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Calming the Chaos with a Hands-Free Pet Gate #RichellPet


With 7 of us pups runnin’ loose through our house, there’s always a lot of chaos goin’ on WOOF! Most of us are big dogs weighin’ in over 70 lbs, but there are medium sized ones and a little sprite of 5 lbs in the mix. With all the runnin’, jumpin’ and woofin’ it up goin’ on my Lady gets a little frizzy haired and starry eyed lookin’.

When she’s got somethin’ important she’s needin’ to get typed up or when she’s a cookin’, she brings out them baby gate things to try and make us stay in one spot. For some it works, for others not so good. Them baby gate jails are easy to break out of Woof! That sister of mine Brandi can jump like a deer and smooth flies over the top of em! Then, there are those of us that can break thru em with a good shove! I don’t think my Lady likes them baby gates either, by all the fussin’ she does when she trips herself up tryin’ to get over em! She sure shut us down good the other day though! She brought out the big guns with a new hands-free pet gate from a place called Richell USA.

Yep, I think she got us good on this one! The Richell Hands-Free Pet Gate is taller than a normal baby gate at 36.6″ tall and it fits so tight we can’t seem to pull our usual stunts to knock it down. My Lady seems mighty pleased cause she don’t have to step over it! She can just walk right on through it by stepping on a foot pedal. Sure put a damper on my mood! I’m gonna go back to my poutin’ and let her tell ya ’bout our new hands-free pet gate since she’s the one so pleased ’bout it!


Here’s what my Lady has to say about the Richell Hands-Free Pet Gate:

Molly nailed it when she said we have a very noisy and chaotic household! With 7 dogs running, barking, wrestling and playing – not to mention always underfoot, it can be a little too much when you have necessary things to do. While the older dogs are fairly good about laying down out of the way, Ozzy and Brandi are still a handful. They are almost 2 years old, hyper as all get out and I’m starting to wonder if they will every grow out of it.

For me, and if you are a pet parent, then you know pet gates are a necessity! A few of the worst times in my home when they are needed are when I am trying to cook, work or more often than not – both at the same time. My poor pups are probably confused because they are either gated ‘in’ or ‘out’ of the office depending on what is going on. If I am working on something with a deadline, trying to work with them in there is pretty much worthless. As big as they are, they still try to get in my lap, jump on my desk, hit the keyboard, etc. So, during important times and if someone is home with me, they are designated outside of the office so I can work.

At other times, I need to keep them in the office with me. If I put something on the stove in the kitchen to simmer, I can’t trust Ozzy and Brandi not to jump up on the stove and possibly pull it off on themselves while I am still in the office. Them two can do a fair amount of damage in a short period of time if you don’t keep up with them. Having a hands-free pet gate is perfect for containing them inside the office with me and I can come and go easily to check on my simmering food, all without doing acrobatics to get over the gate!


With my dogs being on the hefty size, they were constantly knocking the regular baby gate down. Now, with the Richell Hands-Free Pet Gate, I don’t have to worry about that! Richell’s products are made with excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail that earned many of its product designs the “Editor’s Choice Award” for four consecutive years (2010-2014)! If you haven’t heard of RichellUSA’s Pet Products, they are all about comfort and style! They combine the elements of safety, comfort and mobility . Let’s check out the features of the hands-free pet gate.

How does the Richell Hands-Free Pet Gate work?

I love when I can find eco friendly pet products and the Richell Hands-Free Pet Gate is made of eco friendly Rubberwood! It uses a tension-mount installation with adjuster knobs. It fits similar to a baby gate, only the adjuster knobs and heavy build of the gate makes it MUCH sturdier and heavy duty! It also has rubber stoppers to protect the wall surfaces. The hands-free gate stands 36.6″ tall, which is an added benefit for me since I have large dogs that can easily jump a baby gate. The Richell hands-free pet gate fits doorways or hallway opening from 28.3″ to 37.2″ wide.


Another feature that I am totally in love with is the specially designed foot pedal that allows for hands-free opening of the gate door. No more trying to hop over a gate with my hands full or balance something in hand, while holding on to the door facing to climb over. I am in heaven with this thing! All I have to do is simple step on the foot pedal and pass right through!


The gate opening measures 19.1″, which is spacious enough to pass through with no trouble. The gate door automatically closes behind you, or if you want to leave it open, just push it open to a 45º angle and it will stay opened.


Molly is a thinker and she has seen me press the pedal to get out and she is checking it out. While pressing the pedal down with my foot is quite simple to me, none of the dogs would be able to press it hard enough to release the gate. Even my heaviest dog, would not be able to pull that off. Can’t blame her for checking it out though!


Since I have dogs of all sizes, I particularly liked the idea that it is recommended for both small and large dogs weighing between 8.8 to 88 lbs. We are enjoying the 36.6″ height of the gate, which is perfect for all of my medium to large sized dogs, even my German Shepherds. It’s tall enough to keep my leaping Brandi inside, much to her disappointment! The slats are spaced 1 1/4″ apart making it perfect to allow them to see what is going on so they don’t feel left out or locked up. Even if they do pout at times!

Award winning pet products are hard to find, but I’ve found a jewel in the Richell Hands-Free Pet Gate! It has definitely made my every day life easier and I look forward to using it during my holiday cooking! My pets are like my kids and a part of my family, but there are times they don’t need to be underfoot. The Richell Hands-Free Pet Gate gives me the freedom to do what I need to do, while my furry four legged kids can watch safely from another room.

Once last word of caution, the hands-free pet gate is meant for use inside the home to section your dog off in a particular area. Do not use for keeping your pets from leaving the house.


Saturday 29th of September 2018

Helping tool to train and keep them away from specific areas


Monday 17th of November 2014

I haven't considered any other food. Greasy likes Friskies Indoor Delights.


Monday 17th of November 2014

He have two Big Dogs, and I'm not sure a gate would stop them from going upstairs... but we may want to try this... I'm going to look into it.

Stephanie Lashbrook

Sunday 16th of November 2014

This looks like a much better solution than what I have up and what I was thinking of making in replacement of what I currently have there.

Stephanie Lashbrook

Sunday 16th of November 2014

I'm actually using two different types of child gates on my kitchen door right now and they are a pain. We have to go through my room to get to the kitchen.

Denise Osborn

Sunday 16th of November 2014

These are so much better than the dog gate I used. It keeps my dog from going into the kitchen.

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