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Can Dogs Eat Peanuts and Peanut Butter?

Want to treat your dog to some crunchy peanuts but are wondering can dogs eat peanuts and what about some tasty peanut butter?

We’ve got all the information covered for our concerned dog owners.

The short and sweet answer to your question is YES!

You can feed your four-legged buddies a variety of nuts including peanuts. However, nuts such as macadamia, pecans, walnuts, and pistachios are considered toxic for dogs. 

Well, with so many nuts ruled out of their diet, ‘can dogs eat peanuts or peanut butter?’

This could be a common concern among dog lovers.

So, let’s see the factors that you need to watch out for before allowing your pet to consume peanuts. 

Can Dogs Eat Peanuts and Peanut Butter?

Peanuts that are considered safe for pets

Most peanuts are safe for your dog to consume.

There are a variety of types of peanuts that are available in the market. Make sure you feed nuts that are raw, unsalted, and unflavored.

If your dog doesn’t like raw peanuts, boiled or dry roasted nuts can also be given.

It’s best to remove the shells before feeding nuts to avoid the risk of choking. 

Peanut, as a whole or in butter form, makes an excellent source of protein for your loyal companion.

It also contains healthy fats that provide them with energy. However, too much fat can be harsh on his stomach and cause digestive issues.

Higher amounts of peanut ingestion can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and loss of appetite. 

When it comes to a tasty spoonful of peanut butter, not all types are safe for their consumption.

Peanut Butter as a Treat

As an occasional treat peanut butter is fine. However, you must only pick the variants that don’t contain the ingredient called xylitol as this can be toxic for your doggy.

Even traces of this dangerous ingredient in your dog’s diet can be fatal.

It would be best to check the label of the peanut butter you would want to offer him while purchasing it.

Avoid picking artificially sweetened peanuts for your furry friends as small amounts can also cause disorientation and seizures.

In case you just thought of giving your pooch some peanut butter cookies, better avoid it.

Any sugar or sweet food items such as chocolates combined with peanuts can do more harm than good to your four-legged mate.

Peanuts and allergy

Not only humans but dogs can also be allergic to peanuts.

It’s best to check with your Vet or closely monitor your dog’s symptoms.

Studies show that peanut allergies are comparatively uncommon among canines but being aware of the symptoms can save your dog from severe allergic attacks.

Common Peanut Allergy Symptoms

Common symptoms of an allergy include itching or redness of the skin, coughing, sneezing, swelling around the mouth and face, excessive licking of the skin, bald spots, and irritation.

In some severe cases, it can cause difficulty in breathing.

To learn more on peanut butter allergies, click here

Can Dogs Eat Peanuts and Peanut Butter?

The key is to use peanuts in moderation 

An overdose of any food can make your dog sick.

Thus, the best way to make sure that they don’t fall ill is to keep a check on the frequency and quantity of what you offer them.

Not only proteins, peanut, and peanut butter are rich in healthy fats, vitamins B, E, and Niacin.

Too much fat or fat content can cause digestive issues.

In some dogs, it can develop pancreatitis.

Ideally, as experts suggest, half a tablespoon of peanuts or peanut butter is good enough for smaller dogs while 1 tablespoon would suffice for large dogs.

The daily dose could differ based on your pet’s breed, size, and overall health.

Benefits of feeding peanuts to your pooches

If your puppy turns off his face when administered medicine, simply lure him with a little peanut butter.

This can mask the bitter taste and repelling smell of medicine.

However, check with your vet if you should combine medicine with peanut butter as it might not be appropriate to give some medications with food.

Check out some quick homemade recipes made from peanut butter in this article.

In conclusion

If you want to feed your puppies some peanuts, the first step would be to remove the shells.

Secondly, make sure they are unsalted peanuts.

Finally, offer one at a time to minimize the chance of choking. Finally, don’t overfeed. 

The thumb rule to be followed when feeding peanuts to your loved pet is to keep it simple and limited.

Dogs love to munch on the crunchy nuts as much as they relish licking on the soft and tasty butter.

Alternatively, peanut butter makes a tasty snack when added to a puzzle toy!

Check for allergies and treat them once in a while with this fresh and healthy snack or peanut butter cookies and your pet will thank you.

Michelle Damon

Monday 6th of July 2020

Thank you so much for the useful information!

Debbie P

Sunday 5th of July 2020

My dog love peanut butter! Thanks for putting the info about nut other than peanuts.

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