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Ways to Help Your Dog Feel Relief From Itchy Skin

Dog itchiness has been noted to increase over the years, with about 7.5 million dogs being detected in 2019 alone. You may be looking for solutions to help your dog feel relief from itchy skin.

Dog itchiness is generally a result of several factors, including allergies, bites, skin conditions, and may be seasonal for about two to three months yearly over the same period.

Several factors are considered to help reduce itchiness, including using simple gel, improving diets, frequent baths, spraying, and supplements.

You may also see dandruff and want to implement a few doggie dandruff remedies.

Ways to Help Your Dog Feel Relief From Itchy Skin

Use Gel

Simple pet gels with oxygen are recommended by a specialist to relieve the dog from itches.

The gel is rich in oxygen, nitrous elements, and water for the best results and may be sourced from a company like Derm Creations.

The gel will offer the oxygen required to regenerate the skin effectively, is not greasy, scentless, and safe for both the pet and the person applying it.

Large golden dog eating food from a red bowl upon a table

Improve Their Diet

Improving your dog’s diet is a critical way to reduce itches as some of the compounds in the food, like corn and soy, cause irritation on the dog’s skin.

The diet improvement may involve shifting to food with no preservatives, corn-free, or raw meals, including meat.

Visiting a professional will help establish the dietary cause of the itch and give the best possible solution.

Large white dog being given bath in a stall

Regular Bathing and Brushing

Frequent bathing and grooming is a simple way of reducing itching on your dog, especially when experiencing environmental allergies.

Bathing will help relieve your dog from the itchiness, while brushing will help remove the dead cells and allergens enabling growth.

When using soap shampoo, avoid too much grooming as it may result in the loss of oils that promote growth in the coat causing itchiness.

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Use Spray

Spraying provides a soothing effect for dogs attacked by fleas, have allergies, or come into contact with plants such as poison ivy.

Spraying ensures different results to itchiness depending on the anti-itch solution used.

For instance, spraying a 50/50 mixture of water and apple cider vinegar will help with allergies and fleas.

At the same time, some medications will only solve a single problem like a flea infestation.

Try some of the above ways to reduce both seasonal and chronic itchiness.

In cases where itchiness is rendered incurable, work with your animal specialist to develop an anti-itch procedure to help your dog get relief from itchy skin and improve your pet’s comfortability in the long run.

Debbie P

Tuesday 8th of March 2022

. I'm always picking up something new from your articles. Thank you for the great indo.


Tuesday 1st of March 2022

Itchy skin is the worst. Thanks for sharing.

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