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WrapSit Soft-Sided Pet Crate lets Furry Friends Come Along for the Adventure! #Petpalooza2

I am a lucky dog in that I get to go lots of places with my Lady. My sister, Little Bit, hasn’t always been so lucky. She is a little Chihuahua and gettin’ on up there in years. She gets tired and cranky fast! Then, other times, she is dartin’ this a way and that a way and my Lady has to round her up to keep her out of trouble WOOF! In the end, she gets stuck at home while we get to go have fun. But, not anymore! My Lady found a nifty thing called a Wrapsit Soft-Sided Pet Crate for her!

WrapSit Soft-Sided Pet Crate lets Furry Friends Come Along for an Adventure! #Petpalooza

With the Wrapsit, she can come along on our fishin’ trips, out to the neighborhood ballgame, or go with us for family reunions (those are the best)! Yep! She can have a nice soft blankie in there and be able to nap in peace. And, when there are lots of folks around, it keeps her safe from gettin’ stepped on. I wouldn’t want to be a little mite amongst all those human legs, that must look like giant trees to her, and their feet that are big as her either WOOF! Lemme fetch my Lady to tell ya ’bout this new fun contraption!

Here’s what my Lady says about the Wrapsit

The Wrapsit Soft-Sided Pet Crate provides comfort, security, and convenience for pet parents and their pets that love to go with them! With this fun invention, you no longer have to leave your little buddy behind because they tire easily or get into mischief! It provides a safe place for your pet to rest and enjoy the scenery from right below your chair! Before I show it to you, you may already be thinking – “say what??”, right? Let’s check out what it is and then I will show you how convenient it really is!

About the Wrapsit Soft-Sided Pet Crate

Wrapsit™ transforms the un-used area beneath ordinary folding, fabric lawn chairs into a portable and secure crate for your pet. The mesh sides and durable, waterproof bottom give your small pet the perfect place to rest while on-the-go, at the park, on the sidelines at sporting or agility events, while camping in your tent or RV – or anywhere you take it! It is the ONLY soft-sided slipcover pet crate for folding, fabric lawn chairs. And because you install it once, Wrapsit becomes its own carrier for your chair with a padded shoulder strap.

WrapSit Soft-Sided Pet Crate

One-Time Setup of the Wrapsit!

To use the Wrapsit Pet Crate, it is a one-time setup. Just slide the slipcover over the legs of your folding camp chair, secure the cover with hook & loop at each side of the seat, and open your chair. That’s it! You’re done!

WrapSit Soft-Sided Pet Crate

The extra pockets on the back flap holds supplies such as: water bottles, sunscreen, treats for your pet, extra leash, poop bags, phones – basically anything you travel with and need close by! It is perfect for organizing all your belongings!

However, if it is a super hot day, and you need extra ventilation on the inside of the crate, simply remove by releasing the Velcro straps!

WrapSit Soft-Sided Pet Crate lets Furry Friends Come Along for an Adventure! #PetpaloozaLittle Bit loves going in her little den to get out of the sun and rest. It’s her own little private space.

WrapSit Soft-Sided Pet Crate lets Furry Friends Come Along for an Adventure! #Petpalooza

When the playing gets rough and she needs a break, she heads to her Wrapsit crate for a breather. Looks like all the pups needed a breather!

WrapSit Soft-Sided Pet Crate lets Furry Friends Come Along for an Adventure! #Petpalooza

The fun Wrapsit Soft-Sided chair cover provides a dry, roomy 5 cu.ft. safe haven pets can call their own when away from home! It has a canopy top, heavy poly-mesh sides for cooling air flow, and a waterproof floor. The mesh sides also provide cover from the outdoor elements, while your chair provides a dog shade canopy to help protect from the sun.

Did I mention that the shoulder strap releases and can be used as a pet lead? They have thought of everything so that you and your furry friend can enjoy adventures together!

WrapSit Soft-Sided Pet Crate

When you are ready to fold it up, the Wrapsit closes with your chair to become the carrying case. No more struggling to get your chair back into a carrying case! How cool is that?!

WrapSit Soft-Sided Pet Crate

It has a convenient shoulder strap(doubles as a pet lead), or a padded handled to carry it with to make it easy to carry!

Wrapsit is Perfect for Dogs AND Cats!

If your dog loves to go along for adventures to the beach, ballgames, fishing, camping, etc., they will love this fun collapsible kennel! It is also great for family get-togethers where the family is outside grilling, etc. But WAIT! It’s not just for dogs! Why should kitty miss out on fun? Now, they can go along for the adventure and have a safe place to get fresh air and see the world around them too!

The Wrapsit is also Great for Easy Access Storage

The Wrapsit also has an added use! If you frequent sporting events, dog shows, etc., well you know you have a lot of “stuff” we take along. From towels, water bottles, electronics, snakes, sunscreen, etc. and it is usually scattered all around our feet in a haphazard way. Well, ta-da! Store it under your seat in the Wrapsit! It is an easy and convenient place to secure your items and keep them out of foot traffic!

WrapSit features

Wrapsit Soft-Sided Pet Crate features in a nutshell:

1. Simple one-time, slipcover installation secures in place with hook and loop to fully enclose the space beneath your seat.

2. No more re-bagging your chair Wrapsit™ becomes its own convenient carrying case. Simply close chair with Wrapsit™ in place, wrap and go!

3. 5 cubic foot, fully enclosed pop up kennel for pet containment and/or storage of personal items

4. Waterproof base and interior floor to keep pet dry

5. Extra pockets on wrapping panel, accessible even when unit is closed

6. Large mesh windows on four sides of this pop up dog kennel allow for pet ventilation and viewing

7. Large zippered opening provides for easy access to interior

8. Padded handle for ease of carrying

9. Releasable shoulder strap for use as a convenient pet lead

10. Staking loops at four corners keep this soft-sided dog pen in place on those windy days

Want to see it in Action? Take a look at the video!

If you are looking to go on adventures with your best friend or simply let them tag along on family outings, the Wrapsit Soft-Sided Pet Crate is perfect! On the other hand, maybe you just need a way to corral all your belongings into one spot when attending sporting or pet events. Whichever is the case, you can’t go wrong with the PAWSOME Wrapsit!

Visit Wrapsit for more information and get yours today! How will you use your Wrapsit?

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Dorothy Boucher

Wednesday 20th of November 2019

I think this is pretty nice! I don't know if it would be for me. I can't see bringing a dog or cat out and putting it under my chair in the heat during the day and from the size of this, you won't be able to put your med. or large dogs, So I guess this is only good for small pets. @tisonlyme143

Cindy S.

Tuesday 23rd of May 2017

Wow! Very versatile. We could use this for our little Chi mix. Thanks for the great info on this fun product!


Monday 22nd of May 2017

cute dog!!!

Lindsay Giedosh

Friday 19th of May 2017

This is such a cute and helpful idea!

Sarah L

Wednesday 17th of May 2017

That is a clever invention. I can see where it would be very useful.

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