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Wild Calling! Dog Food for Optimum Health #TheArtofNutrition

My Lady is always a studin’ what we eat. I see her a readin’ on the labels. While I don’t study it much, as long as it taste good, she sure does. Our food and treats always have to pass her inspection first. I don’t know a lot about our food, other than if’n I like it or not, but she wants it to be healthy. I sure do like it when she decides it’s healthy and it taste good too WOOF! She has her eye on a new food that sounds mighty tasty to me and our ‘wild’ pack! I’ll let her tell ya all ’bout it…

Wild Calling! Dog Food for Optimum Health, dogs playing in snow

A few of our pack enjoying a fun romp in the snow!

Here’s what my Lady has to say…

I try to eat a healthy, well-rounded diet at all times. I know that if I eat a healthy diet, I’ll feel better, have more energy, and will be able to face every day head on with a light step. That’s why I love Wild Calling!®  dog food. This all natural, organic food has everything a healthy dog needs and none of what they don’t. I love providing my pack with good nutritional food that keeps them fueled for running, playing and having a good time!

Wild Calling! Dog Food for Optimum Health, Maggie chasing squirrels in snow

Maggie has her own ‘wild calling’ – chasing squirrels!

Wild Calling! Dog Food Keeps Them Healthy

I eat healthy food, and so do my dogs. If healthy food keeps me feeling good, it only stands to reason that it will do the same for my four legged family members. That’s why Wild Calling! dog food is on my radar. It’s an all natural, organic food that was designed to keep dogs happy and healthy for their entire lives. You can’t feed your dog substandard food and expect them to be healthy. For me, that means that my dogs never get what I like to call “candy dog food”. Candy dog food is pretty much anything that involves bits, water to make gravy, or cheap food that is designed more for taste than health. Don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t mean that healthy nutritious food tastes bad to a dog. It just means that taste is only PART of the equation rather than the whole thing.

Wild Calling! Dog Food for Optimum Health - Maggie and Brandi playing in the snow

Maggie and Brandi searching for more critters to chase!

Wild Calling! dog food gets it. In fact, they have the art of nutrition down to a science. They have designed an all-natural food that is rich in high quality protein and has a low glycemic index. This high protein/low glycemic carbohydrate ratio means that dogs have the protein they need to keep muscles strong and healthy, as well as an energy source that will keep them going!

Wild Calling logo

Wild Calling! Dog Food – Real. Honest. True. Just Like Your Dog

Wild Calling! dog food was made with a dog’s health in mind, not with making owners happy. And that’s really great, actually. I don’t need flashy looking food to make me happy. I need a happy, healthy dogs, and with Wild Calling! dog food, that’s what you get. They have made a food that is pretty much the perfect food for a healthy dog. In addition to being an all natural dog food, it’s made in the USA. That’s SO important to me after all of the recalls of those dog foods a few years ago that were produced in China. Some poor dogs ended up dying!

Here’s what you get with Wild Calling! dog food:

  • Highest Quality: Wild Calling! dog food uses the highest quality, all-natural ingredients including antibiotic-free meat, poultry, and fish.
  • GlycoEdge: GlycoEdge is the fuel for your dog. This low glycemic carbohydrate base is made from tapioca, sweet potatoes, and lentils. These are all great sources of energy that aren’t sources of empty calories. Empty calories make a fat dog!
  • High Quality Protein: Wild Calling! dog food is committed to grain free nutrition. That’s because, although dogs are omnivores, grains were not – and will never be – a natural part of their diet. No grains of any kind are used for protein. All protein sources in this dog food are quality animal protein. These highest quality protein sources give your dog an optimal amino acid profile to support healthy muscles and increased energy.

Wild Calling! Dog Food for Optimum Health, Maggie hunting rabbits

Maggie also loves hunting and chasing rabbits – not that she has caught one yet!

I’m a firm believer in high quality, nutrient dense, calorie light dog food, and Wild Calling! dog food delivers exactly what I’m looking for. It’s an all-natural, organic product made with the highest ingredients and quality standards, and I love that. A food like this is exactly what any dog needs to be happy and healthy for years to come. I think this is a great food choice for any dog. We all need great healthy food to keep us at our best, and so do our dogs. So let’s give it to them!

Shelley P

Thursday 14th of April 2016

I love that this is such a high quality food and I can feel great about feeding it to my dogs! My dogs have tried the canned rabbit and loved it!! Wild Calling has such a great selection of flavors too which is great for picky eaters who you have to switch things up with :) We might try the Gator canned next :) Your pack is beautiful!

Sandy Weinstein

Saturday 2nd of April 2016

i have never herd of this dog food. i do feed my girls fish, no chicken, and they get raw venison and rabbit. i also use no grain. i use a mix of kibble, and raw. along with lots of supplements, steamed veggies and vitamins. i dont think they carry this brand in my local independent pet food stores. i like to use all natural, organic foods. i read the ingredients on everything i feed my girls. i also use only food processed in the us and check where the ingredients are sourced.

Katie Ellis

Saturday 28th of February 2015

You have beautiful dogs. It is important to have dog food companies that offer healthy food for dogs. This sounds like a great company with healthy food for dogs.

angela smith

Saturday 28th of February 2015

this food sounds like a good product.i'll have to give it a try.i love dogs are beautiful.

Dee Lafrenz

Saturday 28th of February 2015

I miss my big baby. We always got high protein food for her at the Mill, they carried almost every brand, and just as an FYI we raised wolves and fed them a combination of meat and high protein dog food. Our active animals needed the high protein. Your vet can tell you, and you can see the difference it makes on your fur babies!

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