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Can Cats and Dogs be Friends?

If you are wondering can cats and dogs be friends, you should know that most multi-species families get along great together.

However, if you’re considering bringing a puppy into your feline family, learn how to make the best pairing.

Can Cats and Dogs be Friends?

Start With a Strong Foundation – Choose the Right Breed for Your Family

There’s no reason why your family can’t have cats AND dogs if you want them, and they can all be the best of friends if you consider a few things when choosing your pets.

Of course, all breeds of cats have their own personality characteristics, as do all different breeds of dogs.

These are a large part of what makes us choose the breeds we do for our families, whether purebred or mixed breeds.

Even mixed-breed cats have personality traits of each of their parent’s breeds.

So the first thing to consider is your family’s lifestyle and preferences.

If you research breeds of cats and dogs that you think you will like, you will soon find what breeds would best match your family.

Chances are that if your family is very relaxed and laid back, you will choose breeds of both cats and dogs that are relaxed and laid back.

You might choose the English Mastiff and the Persian, for example.

Or if you enjoy an active lifestyle and like active pets, you might enjoy a Labrador Retriever that loves to run on the beach with you.

Maybe you like big, fluffy, and playful pets and chose a Golden Retriever and a Maine Coon.

Pairing Mixed Breed Pets as Companions

A very large part of the pet population consists of mixed-breed cats and dogs.

If you prefer to adopt your pets, you should still research different breeds.

If the shelter tells you a cat is ½ Himalayan and ½ American Curl, you’ll know what to expect from the cat’s personality.

And, if your family already has a dog that is ½ German Shepherd and ½ Border Collie, the aforementioned friendly mix would probably get along well with the dog.

But if you have a terrier mix that hates cats, you might do better with a strong personality that just gets along with everybody and won’t be stressed by a terrier’s energy.

Remember Your Pet’s Temperament is Unique

Of course, your pet’s temperament may not perfectly suit her breed.

There are docile Tonkinese kitties out there somewhere, and there are active St. Bernards.

If you’ve got a seven-year-old female domestic cat, nobody knows her temperament better than you do.

Take her likes and dislikes into consideration before bringing an active puppy into her home.

When looking for a puppy, ask the breeder or rescue worker if the puppy you are interested in has ever been around cats.

And again, research puppy breeds so you know what temperament to expect when you look at different dogs.

Cats and Dogs CAN be Friends!

On the whole, cats and dogs in most families do very well together.

Many love each other dearly. Researching breeds and matching both cat and dog breeds to your family’s personality and lifestyle will help ensure many years of peace and happiness for your inter-species family!

Mark C

Tuesday 25th of February 2020

My old collie "Pepper" used to tolerate my cats and sometimes my Maine Coon "Charlie" would sleep on top of her.

Shannon Holmes

Saturday 22nd of February 2020

Our Sorcha loves cats of all kinds and she is a German Shepherd/Husky mix.

Dana Rodriguez

Monday 15th of April 2019

They sure can be! We had a dog my cats LOVED!

Sarah L

Saturday 13th of April 2019

Very good points. We had 2 dogs and a cat when I was growing up and they got along fine. Golden retriever and cocker spaniel and a black and white cat.

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