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Does Your Dog Have a Hard Time Staying Calm While You’re Away? Try One of These 4 Clever Tricks

Dog owners must work and cannot be with their pets all the time. This can increase the potential for anxiety and depression.

Dogs exhibit symptoms of the conditions through negative behavior patterns.

These behaviors could increase the pet’s risk of injuries and might lead to property damage.

Reviewing 4 clever tricks for keeping dogs calmer helps pet owners avoid the negative repercussions of being away from their dogs.

Read on to learn more.

Does Your Dog Have a Hard Time Staying Calm While You're Away? Try One of These 4 Clever Tricks

1. Supplements With Calming Effects

Supplements help the pets stay calmer and relax more. Separation anxiety takes a toll on pets and increases their risks of personal injuries.

When the pet owners aren’t home, the pets can become fearful and anxious.

The right supplements include L-tryptophan, valerian root, chamomile, and L-theanine.

The mixture of the ingredients lowers stress levels and makes pets calmer.

Pet owners can give pets these supplements every day and help them cope with anxiety.

Pet owners can learn more about separation anxiety and how to treat it to help their pets when the owner is away.

Dog looking out from underneath covers

2. Chewy Treats for Dogs

Chewy treats for dogs help to coax the dogs and keep them occupied when the pet owner is away.

Giving them chew toys encourages the dogs not to chew on furnishings or the pet owner’s shoes.

When they become anxious the dog can chew on the treats, and the products come in flavors the dogs love.

A strong and durable chewy treat prevents the product from falling apart and becoming a choking hazard.

Newer products such as antlers are appealing to dogs and won’t damage their teeth.

Treats that contain chamomile help the pets relax more and prevent them from becoming too anxious.

3. Potty Pads for Anxious Dogs

Potty pads are a must for any pet owner and lower the risk of flooring and furniture damage.

Placing potty pads in areas where the pet likes to sleep and play prevents potty accidents that lead to damage.

It will prevent pets from laying in waste products and lower risks to the pet owner’s home.

Dogs that are trained to use potty pads will more than likely continue to use them.

Adding a spray to the potty pads that are calming can lower anxiety levels and keep the dog more relaxed.

Boston Terrier looking out window

4. Calming Coats With Lavender

Calming coats are a beneficial product for helping dogs stay calm and relaxed when their owners are away.

The coats wrap around their chests and infuse lavender.

The lavender has a calming effect on the dog and helps to treat anxiety. With the coats wrapped around their chest, dogs feel safer, and it is like their pet owners holding them.

The added warmth is comforting and prevents dogs from becoming too afraid.

The products are also a great choice for any dog that becomes fearful because of storms, thunder, or other adverse weather conditions.

Wrapping the coats securely around the dog and connecting them with velcro fasteners keeps the coats on the dogs and improves the calming effects.

Pet owners need solutions for keeping their dogs calmer when they must go to work.

Dogs become anxious when they are alone and might exhibit symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Their behaviors could become negative, and the pets are at a greater risk of sustaining injuries.

Reviewing beneficial ways to treat anxiety and depression helps pet owners keep their dogs more relaxed when they are away.

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