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Woof Pouf for Dogs Makes Bath Day Easy! #WoofPouf

Absorbine disclosure

I have to tell ya, I got my feelin’s purdy hurt the other day! We went out for our regular play time and I did my regular rollin’ round in the dirt to scratch my back. I know my Lady don’t like me rollin’ in the dirt cause she says it brings all that dust in the house, but I snuck and done it anyway WOOF! To make up for it, I found me some smell good to put on for her! I lucked up on it when I was strollin’ round the yard. There it was! The prettiest big ole dead frog I ever saw! Yea boy! That’s what I’m talking ’bout! I rolled and rolled, rubbin’ it right nice like. Then, when my Lady called us to come in I was right proud to show her I smelled good! Trouble was, she wrinkled up her nose and went to fussin’! Boy howdy! That brought on a chain of events! She kept mumblin’ somethin’ ’bout a Woof Pouf™ from a place called Absorbine®. What the heck is that and what did it have to do with my new perfume?!

Woof Pouf for Dogs Makes Bath Day Easy! #WoofPouf

Turns out it had somethin’ to do with a bath. Uh oh! Here I am feelin’ right proud and she is sayin’ I stank and we might as well all get a good bath. I just can’t figure her out some days! And, I sure as heck don’t know what a Woof Pouf is. So, I better round her up and let her tell ya ’bout it.

Here’s what my Lady had to say about the Woof Pouf…

When it comes to bath day for my dogs it is both dreaded and anticipated. It is dreaded because there are 7 of them and some can be a handful. They simply do not like baths in any form or fashion. At the same time, they love to be clean and fresh and will be all smiles and prancing once it’s over. Dogs need regular baths to keep their skin and coat clean and healthy and I love how soft and shiny they are. Ok, let’s be real! What I really love the most is they smell so much better! While they may think dead frogs and other things are the greatest perfume, they are not my favorite scent at all!

One of the biggest problems I have, especially with the ones that don’t like baths is wrestling with a shampoo bottle while trying to hold them still and scrub. Well, have you heard a Woof Pouf for dogs? Check these babies out! I think they are the greatest invention ever! It’s similar to the Pouf us humans use to take a bath, but these have special little soap beads made in. Come on and let me show you the Woof Pouf for dogs from Absorbine!


We had a chance to try the UltraShield Woof Pouf  and the ShowSheen Woof Pouf from Absorbine for our last dog bath day. These little jewels will last up to 15 washes each. Then, after a while the soap beads will disintegrate.

About Absorbine
Dogs are more than pets; they’re members of your family. At Absorbine, they’ve been in the animal care business for 120 years—and are dog owners, too. So they know that when it comes to caring for your dog, you won’t compromise. That’s why they’ve put all those years of experience—and a little tender loving care—into their line of pet products.

If fleas and ticks are troublesome for you, then the UltraShield Woof Pouf is perfect! It is PROVEN to help prevent, and repel, fleas and ticks. It uses a blend of natural herbs and extracts. And, I love that its natural formula is eco-safe. Anything all natural that helps repel fleas and ticks is a friend to me!

Tough dog odors? Then the ShowSheen Woof Pouf is amazing! It helps with everything from wet and dirty dogs to even clean through skunk oil! The ShowSheenWoof Pouf encapsulates odors. It breaks down the odors and eliminates the bad smells, whereas most shampoos simply try to cover up odors or perfume the dog.

Woof Pouf for Dogs Makes Bath Day Easy! #WoofPouf

Maggie has been waiting on her bath. She loves to get clean, prettied up, and smell good. She chose to use the ShowSheen Woof Pouf so she would smell extra good! When the weather is hot like it is now, our dogs love to get their bath outside. In a few weeks, when the weather turns cool, we will be back to the tub, but for now the hose it is.

How to use the Woof Pouf

To use the Absorbine Woof Pouf, wet the dog down completely. Then, work the Woof Pouf into a lather and shampoo as usual starting at the head and working down. There are no shampoo bottles to fight with as the lather is in your hand! Rinse completely and you are done!

Woof Pouf for Dogs Makes Bath Day Easy! #WoofPouf

Next up were Molly, Brandi, and Ozzy. Molly doesn’t like baths, but will cooperate. To be honest, it isn’t the bath she doesn’t like – but getting her feet wet! Sorry for her, but we haven’t figured out how to do a bath without getting her feet wet yet. On the other hand, Ozzy and Brandi, being half lab, love water in any form or fashion! For Molly and Ozzy, we used the UltraShield Woof Poof since they are the ones that like running through the woods and pick up unwanted crawly critters. Help repelling them from the Woof Pouf is welcome! Brandi is a another pretty girly girl so we opted to use the ShowSheen Woof Pouf for her so she could smell extra good.

