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Why Are Yorkies Considered Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Many people interested in adding a Yorkie pup always ask a common question: Are Yorkies terriers hypoallergenic dogs?

As much as they do not shed does not mean that they will not bother your allergies. However, the answer can either be a yes or a no.

Most people would want to understand the term hypoallergenic: this term means a reduced tendency to provoke any allergic reaction.

The Yorkies hypoallergenic dog is less likely to cause some allergic symptoms in a person, but it has no guarantee that you will be free from allergies. 

Why Are Yorkies Considered Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Is the Yorkie Really Hypoallergenic?

Despite the belief that it’s a hypoallergenic breed, many owners of Yorkies have found this is not always the case.

It seems that it is ultimately their dander and saliva, which contains proteins that are responsible for allergies rather than their fur.

Ultimately, if you’re concerned about whether you or a loved one can tolerate a Yorkie before bringing one home, it is best to consult an allergist.

Let’s take a further look.

Allergic Reactions That Occur While Spending Time with A Dog Can Be Caused by The Below Triggers 

The main trigger is the saliva; this is impossible to avoid as they will always give you kisses and lick the owners hence leaving saliva on your body.

Another trigger can be the dog’s feces, and this is for sensitive people.

The last trigger is from dogs that shed heavy dander, when the dander is shed; it is realeased into your home.

However, these three triggers may affect you. As an individual, you should never expect to be completely free from allergies

When allergic to dogs, you can develop some symptoms triggered by the act of exposing yourself to that dog. However, regular bathing of the dogs can reduce your allergy symptoms.

That’s not all. All these symptoms do not occur when you come in contact with the dog but also when the dogs come into contact with other things like clothes or carpets. 

Yorkie terrier laying in the grass

Reasons Why Yorkies Are Termed as Hypoallergic Dogs 

There are various reasons why the Yorkies are referred to as hypoallergic dogs.

Some of them include: Yorkies have hair and not fur, which only means that they have no undercoat.

The second reason is that they produce less dander because of the type of undercoat on their bodies.

The last reason is that they do not shed like dogs that have fur. However, Yorkies are usually given the non-shedding title because their shedding process is different from most common dogs.

That’s not all, most dogs go through the shedding process a few times during the year, but there is a huge amount of hair that falls off and is replaced immediately with some new hair.

However, how Yorkies shed their hair is closely related to how human beings shed their hair.

In addition to this, these hairs get stuck in the Yorkie’s coat or even get unnoticed in your home as the amount shed isn’t much. 

Yorkie terrier sticking his tongue out

Ensure Your Allergies Are Tested

Depending on what triggers your allergies to dogs, it might be challenging to have a Yorkie at your home.

However, some people are doing well with Yorkies, and their allergies are not affected. Besides, some people are allergic to all dogs, including Yorkie.

If you have allergies to dogs, the best thing to do is to have some testing to know what triggers your allergy before bringing the dog to your home. 

In conclusion, Yorkies hypoallergenic dogs are lovable and a popular breed all over the world.

These dogs are of small size, and they have unending loyalty. The most popular reason why they are loved is that they shed less.

Sarah L

Monday 25th of January 2021

I didn't know that about Yorkies. They are very cute. I'm glad I'm not allergic to dogs.

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