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Arthritis in Dogs: Helpin’ Sallie’s Achin’ Bones

Me and My Lady are kind of sad these days. Sallie is part of my pack and I don’t like what’s happenin’ to her. Sallie’s a big ole Mamma’s girl and just likes to lay at My Ladies feet. That would be okay, ‘cept we know Sallie does it now a days ‘cause she don’t feel so good.

Arthritis in Dogs

I know she is way older than me and been here longer, but I’m the protector of the group and just wish I could protect Sallie from this pain she has. See, Sallie is a big ole Rottweiler and she hurt her leg awhile back. Doc says that’s how she got this arthritis stuff. I can tell it hurts her to walk around, so most of the pack don’t mind when she wants to be close to My Lady.

Here’s a few holistic solutions for arthritis in dogs

The cold weather really hurt Sallie, so we tried to keep her warm. It’s best to give your dog friend a really soft bed so her bones won’t hurt and her own blanket to keep warm. Sometimes you can even plug in one of them warm little pad things and put it on a part you know hurts. You gotta stay with your dog baby though, cause they can’t move it when it gets too warm! If you don’t have a warm pad with a cord attached, a plain old towel wetted with warm water and laid on the hurtin spot feels good too!

My Lady says there are foods that can help too so you wanna read labels and get stuff with Omega-3 in it. My Lady says that stuff helps fix Sallie’s joint inflammation if it’s got at least 60% of them there fatty acids in it. I thought food just filled your belly and tasted good, but My Lady says things like salmon, tuna and cheese can help too, so long as nobody in the pack has allergies to it.

You know those little jars of spice things you make food with? My Lady has been readin’ bout how some of those are good for Sallie’s hurtin’ too. Oregano, Thyme, Parsley and Ginger are good for your critters cause they got lots of vitamins in them and are antioxidants. My Lady says you can just sprinkle some on our regular food.

Talkin’ bout our food…did you know that stuff with lots of preservatives can hurt your critters bones? And them fake colors and flavors ain’t no good either! Seems to me if they got to dye it all up to look good, maybe it ain’t so healthy. Your critter friends ought to get to eat food as good and natural as you put on your own table.

My Lady likes to tell me all about this “Howlistic” and natural stuff that helps take good care of us and helps with arthritis in dogs. I like tellin’ y’all ‘cause maybe it will help some of your pack feel better, like I am hopin’ it will help Sallie. Sallie gots some other issues goin’ on too that we’ve told ya about, but tryin’ to figure out her achy bone problems will help her feel tons better I am sure!

Angelia Medlin

Tuesday 5th of April 2016

Its always difficult when pets get older and start suffering with ailments. I never knew there were alternatives to helping your dog with athritis. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah L

Saturday 21st of November 2015

My cat was old and hurting. She loved the heating pad I put out for her.


Tuesday 17th of November 2015

Very helpful - I have doubts about those suplementssold in pets tores

Lizzie McComas

Sunday 12th of October 2014

I hope Sallie is doing okay with colder weather coming in. Our dog, Shelly, has a lot of hip and leg issues and it's getting worse now that she's older. She has deformities from birth too and that doesn't help. We're going to give some of your suggestions a try and see if we can bring some holistic help to our girl. Big hugs from me and licks from our dogs Buddy and Shelly!!


Monday 13th of October 2014

Awe...thanks for the well wishes! Cold wet weather is the worst! Hope Shelly is doing ok with hers. I can only imagine if she has other issues too, it's probably really hard on her. I hate knowing they are in pain :( Hugs and puppy kisses back to Buddy and Shelly!

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