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What Fencing Options Stand up Well to Determined Dogs?

Has Fido flown the coop again? Some canine escape artists have a knack for getting through the toughest fences, but leaving the safety of a fenced yard poses many risks to your furry friend. Free-roaming dogs can get attacked, hit by cars or taken by animal control. If your pooch refuses to stay in his pen, consider these three fencing options that can stand up to the most determined dogs.

What Fencing Options Stand up Well to Determined Dogs?


A sturdy steel fence with vertical slats is a great way to keep dogs who like to climb over fences from escaping. Steel is not only tough and difficult to bend, it also has a slick texture that discourages climbing. If your dog is a digger, consider a steel fence with a solid cement base or slats that go at least a foot below the ground. If you’re going to have spiked tops, make sure as well that the fence is high enough that your dog won’t be able to try to jump over and potentially hurt themselves.


A lightweight alternative to steel is an aluminum fence. Aluminum provides a similar look and some of the same advantages as steel fencing. Because of its light weight, aluminum fences can be built very tall to keep in breeds like German shepherds and greyhounds that like to jump. Installing an aluminum fence is also a great do-it-yourself project. You can order aluminum fencing online through companies like Aluminum Fences Direct or often find premade options at local home improvement stores.


While picket fences are notoriously weak barriers, many other types of wood fencing are great for teaching Fido to stay. Wooden privacy fences are built high with no gaps, which makes them a perfect solution to keeping your dog safely confined. Don’t want to sacrifice your view? Consider a wooden lattice fence that can stand up to your determined dog without blocking out the scenery. While this may not seem like the strongest option, lattices strengthen the material by the method of weaving, making it very difficult to break through as the impact is evenly dispersed.

Although most dogs can be safely kept inside a fence, some dogs will manage to escape any type of fencing. If you have a canine Houdini on your hands, you may have to supervise your dog’s outdoor time. Consider taking your dog out for walks on a leash or for structured playtime at a dog park.

Dorothy Boucher

Wednesday 13th of November 2019

I think its important to have a fence, more so like me living in the city! We have a metal fence. @tisonlyme143

Rochelle Haynes

Tuesday 12th of November 2019

Thanks for the info looking good

Debbie P

Sunday 10th of November 2019

These are great choice for fencing.

Dena Akbar

Saturday 9th of November 2019

I think fencing is good for a dog so the dog won't run away.

Sarah L

Friday 8th of November 2019

Some dogs will try just about anything to escape from the back yard. Good options here.

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