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Nutritious Dog Food Keeps Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Have y’all ever eatin’ somethin’ so bad you can’t believe ya ate it? Well, some dog owners out there think that it don’t matter what they feed their pups. Too bad, they’re wrong! Dogs care about what they eat as much as you humanz do! I wanted to talk to ya about the different real foods and nutritious dog food that dogs like, so maybe these dog owners will take the hint WOOF!

Here are a few tips on Nutritious Dog Food and veggies we like:


Veggies & Fruits

It’s no lie when dogs tell you that they love veggies! I love me some vegetables and fruit!

I’ve even been know to stealz em from the garden, much to my Lady’s dislike!

Some veggies are favorites for us dogs. Green beans, sweet taters, and carrots are just a few veggies I love and I know many of my other doggie friends love too.

Us dogs especially love dog food that has real veggies in it. You can leave out all that fake stuff!

Y’all don’t like fake stuff and we don’t neither! Then, there are even some fruits that are ideal for my doggie palette.

Just the other day I had me some apple slices my Lady gave me WOOF!

I Can Dig Real Meat! What dog don’t?

If there’s one thing a down to earth pup likes for food it’s real meat!

There’s also nothin worse than eatin’ dog food with fake meat in it.

I’ll go to the ends of the earth to eat anything that has real meat in it. So the next time you’re pickin’ me out dog food, look on the label to make sure it has real meat in it.

There are a lot of reasons we like real meat over fake processed meat.

Not only does real meat taste right lip smackin’ good, real meat helps us stay strong and active.

Avoid fillers!!!

Ya need to be sure and check them ingredient labels!

Some manufacturers put a bunch of cheap fillers in their food! My Lady calls it sawdust. Say what?! Yuck!

Ya swallow that stuff and it swells up in ya belly makin’ ya think you’re full, but it’s not givin’ ya all the nutrients ya need to stay healthy.

If ya ever saw a piece of it dropped in water ya would know what I mean! It will swell up in the water and be all yucky!

Oh, and not to be gross, but when it comes out the other end, it’s not any better. It makes us have large fatty and stinky stools!

Boy, I’m sure glad my Lady is picky about our dog food!

If me, and your pooch, are gonna be strong and healthy for many years to come, we don’t need no cheap fillers in our food.

We need REAL ingredients!

Natural is Best

Even though a manufacturer puts veggies and meat in a dog food that don’t mean it’s real.

Make sure you’re payin’ attention to what’s real and what’s not in the next bag of dog food you purchase for your dog.

I’m speakin’ for all us dogs when I say – if we walk up to it, sniff it, and walk away from it – it’s probably not real food.

We love some sweet taters, green beans or peanut butter mixed with our food every now again.

It gives us a different flavor and some added texture that makes our dinners a bit more interestin’!

Ya can check out how to do this where I told ya about how to tingle our taste buds here!

It don’t take a lot of extra work, but it makes our meals a lot tastier!

Natural and Organic

My Lady is all about eatin’ natural and organic and she follows that rule for us too.

I ain’t got no complaints on my grub! Plus, we are all healthy, active and happy!

I don’t mean to cause such a strict diet for dogs everywhere, but us dogs are a countin’ on you to feed us right.

After all, we are your 4 legged kids, so I’m hopin’ you would want to feed us good 🙂

Like my Lady says, she would rather pay a little more for good nutritious dog food to keep us healthy and happy rather than have us gettin’ sick and feelin’ poorly!

I say bring on the meat and taters WOOF!

Mary W

Sunday 31st of July 2016

Meat, veggies and fruit work wonders with my dogs. There are some great foods for dogs onn the market today since this article was written. we're fans of FreshPet.

Heidi Robbins

Monday 4th of January 2016

You're right, I think even animals feel the effects of nutrition or the lack thereof.

Deb E

Friday 24th of October 2014

I've picked up so many more tips since I had my first dog years ago. Now if I could just make sure to set aside the time to make better doggie meals!


Tuesday 23rd of September 2014

Very good tips..thanks

Grace Pignatare

Sunday 14th of September 2014

I definitely agree with you. Your best friend in the whole world deserves the healthiest food and of course the tastiest!!! Rip Oreo... I miss u best friend every day! You are so greatly missed almost four years later... I still miss u more than ever.

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