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Why is my cat throwing up clear liquid?

Four-legged friends are no less than family and thus need to be dealt with with proper care. They deserve our love and affection, and their owners should be careful about their health. 

Like us humans, even cats can fall prey to diseases owing to our habit of neglecting trivial things. Do you know even throwing up can be an alarming signal for an underlying illness or pet emergency?

We do not mean to scare you off, but yes, a frequent vomiting in cats is abnormal and is a sure-shot call for a vet.

Read further to know why your cat vomits clear liquids and how you can help him out in such a condition.

Why is my cat throwing up clear liquid?

Is it normal for cats to throw up?

Talking in general terms, it is normal to see a cat throw up. The reason for throwing up may be as simple as eating at a fast pace, ingestion of fur coats, etc.

Such things are ordinary for a feline.

But if the trend of throwing up continues for more than a week or becomes a regular thing, it might be a cause of concern and needs immediate medical assistance.

What is clear vomit?

Clear vomit may result due to various reasons.

It may be as simple as throwing out excess water when your cats have guzzled up too much water.

In a few other cases, clear vomit may be the mucus’ ejection present on the inner stomach lining when there is nothing else left in the cat’s stomach to be puked out.

Gastric juices are also sometimes thrown out as clear vomit before throwing out ingested hairballs.

Black and white cat laying under a blanket

Why is my cat throwing up clear liquid?

As mentioned earlier, when your cat gulps down lots of water, it may not be possible for them to hold all of it; hence they have to purge it out for good.

Another thing to note is that drinking water in excess is not bad, but feeling thirsty often can be a signal for being prone to ailments such as diabetes, thyroid, or even kidney disease. 

In rare cases, cats also tend to drink lots of water when they feel excited or develop a fear of something.

In other cases, puking out clear liquids may also indicate a tumor that causes blockage in the passage of food and water. Further, it may result in swollen stomach and vomiting.

What possible causes for throwing up?

Cats throwing up clear liquid may not be normal at times and there are a few reasons why your cats may be probably puking out:

1. Indigestion

Indigestion is one of the most common reasons for cats throwing out a clear liquid.

The hydrochloric acid present inside a cat’s stomach stands useful for the process of digestion.

Still, the acid accumulation inside the stomach when your felines tend to ditch their meal plate can cause the acid to build up further. 

This can cause irritation in the stomach and digestive tract resulting in throwing out a clear liquid.

Cat licking his lips and eating out of a bowl

2. Alteration in diet plan

Changes are not something that is readily acceptable; the same is the case when you make alterations in your cat’s diet plan and/or cat food.

A change in the cat meals can cause indigestion and may spawn vomiting.

Thus it is necessary to test and observe how it will react, before making the actual switch to adopt a new diet.

Furthermore, when aging, their diet evolves. Choosing healthy food for your cat or kitten is the way to go, as some ingredients like meat by-products can be harmful.

3. Consumption of poison

If your cats tend to consume any kind of poisonous substance accidentally, you should quickly rush to a vet to get the issue administered.

Further, the doctor can determine the intensity of the toxins ingested and prescribe medicines to counteract its effect that may induce vomiting. 

4. Nausea

Another reason why cats may throw up is the feeling of nausea that may arise due to other underlying diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, or any other severe conditions. 

Orange kitty laying on a shaggy rug

What can I do if my cat is throwing up?

The very first thing that you should do if your cats throw up is to make them fast for half a day or twenty-four hours.

Next, you can ease their stomach by giving them ice cubes to lick and keep them hydrated but make sure that your cats do not drink too much water, otherwise, it will again cause your cats to vomit. 

Once their fasting period is over, you can feed your kitties with boiled chicken, rice, or other simple foods along with water to find out if they can hold it in their stomach.  

Furthermore, if you find them puking again or if you know they have ingested something potentially fatal, you should take your felines to a vet to seek immediate medication. 

Thomas Gibson

Monday 29th of November 2021

I shared this on my Facebook feed today.

Sarh S

Tuesday 9th of November 2021

I had a cat who threw up constantly through her whole life! It was terrible for me to keep finding it or stepping it, but she was happy and healthy.

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