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8 Car Safety Hints for Dogs

As a loving dog owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your dog safe. With these 8 hints, you can be sure of a safe and relaxing car journey for everyone.

8 Car Safety Hints for Dogs

Secure Your Dog

Car accidents happen to everyone and by letting your dog roam your car unrestrained, you’re risking serious health consequences for everyone in the car. Roaming pets in the car is not only a hazard to themselves but also a potential distraction to the driver. There are many options to keep your dog safe while driving and it’s worth exploring the market to see what would be most appropriate for your pup. Popular choices include doggy seatbelts, secured cages, and booster seats.

Choose the Right Restraint

When choosing a restraint to keep your pooch protected during car journeys, it’s vital to research the quality and effectiveness. Many harnesses and restraints haven’t actually been crash-tested, as highlighted by this popular pet blogger:

‘Little did I know that the car harness he was wearing wasn’t designed or tested for his protection, like many other dog owners I thought there were regulations regarding car harnesses kind of like car seats for children. Sadly, this isn’t the case.’ –

8 Car Safety Hints for Dogs

No Passenger Seat Pooches

Having your dog by your side for the journey might sound like a great idea but in reality, sitting in the passenger seat is dangerous for dogs. In the case of an accident, your dog is unsecured and will feel the full force of the crash. Additionally, airbags are not meant for pets or children and could end up doing more harm than good. I”t’s understandable to want to keep your dog in sight, especially if they have an anxious disposition and like to be with you at all times but having them in the back is much better for them in the long run. To keep your dog away from the front seat, there are special barriers that can be bought that vary in sizes depending on the size of your car and your dog”, says Francisco Brooks, a travel writer at Academized and Stateofwriting.

Keep the Windows Shut

The classic picture of canine car journeys is that of a joyful dog with its head out the window and tongue lolling in the wind. They undoubtedly love feeling the breeze and as owners, it can be great fun watching your dog enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, being a responsible dog owner means avoiding the temptation to roll down the window, no matter how much your dog insists.  There is a real danger of flying debris that can cause damage to your dog’s face. Even airborne dust and dirt is enough to harm your dog’s eyes. If the rush of wind is something your dog can’t live without, it’s worth investing in some Doggles which offer at least some protection.

Don’t Leave Your Dog in the Car

We’ve all heard it time and time again and yet, every year hundreds of pets end up dying after being left alone in a car. In cold weather, being left inside a car without the heating on poses a risk of hypothermia for dogs.

In hot weather, pets are at risk of heatstroke and even with the window cracked open, the temperature inside a car can increase dramatically in minutes:

‘Parked cars quickly trap the sun’s heat. Even on a day if the temperature is 70 degrees outside, the temperature inside a car with all the windows closed can hit 90 degrees in just 10 minutes. Think about that.’ – blogpaws

8 Car Safety Hints for Dogs

Be Prepared

Make your journeys easier for everyone by bringing along distractions for your dog. Treats, toys, and pillows will keep your dog entertained and happy, however long you need to be driving for. Additionally, make sure you have plenty of breaks planned. Give your pets the opportunity to relieve themselves, stretch their legs and drink plenty of water.

Clear the Area

Some dogs can be living dustbins, hoovering up anything that is within reach. Keep your car journeys trouble-free by always double checking that the car environment for your dog is kept clear of all things, edible or not. “This includes the typical food that’s dangerous for dogs like chocolate and grapes as well as other items that they might find in your car like antifreeze or cleaning sprays. The last thing you want is to be distracted from the roads while trying to wrestle an air-freshener out of your dog’s mouth”, explains Lorraine Pollard, a lifestyle blogger at Australian help and Paper Fellows

Smoke Free Zone

Second-hand smoke can be just as damaging to dogs as well as it is to humans and children. Your dog has a right to clean air and being trapped in an inescapable smokey car will make them feel nauseated.

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Jeanine Bevacqua

Monday 24th of February 2020

It always baffles my mind to see people allowing their dogs to sit on their laps while driving. Hello, maybe you don't mind that you're steering a ton of metal around, but when you hit me because you couldn't put Fifi in the back seat, I am not going to be very happy...

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Shannon Holmes

Wednesday 22nd of January 2020

Thanks for all of these safety hints for dogs.

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