vitamin smell might turn her off, but she actually lapped it all up with no complaints at all.

Rejeneril is a patented, Veterinarian recommended and scientifically-validated pet supplement that is guaranteed to be the best investment you’ve ever put into the health of your pooch to date.

A few of the benefits of introducing Rejeneril into your pets daily diet include:

  • Helping extend your precious pets life
  • Sets the foundation for a disease-free life
  • Reduces the pain of arthritis and join pain so your pet can enjoy an active lifestyle again
  • Helps build your pets immune system to help prevent future illness

Can an overweight old lady run? You bet! Let’s check it out!

Rejeneril Cellular Supplement for Pets - Sallie playing fetch

After a couple of weeks, Sallie began to perk up! At her age, she usually spends her days napping. She also suffers with arthritis in her hips and knee problems. If she did want to venture outside, she would usually find a grassy spot and watch the world go by. Not having energy and her arthritis problems have created yet another problem – weight gain! Not exercising and all that napping has packed on the pounds!

Well, after a couple of weeks of starting the Rejeneril, she ventured outside for a walk and I was amazed that she wanted me to throw a stick for her! She brought the stick and was actually demanding it to be thrown with a lot of barking. When she was younger, fetching a ball was her favorite activity. Of course, I was happy to play the game with her!

Rejeneril Cellular Supplement for Pets - Sallie playing fetch

She ran and fetched for the longest! She was really enjoying herself for the first time in a very long time.

Rejeneril Cellular Supplement for Pets - Sallie playing fetch

You can see how happy she is to be playing again. Then, we had a freak accident. We believe she stepped in a hole. Whatever caused it, Sallie had sprained her leg. It wasn’t serious, but it caused us to have to curb the playing until she was over the sprain. She was not a happy camper, but rest and no running were the vets orders. While we recovered from the sprain, she was building steam.

Rejeneril Cellular Supplement for Pets - Sallie playing fetch

Long lasting and effective, Rejeneril is also a powerful antioxident formula that acts as a cellular regenerator meant to help pets recover. She had been taking the Rejeneril while waiting on her leg to heal. Finally, after she was cleared to be active again we stole the pups rope and ball toy. Just look at the grin! She is telling me – “come on Mom! I’m ready to play!”

Rejeneril Cellular Supplement for Pets - Sallie playing fetch

These days, we spend most afternoons playing her favorite game of fetch. The Rejeneril Cellular Supplement has her feeling young and playful again! She is having fun, and finally able to burn off some of those pounds she has been packing on!

Rejeneril Cellular Supplement for Pets - Sallie playing fetch

She can wear me out keeping up with her! I love it! I have my playful active Sallie back!

Rejeneril Cellular Supplement for Pets - Sallie playing fetch

Sallie loves it! She is looking quite pleased with herself lately and I am happy to see that big smile back on her face!

Don’t get me wrong! The Rejeneril Cellular Supplement won’t turn your senior dog into a puppy again. What it will do is help their energy level and get them up and moving again. After all, you’re only a old as you feel right?! Sallie still naps more than the other pups here, but most importantly she has the want-to to walk, run, play fetch and enjoy life again. Rejeneril will also aid in helping with arthritis and join pain. We still have days with Sallie that we have to cut her running and fetching short. She wants to keep going, but to much can cause her to be extremely sore.

Beware! As a side effect of the Regeneril they have added energy! In turn, I am proud to announce this overweight lady has lost 4 pounds!!!!! That might not seem like much, but at least it is moving in the right direction now. The extra weight only adds to her joint problems and I am so proud to see it start melting away with her increased activity. I am very well pleased with the results I have seen from the Rejeneril and I know Sallie would echo those thoughts also! Big thumbs up from me and all 4 paws up from Sallie!

Rejeneril isn’t just for dogs! It is also great for cats, horses and more! So, with your pets health and longevity in mind, consider adding Rejeneril into their diet today. Your pet and their joints will thank you for it later! But wait! It’s not just for aging, or senior, pets either! Rejeneril can help build your pets immune system, which in turn helps prevent future illness and keeps them feeling their best. It’s equivalent to us humans taking vitamins for health, energy and to prevent feeling run down.



Friday 3rd of April 2015

This supplement sounds like something we could use for our Malamute. Thanks for a very informative and interesting review!


Friday 3rd of April 2015

This sounds like a great supplement for dogs we have to get some of this.

robin mcdowell

Friday 3rd of April 2015

I am so happy that they are starting to realize our pets are family and they deserve the same products for needs just like we do

Richard Hicks

Friday 3rd of April 2015

I like this. Dogs and cats get the same ailements as old people.

karen lanois

Friday 3rd of April 2015

think I'm try this

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