Woof Pouf for Dogs Makes Bath Day Easy! #WoofPouf

Seager and Sallie were next in the line up. These two have to be in a mood for a bath. They either want it or they don’t. Seager was not in the mood today and kept trying to escape, but Sallie was ready for one. I loved using the Woof Pouf on them because I didn’t have to turn loose of the dog, or stop rubbing, to grab the shampoo! As long as you don’t stop rubbing, you are fine. If you ever stop, you are going to get drenched.

Woof Pouf for Dogs Makes Bath Day Easy! #WoofPouf

Last but not least is Little Bit. She does not like a bath outside at all. It doesn’t matter that there is warm water and it is a 100 degrees outside. She just doesn’t do well. She also doesn’t like the tub. I believe she feels safer in a small area, so she gets her bath in the kitchen sink. It always starts with a little love and a kiss. She also wants to have her front feet on the center divider. Whatever it takes, we do! She loved the Woof Pouf too, because Dad never had to take his hands off her!

Seager shaking water

The winner for the shaker of the day is Seager! With all his weight and strength, he gave a mighty shake that lasted forever! We all got a shower and needed a towel! But, hey, I never said we weren’t drenched after bathing 7 dogs!

Absorbine banner

Like I said, we love the Woof Pouf from Absorbine and think it is the greatest creation ever! When you have as many dogs to bath as we do, you want the easiest way possible. And, believe you me! With this many dogs, you do not want their doggie perfume in the house! I believe we have hit the jackpot with the Woof Pouf though! It’s great for big and little dogs and helps repel fleas and ticks, as well as tackle those tough dog odors!


Daniel Scott

Tuesday 6th of October 2015

My dog rolled in a dead fish. He stunk so bad and it was slimy as well as stinky. Thank goodness it was summer and I could bathe him outside.

Daniel Scott

Tuesday 6th of October 2015

I learned that their eco-friendly formula contains oils of thyme, cedar, lemongrass, rosemary, citronella, clove, and geraniol in a vegetable-based soap to leave your dog’s skin and coat clean and soft.

Sammantha D.

Thursday 1st of October 2015

I learned they last up to 15 washes. Pretty neat, just having to take along one product when you travel instead of 2 or 3.


Wednesday 30th of September 2015

Showsheen Wouf Pouf lather lasts up to 15 washes.


Monday 28th of September 2015

I just had to come and share. Yesterday I took my babies (2 pugs) to the Environmental Preserve area near my. Dogs were off leash resting from running around. I always leash them up again when I see other dogs or people jogging or on bikes. Well it was a family some on bikes some walking but they had a cute little hound dog. My Lola definitely wanted to play I told them my pugs were friendly theirs seemed to be friendly wanting to get play but they took off. The mom stood behind on her bike to talk to me she was admiring how cute my babies are.

Well Lola did her usual thing. The lady looked at Lola and said "Oh she must have an itch poor thing" I said no she likes doing that, does it all the time. (Rubbing her back on the ground dirt even with her harness on, well they don't leave the house with out it) The lady told me how her Cindy did the same thing one day and she dirty up her harness, I cut the lady off and I said "oh when it rain Lola love to get in the mud. See right there (pointing to a sucken area in the white dirt) when it has rain or when she is wet she gets in there and get makes herself all white." The lady looking at me in disgust said "And you let her?" I said "Yes I let her" and before I finished my sentence she started to peddle as she said she had to go.

I was like Wow, I guess she thought I was too disgusting to continue talkig too. Oh well, that is why there is water and soap if dogs, kids or anyone gets dirty you just wash them off. I mean they are dogs after all I can't expect them to be squeakly clean especially when taking them out to an Environmental Preserve area to have fun. But I have notice Lola gets a kick out of rubbing her back on icky smells and dead animals. Like a dead frog, and a dead crab. I now got to keep a better eye on her when she does it but normally its on the dirt or grass after sniffing on it. Lucas today started to do the same when another person commented on Lola rubbing her back on the grass. It look as he was tired of Lola getting attention for doing such thing so he decided to do the same. Pugs.

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