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Tips For Bipetual Families To Keep The Peace With Cats & Dogs

So you have a dog, but your kiddo is begging for a new kitten and you don’t know how to handle that. My Lady and I have some tips for you that might help. These tips for bipetual families to keep the peace with cats and dogs may not be the solution in every case, but they can go a long way toward helping everyone adjust.

While traditionally enemies, dogs, and cats can become the best of friends when they are taught to care about each other and play nice with each other.

Tips For Bipetual Families To Keep The Peace With Cats & Dogs

Tips For Bipetual Families To Keep The Peace With Cats & Dogs

Adopt when both are babies.

One easy way to ensure your cats and dogs will get along well is to get them both as babies.

This will help them to grow up together and thus get along better.

If they are taught from the beginning to behave as siblings, they won’t carry those tendencies to fight the other animal they might learn from others of their breed.

Give them equal attention.

Make sure you spend equal time with both pets to love and play with them.

Showing them both they are important is key to making sure no jealousy occurs.

Both your dogs and your cats should have equal space in your lap, bed, or home.

If one pet is allowed to sleep in your bed, then both should be allowed.

Yes, it may be tough with bigger breeds of dogs, but it is just like human children.

Don’t play favorites and you won’t have as many fights to break up.

Play with them together.

Make sure you are spending time with them playing together with you.

Get them both involved in playtime.

Don’t leave either pet out. Include toys both like to play with, as well as items one pet may prefer over the other.

As they both play near each other, they will understand they aren’t a threat to each other.

Give them a separate space.

But pet beds in different areas of the house so they can each feel they have their own territory.

Cats usually prefer not only quiet and dark places they also love perches up high.

Building a cat tree, or shelving your cats can play on above their canine brother or sister can help with their confidence.

Give your dog his or her own crate with a bed and some of their toys near it.

Just keep their beds and items separate so they don’t feel they have to share everything.

Feed cats away from dogs.

Dogs will have a tendency to chow down on any food put in front of them.

While we aren’t advocates of cats having free range to climb on counters or tables, you may want to set up a special area or table where your cat can be fed above and away from your dog.

This will give your cat time to eat its food without worrying the dog is going to get into it and take it away.

It is easy to keep the peace with cats and dogs when you have patience and take your time.

Learn their personalities and work with what will help each of them feel safe, secure, and loved.


Saturday 25th of August 2018

Important to supervise them the first few years and consider many things. It's the transition that's important. Thanks for help.

Maryann D.

Wednesday 11th of January 2017

One day I hope to get another small dog for a pet and I know I will definitely get another cat. So all advice like this is welcome!


Saturday 31st of December 2016

I have a cat that just loves our dog - wants to be near him and rubs his legs. Loves my friends dog to when she visits. Very cute. My other 2 cats basically just ignore the dog.

Renee Walters

Friday 30th of December 2016

My cats and dogs are very good friends. They all sleep together in a big fur pile. It is so adorable! I love my fur babies!!!

Fee Roberts

Friday 18th of November 2016

My cat does not like dogs. No matter how we tackle the situation, she just isn't going for it.

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