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How Ginger Can Be Healthy For Your Pup

Ginger is a great way to ease any stomach issues you may have if you are a human and even for your dog. The things that make consuming ginger good for your human health are the same properties that can help your dog’s stomachaches as well. Here are some surprising ways ginger for dogs can be highly beneficial to your dog’s health.

How Ginger Can Be Healthy For Your Pup


Dogs can get nauseous and vomit just like humans can.

No matter if your dog suffers from motion sickness, feels a little under the weather, or may even be going through cancer treatment.

Giving your dog some fresh ginger can improve their nausea in no time.

This is because of ginger’s gingerol and shogaol, which are chemical compounds that are responsible for ginger’s taste and also speed up the digestive process.

It also acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Closeup of dog with head laying on couch arm


Believe it or not, dogs get bloated too only their bloating can be fatal.

In the first stage of dilation, your dog’s stomach will expand, putting pressure on other organs.

Your dog’s blood flow will slow between the heart, abdomen, and hind legs.

Eventually, blood flow to and from your dog’s stomach lining will slow as well.

If your dog gets bloated easily, this could cause serious damage because it could eventually turn into gastric dilatation-volvulus.

This is life-threatening. Ginger can ease the early stages of bloat.

Bulldog sleeping with tongue sticking out


Dogs get gas just like humans do. Your dog could be swallowing air while eating or drinking.

Another reason for your dog passing gas is because the digestive gases are being released as their food breaks down.

You want to make sure that this is not just a regular case of gas, as this is normal.

If your suspect your dog has a build-up of gas though, ginger could be one of the solutions as it can help prevent and do away with gas in your dog’s system.

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This is an inflammatory disease and ginger is anti-inflammatory making it the perfect way to quell your dog’s arthritis symptoms.

Adding fresh ginger to your dog’s diet can do wonders for their symptoms, though it will not cure their issue.

Even though there are not many studies that scientifically prove that ginger is great for your dog’s arthritis symptoms, there are enough studies in humans that make it promising.


Some studies have shown that ginger can slow the rate of breast cancer growth in mice.

Ginger is not a catch-all cure, but is an anti-inflammatory and an immune booster.

It may not be able to cure cancer, but it may be able to ease some of the side effects of cancer treatments.

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Letting your dog consume ginger is a great way to manage heartworm disease.

Heartworm can lead to other health issues like lung disease, heart failure, organ damage, and even death.

On the other hand, some conventional treatments for heartworm can be really harmful to your dog’s health.

Debbie P

Saturday 21st of November 2020

It;s great for pets and humans! I like brewing black tea and ginger tea together.

monique s

Friday 20th of November 2020

I had no idea and this would be simple and easy to do

Jackie Wisherd

Thursday 19th of November 2020

I am glad to know that ginger can be good for my dog. I will be sure to include it in his food.

Tony Platz

Wednesday 18th of November 2020



Wednesday 18th of November 2020

I never knew that ginger had such healing properties. Thanks for the article.

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