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Brightech Offers Beautiful Sturdy Lighting for Homes with Rough-Housing Pets

Y’all know I am a dog with a blog and I love telling y’all my stories and letting you know about interesting pet stuff. But, you may be wondering why the heck I am yacking about a lamp. Well, my Lady loves to chime in every now and again on the blog too WOOF! However, my Lady has been having some terrible headaches and some of them are caused by eyestrain from staring at that little screen. And, it’s no wonder! We just can’t seem to get the light in our office where it needs to be to see right when we are working. The overhead light seems to be behind us and that little ole table lamp just ain’t cutting it. All that squinting and straining to see what we are working on is killing us! Not anymore! My Lady found us a nifty “Hudson” lamp from Brightech!

Brightech Offers Beautiful Sturdy Lighting for Homes with Rough-Housing Pets

Our new lamp is called the “Hudson” from Brightech and it sure is dandy! It puts the light in just the right spot – right over the work area!

It brightens up the whole desk area for us. No more squinting, red eyes, and headaches for us! WOOF!

I just finished my part of the work and wanna go play. So, lemme fetch my Lady to tell you about it!

Here’s my Lady to tell ya ’bout the Hudson Lamp from Brightech

Miss Molly is a pickle, isn’t she?! But, she is right! It doesn’t seem to matter how bright the bulb in the overhead light is or trying to maneuver a small table lamp around, the lighting is just horrible!

That isn’t so good when you sit for hours working trying to work in a dim area. It causes eyestrain and endless headaches.

Not a lot of fun for sure! However, I have found the perfect solution!

As Miss Molly said, the “Hudson” lamp from Brightech has solved our lighting problem!

Let me introduce you and then I will tell you more about my fabulous new find!

About Brightech

Brightech™ manufactures top quality electronics and lighting products that make the best use of cutting edge technology. They started Brightech with a single LED build, and then realized that there was room to improve across the industry. From cutting edge LED floor lamps to proprietary solar string lights – their products always lead with innovation.

Brightech Hudson Lamp

The Hudson Lamp from Brightech

The Hudson is a classic lamp that looks amazing with any decor and works well for a variety of lighting needs.

From behind the couch, to the bedside, and also above an office desk.

The simple, yet elegant design, makes it a perfect choice for a multitude of decors such as industrial, mid-century modern, and contemporary.

It comes in a black or oil-rubbed bronze finish (ours is the rubbed bronze) and pairs perfectly with the warm tone of this lamp’s illuminated, textural lamp shade.

It is a gorgeous lamp that works well with all decor!

Brightech Hudson Lamp

The Hudson is Perfect for Home Or Office

The Hudson lamp gives off a warm, beautiful light that will create a cozy, comfortable, and well-lit space for any room in your home or office.

While its warm light is a great alternative to unpleasant overhead lights, my reason for using the Hudson lamp is to provide extra lighting in a tricky office spot!

Also, warm light is better on the eyes than stark white light.

Brightech Hudson Lamp

I wanted a lamp that would help with my desk lighting. As much as I would love a desk that is not shoved up against a wall, my limited space just will not allow it.

This leaves me trying to work with the overhead light behind me – putting a shadow over my work area. Even small table lamps are not sufficient to shine the light where I need it.

The Hudson lamp fits easily next to my desk. It can also be used beside a couch or bed.

While it stands around 6 feet tall, it has a height adjustable upper arm so that you can adjust the height and position.

And, the adjustable arm can extend 2-3 feet out over your desk, couch, bed, or chair to give you light where you need it most.

Brightech Hudson Lamp with dog

The Weighted Base Withstands Knocks and Bumps

I will say that I THOUGHT LONG AND HARD ABOUT A STANDING LAMP! With my rambunctious pack of 6 big dogs and 2 little ones always running and playing, I was concerned it would constantly be getting knocked over. 

They are ALL always at my feet whether they are sleeping or playing. This makes having anything delicate or breakable around my work area as, in plain language, “not happening”!

However, you will LOVE the super sturdy weighted base on this jewel! IT IS HEAVY!!! 

Even with my 100+ pound pups rubbing up against it and constantly bumping it, my Hudson lamp is still standing!

I will gladly give it an A+ just for withstanding being bumped and knocked around by them!

Energy Saving & Long Lasting!

The Hudson floor lamp includes a 9.5-watt power-saving LED light so that you will never have to replace a bulb. Like seriously!

The bulb is made to last for more than 20 years! And, when I am burning the midnight oil, overheating from a lamp is always a concern for me.

With the Hudson lamp, you don’t have to worry! It doesn’t overheat and will not burn out.

As if those are not enough good features, Brightech offers a 5-year satisfaction guarantee! Yes, you read that right!

They wholeheartedly stand behind their products. I love companies willing to put it on the line like that!

Brightech Hudson Lamp

We have been more than pleased with the Hudson Lamp from Brightech!

It has solved my tricky lighting problem in addition to being able to withstand the often rowdy and rough play from my pups.

And, did I mention how beautiful it is?

It is way more elegant in person than in photos and we have been tickled to death with solving the desk light problem!

If you are looking for beautiful quality lighting for a space in your home, visit Brightech and take a look around! They have solutions for all your needs!

Whether you are looking for lighting for your home office, bedroom or living room Brightech offers floor lamps, string lights, magnifier lamps, and table lamps. I am sure you will find the perfect solution!

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Marisela Zuniga

Sunday 13th of January 2019

This looks really nice

Lana simanovicki

Friday 11th of January 2019

I like this light I can sure use one of these

Melissa Storms

Tuesday 8th of January 2019

This sounds like the perfect lighting for my 14 yos homework/gaming/drawing area. I love him to death and feel like apologizing for passing on my clumsier traits to him every time he knocks something over or trips over something, lol.

Paula Gardner

Monday 7th of January 2019

Good info. My dtr has a dog that can't walk thru a room without knocking into something.

Dorothy Boucher

Saturday 5th of January 2019

What a great looking floor lamp this one is, I love that you are able to make adjustments for hight on it. @tisonlyme143

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