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Taking Precautions: 4 Ways to Ensure Your Pet’s Safety While You Work

Pet owners often need to leave their pets alone for many hours of the day. Let’s talk about ways to ensure your pet’s safety while home alone.

While pets often adapt well to their owners’ schedules, some animals are curious and may get into trouble when left alone.

Although not a toy, candles can help your pet stay calm and less bored during the day.

In fact, candles can be a safer alternative than burning incense around your pet.

Here are a few tips to keep your pet safe while you’re at work or anytime you leave them on their own.

Taking Precautions 4 Ways to Ensure Your Pets Safety While You Work

Set Out Fresh Water

Ensure your pet has a bowl of fresh water on hand during the day, so it can hydrate properly if the room becomes too warm or after sleeping in a patch of sunlight.

This measure can help prevent overheating, which can make your pet feel sick.

You can add a few ice cubes to keep the water cool over the period you are gone. You may even want to invest in a pet water fountain.

This will help keep the water cool and fresh while you’re away.

Set Your Thermostat

Some individuals like to program their home thermostats to a more energy-efficient temperature while they are away.

They may set a lower temperature during the winter, or a higher temperature in summer, to save money. However, your pet can suffer heatstroke if the home becomes too warm, which can become a veterinary emergency.

Make sure the indoor temperature is set reasonably to keep your pet from getting too warm or too cold.

If you’re worried about the temperature and your pet, try out your temperatures on a day you’ll be home and can observe your pets throughout the time you’d normally be away.

Check for Common Hazards

If you plan on being away from home for several hours, take a look around the rooms your pet will spend time in during the day.

Tuck electric cords behind furniture or under carpets to discourage chewing and ways to ensure your pet’s safety.

Make sure all hazardous chemicals, such as paints or household cleaners, are put in cabinets, to avoid accidental poisoning.

Fold up hanging cords from draperies and Venetian blinds to prevent choking hazards.

Keeping your home clean and tidy will help keep your pets from getting into mischief while you’re away.

Prevent Unexpected Escapes

Some pets are accomplished escape artists—sneaky little goobers.

You will have to plan carefully to keep them safe during the time you are away from home.

Cut off their escape before they can carry out their plans when you can’t catch them in the act.

Make sure all windows and doors are closed and locked, including any “doggie doors” you have installed if you prefer to keep your pets inside while you’re away.

If you prefer to allow them the freedom to go between indoors and out or just to stay outside on nice days, be sure your fencing is up to snuff.

High-quality fencing can help to keep your pet safely in his or her own yard.

Be sure to find a contractor to build a fence to meet your needs with high-quality supplies like stone or steel products to avoid frequent breaks and holes.

Microchipping your pet now can help get your pet back quickly, if they become lost.

A GPS collar device can also help you to locate your pet if it should escape your home or yard unexpectedly.

Keeping pets safe requires a certain amount of forethought and understanding.

Some animals require thoughtful measures to prevent them from getting into trouble.

Others are quite content to pass the time sleeping while you’re at work.

These tips will help you protect your pet from hazards whatever his personality.

Dorothy Boucher

Tuesday 9th of November 2021

Great information, we usually have gates to keep them in a room and we usually not gone for more than a couple of hours. @tisonlyme143


Thursday 18th of April 2019

Oh yes, I've seen some crazy pet escapes!

Cassandra D

Tuesday 16th of April 2019

Thank you for the information.


Monday 15th of April 2019

Good useful information.

Lisa F.

Monday 15th of April 2019

I do program my thermostat differently for when I'm not home, but not too extreme so my doggies will remain comfortable.

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