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Tail Trackers Scannable Pet ID Tag: Keep your Pets Safe! #Review

I’m sure all you humanz know that us pets can get lost sometimes. I’m not sure if I was a lost pet, or just an abandoned pet, but whatever I was it was scary business! I was just a young pup and wondered for what seemed like a lifetime. My belly was empty. I was full of ticks, fleas and other itchy critters. No one seemed to know where I belonged. That’s when I found my Lady! She took me in and tried to find my owners, but couldn’t cause I weren’t wearin’ no ID. I know I never wanna be in that shape again! WOOF! These days, none of us are ever out of my Lady’s sight, but just in case, we gots some new Tail Trackers Scannable Pet ID Tags to wear on our necklace!

Tail Trackers Scannable Pet ID Tags: Keep your Pets Safe! #Review

All 7 of us got one with our own sayin’ on it and it has our information on there somehow or ‘nother. I don’t know what all them squiggly lines mean, but she says they will help get me back home if’n I get lost. Sounds like a mighty fine thing ta me! Let me get her ta tell ya ’bout em!

Here’s what my Lady had to say about Tail Trackers Scannable Pet ID Tag

My pups mean the world to me! I am with them 24/7 – NO exaggeration! There are isolated times when I have an appointment, but other than that they are right at my feet. If I leave the house, they are securely locked inside the house until I get home. Even then I worry! What if there is a fire and firefighters let them out? Or, maybe another disaster like a tornado? Would they be scared and run? For this reason, each of my furbabies has several forms of ID attached to their collars. Not only do they have a name/info tag and their vaccination tag, I have now added a Tail Trackers Scannable Pet ID. You can call me paranoid and that’s ok. Considering the alternative, I’d rather be safe than sorry!

What is a Tail Trackers Scannable Pet ID?

Tail Trackers - found pet page

With a Tail Trackers Scannable Pet ID Tag, if your pet was ever lost, the person finding them would have two options to get your information. They can either scan the QR code on the tag with any smartphone OR they can type in your pet’s tag number on the website URL listed on the tag. Both options will bring the finder to your pet’s profile. Going one step further, if you opt for the Plus service, you will be notified when your pet is scanned.

How do you set up Tail Trackers Scannable Pet ID Tags?

Tail Trackers - my pets page

First, you go to their website, choose, and purchase your tag. When you receive your tag in the mail, you will then need to activate the tag by creating your pet’s profile page with the appropriate information. You can give your name, address, phone number, color of dog, personality profile, vet contact info, etc. You can give as much, or as little, information as you want. 

The next step is to enter their Tag ID #.

Tail Trackers - Tags page

Do this by clicking the box next to their name and filling in the information. Do this for each tag and pet that you have a tag for so that they are matched up.

That’s it! All your information is in their data bank! If your furbaby were to get lost, it is an added measure of protection to get them home safely!

Check out my pack sporting their new scannable tags!

Tail Trackers Scannable Pet ID Tags, Maggie

Maggie, fondly called “pretty girl” is never far from my side. Being a typical German Shepherd, she sticks to me like glue! She is sporting her new Tail Trackers Scannable Pet ID Tag! She knows me well, as hers says “Call Mom Before She Freaks Out”!

Tail Trackers Scannable Pet ID Tags, Molly and Seager

You can bet Molly (on the left) has hers on! She never wants to be lost and roaming again! Her Tail Trackers Scannable Pet ID Tag says “I Rescued My Humans”. It’s true! We often say we rescued them, but actually it’s the other way around. Don’t you agree?

Seager (on the right) is also one of the “Call Mom Before She Freaks Out” like Maggie’s. He is my big happy boy that is always smiling.

Tail Trackers Scannable Pet ID Tags, Sallie and Little Bit

These are my senior girls. Sallie (on the left) aka “Sweet Pea”, as I call her is the love of my life. We’ve been together since she was 3 weeks old and rescued from a sad situation. She is now 11 years old. Her senior years have given her a more serious attitude, so I got her a Tail Trackers “Help I’m Lost” tag.

For Little Bit, or “ittie bittie” as I call her, there was a “Princess” tag! Being so tiny in the world of giant dogs, she is the princess of the group! And, she sports that princess chihuahua attitude very well! She can boss the big dogs like no body’s business!

Tail Trackers Scannable Pet ID Tags, Brandi and Ozzy

The pups, Brandi and Ozzy! Yes, my little bottle fed darlings are now 2 years old, but still I call them “the pups”. They also received a “Call Mom Before She Freaks Out” Tail Trackers Scannable Pet ID Tag.

Tail Trackers Scannable Pet ID Tag

Here’s a closeup shot of the scannable tag. On the opposite side is the scannable bar that can be scanned with a smartphone.

Obviously, I LOVE the Tail Trackers Scannable Pet ID Tags! For me it makes sense, let me tell you why. Since I am with my pets 24/7 – 99% of the time, I have my eye on them inside and outside. I also have a house full of pets, as you can see. Microchipping is a wonderful thing, but can be quite expensive. Don’t get me wrong! I still recommend micro-chipping, if you can. But, let’s face it, sometimes we just can’t, so these tags are a wonderful alternative! It has all the same benefits at a fraction of the cost! Seriously, for less than $10 you can get coverage for your pet! I believe it is especially nice, especially if you have inside pets, or pets your are always with as a “just in case”. You never know! What if they darted out the door one day? If my pet were lost, I would die a slow death until I had them home safe and sound!

The Tail Trackers Scannable Pet ID Tag is VERY inexpensive and works like a micro-chip. It’s a great alternative to micro-chipping for those that may not can afford to go that route. It’s also a great option for those that want a form of protection other than micro-chipping. On the downside, and in my opinion, I would not choose this over regular micro-chipping for pets that rough-and-tumble (chew on each other’s necks) with other pets. The tag itself could be destroyed, chewed, torn off or lost.

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Kathy C

Saturday 1st of August 2015

Our dog is microchipped & has numerous tags on her to help if she gets lost at home (Rabies tag, town license). When we go on vacation we use a separate tag with our cell phone numbers on it, in case we lose her while traveling.

Linda Manns Linneman

Monday 29th of June 2015

I love these scannable tags. I always worry about our dog getting out and taking off. This offers some peace of mind. Thank you for sharing

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